What knowledge, expertise, passion, hobby, or interest do you have? Which is best for your Site Concept? How do you position it to be "uniquely you"? Is your Niche too broad or too narrow? Too broad will stretch a solopreneur's available time beyond its limits. Too narrow may limit income potential. Get help to find the right niche for you!

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#1377115 by Barrie from Curries Post
Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:51 am
I've accepted that my [Domain Private] site, developed to promote my chiropractic anecdote books, is not the right place to also promote 'our green home'. It's off topic, and despite a huge amount of good content on building your own solar farm, water reservoir, vegetables, chickens, bees etc, it draws no traffic.

I'm passionate on the subject, and much of it has to do with good food and better health (ever tasted true raw honey, or happy free range eggs, or fresh lettuce, just picked? Then you'll know what I mean.), so it fits well with chiropractic concepts; sparkling good health and life without medication.

I'm going to have to learn about associate selling, as I have no desire to build a reservoir or solar farm for someone else. They are hard work, and not for a geriatric! I have the T-shirt, and also the knowledge.

Is 'our green home' or just 'green home' too broad?

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#1377168 by Adrian from fixingscreens.com
Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:49 pm
I took quick look at [Domain Private] , It makes sense to split your existing site into two.

Having already posted the content, you should be able to tell from traffic stats what green living articles perform best. That should guide you into how broad or narrow your niches should be.

Give the public more of what they want. You also have a wealth of other information from your existing green pages. Do any of those pages rank in the top ten at Google, or the top 20 or 30 ?

In SiteInfo in the Master Keyword List, how do your green living pages rank in Alexa ? What is the competition like, are there already many highly ranked Alexa site occupying the results for your chosen keywords ?

Green liviing is a hugely popular topic but I am sure there are sub niches that have not been exploited. It might be as simple as checking different wording for articles you have already written.

The easiest way to test out associate selling is sign up for the Amazon associates program and look for products you have already used. Write a review on Amazon and write a more in depth assessment on your website. Then post the Amazon buy link code on that page. Best to do this on your top ten performing trafficked pages.

A rule of thumb I find I get one order per 100 visitors and the longer the period required to generate 100 visitors the less likely you will get a sale. 100 visitors over 3 days should still be ok, 100 over a month not so much.

Hope this helps!
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