WHAT happened in the last 5 years?!

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What happened in the last five years?

I'll tell you what happened in the last five years. I went from a stay-at-home mom to a successful business owner. On Monday, I am going to sell my resume site - professional-resume-example.com.

It's the first site I started (2005). It's block-built (BlockBuilder). It's a product of the Action Guide and a lot of hours of effort. At 195 pages, it's content-rich, keyword-focused, niche-targeted and built with passion.

It's also amazingly successful.

The success didn't happen overnight, though.

At first, I couldn't decide on a niche. I went through the first 3 ideas and discarded them all. My fourth idea was the one I went with - resumes. I struggled to come up with a domain name. The forums helped me (and now I help new people in the forums).

Take your time (in the beginning) when building your site's foundation. That is critical. If you don't get the research part done right, the rest of your work will be harder, less effective, or ineffective.

In addition to confusion, I also made a lot of mistakes along the way. For example, initially, I thought a keyword was just one word. I didn't hear the word "keyphrase" used, so I started my first few pages with only one word. I still have a couple of those around. Try ranking for the word "heading". Ugghhhhh. In hindsight, it should have been "resume heading" or something similar.

But even with the mistakes, I kept at it. I added more content, graphics and later, inbound links.

After a couple of years, I found out that I should have created my graphics file names differently. By having the file names of graphics include the keywords of the page (they are on), graphics can be found by image searches. I had to change 150 or so graphics file names and re-upload them and change every single page. The result was SO worth it. Last month, my site was found for more than 21,000 images searches.

Making a mistake is an opportunity to learn. It's also an opportunity to share with others in the forum community so that they can avoid the same mistake.

I know I wouldn't be where I am now if it were not for the help of others.

Jump to today - In November, one of the slowest months of the year for my site (December is the slowest), I had 132,946 visits with 202,828 pages viewed. I got an average of 4431 visitors each day.

However, what matters most is that I help others. In this economy, my site can make the difference between someone getting a job or being unemployed. I sell no products. I have no affiliate ads. I earn my money with Adsense and an ebook. Everything else is free information. I could have chosen to make more money. I didn't, and yet...

On Monday, it will have a new owner.

On Monday, I will receive a bank wire for...
More than $20,000
More than $30,000
More than $40,000
More than $50,000
More than $60,000

I want to start the New Year debt free, have an emergency nest egg and pay for my daughter's private college expenses.

Get the idea?


It has value. It has a LOT of value. And it was created by someone who knew NOTHING about websites 5