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#1378553 by Clare from Concepcion
Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:34 am
Reading some of the topics hereabouts I've seen some great creative minds giving generous and helpful replies so I wondered if anyone could add a little outside perspective to my thinking process.

I'm currently familiarising myself with the Action Guide and building up a list of interests.

I noticed myself adding lots of child/parenting topics to my list (amongst some more focussed concepts) and I would really appreciate any thoughts on extracting niche ideas from this cluster.

By the way these are the real notions not made up examples :wink:

Infertility/fertility treatment/older parents/'modern' families/new family forms/donor families/mixed race families/toys and books for mixed race children/children's books/children's literature/making things with children... enjoying family life when there's disability or illness to contend with... extended families of varied shapes and sizes

And then some. I'm sure you get the idea. There are lots of family related things I'm interested including the very tough journey to becoming a parent experienced by lots of people (especially women? Maybe or maybe not).

So what I'm asking is can you see any reasonable niche ideas amongst this group of topics?

Thank you for reading my query :D
#1378565 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:43 am
Hi Clare,

I can see lots of potential in all these subjects! It really boils down to using the Action Guide's process to narrow them for yourself. Adding your passion is one of the most important aspects. You need to know that you're going to wake up every day excited to be working on your site.

You may not be aware that one of our most experienced SiteSell Pros, Terri, is having a webinar on this very subject on Tuesday next (15 August). It's called "So many niches, so little time". It's not a great time for Europeans (since it's 6pm Eastern time) but in my experience it's worth staying up for if you can because you can get individualised advice. This is a link to the page about it: http://pros.sitesell.com/Webinars/FreeW ... index.html

If you're not able to watch it live, there's a recording of the same subject Terri did previously, on this page.

Take your time over this. Choosing a niche is the most critical step of creating your successful business.

#1387165 by Jackie from Yorkshire
Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:21 pm
Hello Clare

Are you still searching for your idea?

Forgive me, I dont know you or your family so only offering suggestions from what I can see here... I hope that is ok?

You seem to have an overarching theme of children and family which is wonderful, you are further along than you think.

You are not trying to choose between rocket science and gardening!! which is a blessing.....lol

I would suggest if you are still looking to really think hard about what topic speaks to you the most and hopefully fits in with the kw numbers as outlined in the Action Guide

A few questions to ask yourself:-

What could you write all day about?
What do people ask your advice about?
What do you find yourself searching on the internet about?
What speaks to you the most?
What message are you looking to give to people? from lessons learned?
Ask your friends and people you respect about what they think your strengths are. Do they see you doing amazing crafting with children, or do you give great advice about infertility etc....
If your story is one of struggle that could be your starting point.

I think we are all a bit frightened in the beginning of choosing the wrong topic, but don't be.. your "thing" is in there, you just have to hear it....

I might begin by taking all of the ideas you have listed and write them down on a piece of paper as headings then ask some questions of yourself:

1. Would a business around this topic fit in my lifestyle and money goals
2. Could I write for at least a year about it consistently because I know or I would be happy researching about it.
3. What product or services could I build around it
4. Who would want products or services I have around this topic
5. Do other people have product and services I could link/share/affiliate/joint venture with?
6. What topics overlap?

You seem to have 3 distinct areas of interest

1. Fertility/Infertility
2. Older Parents(I dont know if you mean elderly parents or parents who have children later?)
3. Mixed Race children/family

You also mention disability and illness, could that be a topic to combine with any of the other 3?

I believe there is someone with a very successful site about fertility/infertility in the forums.
Also I think someone has a site about elder care as well.

Perhaps a session with a sbi coach might help just clear the path for you.

Sometimes you just need that spark from someone else at the beginning of the journey.

It is so easy to get lost inside your own head.

We all wish you well on your journey because we all started where you are.

Best Wishes

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