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#1369084 by Dhruv Patel from Ahmedabad
Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:23 pm
Hello Friends,

Just finished my day2.

When I joined SBI, I had only one thing in my mind. And that was to promote SBI. I had a success with affiliate marketing in the past. You can read my story here....


I wanted to promote a product which gives re-occuring income. I have known SBI from last 9 years. So when I though of promoting a product which is good and offers residual income, SBI came to my mind.

At first, I though of promoting SBI without owning it. I had some plan of monetization with YouTube. So I put my question about promotion of SBI via YouTube in the following post....


It's a fact that if you want to promote any product from your heart then you must own it. So I decided to buy SBI again and thought of making a website on "Make Money Online" topic. I thought I will get the most targeted visitors to promote SBI if I create a site related to that topic.

As day 2 started, I had only one topic. I didn't though of any other thing. Just put the seed keyword, "make money online" in the Brainstorm it! and started day 2.

As many people here may be aware of it that "make money online" site concept is not passed by Action Guide. It doesn't have enough keywords in vertical brainstorming and it also doesn't have any demand depth. Needless to say that it's a very competitive niche.

I know that following action guide is very important. So if I ignore it and still make a site on "make money online" then I will do a serious mistake. I want to be successful with SBI this time. So I dropped idea of creating a site on "make money online".

I started again. I came up with some seed keywords in which I have experience like web automation, imacros, options trading, stock trading, promo code. In web automation and imacros demand is not enough. So I started with promo code, stock trading and options trading.

Promo code niche market is very competitive. I know this because I have experience in that field. Any visitor ready to buy will search for promo code. From the beginning I knew that promo code is not suitable but I needed three topic to compare. So continued with promo code.

I have experience in options trading. Although I am not a successful options trader, I have traded options for almost a year. Option trading is something which I really enjoy and since I have experience in it, I think I will be able to write on it.

Stock trading is a general topic but when I brainstormed it then I found that stock trading produced the maximum number of keywords with real supply of around 60K. Option trading is a sub niche of stock trading. I enjoy both, stock trading and options trading but options trading is something I more enjoy.

Here are demand and supply data for promo code, options trading and stock trading.

promo code - 142062 - 123944
options trading - 45131 - 18585
stock trading - 227279 - 64930

You can see that stock trading has really really high demand while the real supply very less. After seeing above data my mind told me to go for stock trading but I really enjoy options trading more than stock trading. So when I checked with Niche Choose it! I got following result.


I really love the options trading but I am still really touched by the high demand and low supply of stock trading. So I go confused about which niche should I select from options trading or stock trading.

When I talked with my brother, he said me to go with options trading and asked me to stay away from broader niche.

I am going to work full time on the website. So time is not a concern here. If I go by passion wise then options trading will be my first choice but If I go with overall monetization wise then stock trading will have more profitability over long run due to high demand.

I would like to have experienced SBIer's opinion on this. Should I go with tight niche or somewhat broader niche?

#1369086 by Jacki from Macleod
Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:46 pm
This will totally depend on how much time you have available to spend with it, and also, look at the T3 keywords that come up. Don't give too much thought to it that you have analysis paralysis, and can't move forward. In your heart you know which topic interests you the most. Go with your passion, above all else. That's just my advice, so take it with a grain of salt. :D
#1369413 by Eric from My Place
Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:06 pm
Hey there... congratulations on your progress!

As I've been learning, and still am, I'd also say to go with what your passion is the most. And, here's why...

With passion, in my opinion, and from what the AG teaches, basically, you're going to fit into two categories:

1. You're willing to put in the time and work to build something you're proud of and go for a longer period of time.
2. As long as there IS money in the niche, at all, then you're still going to be successful. Heck, probably more so than if you weren't as passionate about it.

That's why, from what I'm learning, the numbers are good guidelines to certainly learn from and help determine your niche and work with, but at the end of the day, if the numbers are good enough and your passion is high, go!

If the numbers don't work and your passion is high, carefully consider your options to see how you could make it work.

If your numbers aren't good and your passion isn't there... well, yeah.

If your numbers are good and your passion isn't there, it doesn't really matter because your motivation to make it work will only amplify the numbers themselves.

Again, take my advice too, with a grain of salt, but that's what I'm learning.
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