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#1387049 by Yasmin from Earth
Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:16 am
I am in an area where there are no numbers to work with …. One keyword shows barely any demand and the other has none.

I need your thoughts and input (some perspective perhaps). I thought I would introduce myself first and then ask for help once you have an idea of who is asking for the help

My friends call me the psychologist among us and see me as their informal counselor even though I backed down from doing counselling because it made me sad to know about other people's problems… I seem to attract friends who need some perspective into their own issues.

Other mums in the community have been calling me up to get help and ideas with their homeschooling related things such as what books & curriculum they should use etc.

I have been reading books, doing online courses in personal growth, parenting, educating & life coaching for about 10 years now and somehow didn't make much of a difference in other people's lives because I got caught up in the business of everyday life to pass on beyond my immediate circle…

So finally here I am driven and motivated more than ever before (a bit regretful about the many years gone by without much progress in terms of having an impact or serving). I am committing 10 hours a week to work on my dreams :)

I am also a dedicated Muslim and a wellness business owner. Hubby takes care of it mostly nowadays.

I could be reading, watching, talking to a friend about any of these until the cows come home without loosing energy but I want to do more than just talk to people about it.

All the above areas serve me and my family first and I enjoy passing on anything that brings joy to me and others around me. But I want to serve and leave a foot print in predetermined and planned ways.

My biggest weakness is being strategic. I'm happy to learn forever but getting strategic about how I make an impact wit it and creating a blueprint for success + monetisation, well I wish I had enough funds to get someone to translate what's in my head into a tangible reality without doing the hard work myself (lol I'm being honest here :)

My dilemma is which one makes more sense strategically. Which of the areas can include the other easily. Which area can I have more impact in?

The Muslim Parent with the other topics as sub topics specially the homeschooling part.
Or The Muslim Homeschooler and the islamic parenting as a sub topic

Its mainly between do I make the main thing The Muslim Parenting (0 value demand on Brainstorm it! ) or The Muslim Homeschooler (13-47 value demand & 4-67 real supply)

Plus I do not have much ideas about how I would monetize it just yet… to be honest money is a secondary thing right now in my journey. I do want to get monetary rewards sometime in the future but now its more about living my purpose. Raising happy, healthy, confident & (success equipped) children and helping other muslim parents do the same. You might be thinking why just muslim parents when all parents can benefit? Because half the content will be informed by my faith which might alienate parents of other faith or no faith so it made sense to share with those who share my Islamic values

Both topics have much non-islamic contents readily available but not for those parents like myself. For homeschooling, I'm currently tweaking non-islamic methods so it can fit into our values. Ultimately it would be awesome to have a peaceful/gentle + islamic parenting guide AND islamic homeschooling curriculum but perhaps that will take me 5 to 10 years so how do I start that journey today and hopefully reach my aim sooner.
I'm basically creating something I would be happy to pick off from the shelf right now and start using it for my family but I BELIEVE it doesn't exist so I have to combine mainstream material and put "islamic clothing on it" if that makes sense

Bottom line, either will keep me focused on my life's primary goal …. Parenting well and home educating my own (I know I can empower many parents who want to do that but are overwhelmed with the journey).

I'm open to hearing any thoughts and outside perspective is appreciated.

What am I asking?
1) Which idea should I make my site concept?
2) What are some monetisation ideas?
3) Anything else you think will help me create a roadmap for success?

Thanks heaps & best wishes to all of you out there trying to make a difference!
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#1387054 by Help Elf from SiteSell
Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:12 am
Hi Yasmin.

I may be the last person to provide useful advice about this since I don't have any children.

The question I kept asking myself was this: When people come to you, are they generally asking for advice about parenting, or about homeschooling? It sounded like they come to you about parenting, with homeschooling being a subset of parenting. If that's the case, then parenting would be the direction to go in.

One thing to remember: Demand and supply numbers are search-based numbers. Your niche, to me, sounds more like a personal referral type of niche. You let your friends know about it, they get value from it, and tell their friends and family. And it grows organically that way, by word of mouth, more than it will by search.

So don't get too hung up on the numbers. But be sure that whichever direction you take, the word of mouth growth will be there, since there won't be much search growth (now -- I expect it will start to grow as your site becomes an authority in your niche).
#1387198 by Debs from SiteSell
Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:40 pm
You shouldn't stress over keywords but you should write using them. Research whichever way you want to go (parenting vs homeschooling) both are very big niches as you know so don't try to be all to all. Once you put your spin on it with your VPP to be about Islamic Parenting or Muslim Homeschooling THEN you have the keywords to use to start with, and you apply the VPP throughout your site/pages. Over time your MKL will update numbers and SE HQ will show keywords, so you know which other keywords to write on.

I agree you should check out your competition if you have any, they will be an important resource for you as you build your site.

All my best,

#1387202 by Maria from Agness
Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:09 pm
Hi Yasmin,

I agree with what the others say but don't completely overlook the keywords. Continue through the AG, looking at the seedwords parenting or homeschool/ing. Your niche will fall into one of these, BUT as Debs said, both of these are huge niches. You already have a great idea for narrowing it down by your target audience of dedicated muslims like yourself. Although many of the keywords you find will not have any reference to being a muslim your whole site will be geared that way so that google will understand what it's about. This is your VPP and will help you stand out from all the other sites dealing with homeschooling or parenting.

I hope that makes sense,
#1387564 by Jimmy from Yarra Glen
Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:28 am
Just quick tips for monetization....

You could design a complete curriculum for at home Islamic schooling parents
eBooks on the chosen topics
Video course/s
Books for writing in
Pens, pencils and accessories
Islamic clothing
Prayer mats
Just a coupe ideas to help you get going...Just think around the topic as a whole.

Be sure to remain focused set your goals and have that laser focus on seeing them through!
#1387629 by Darby from vinodiversity.com
Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:07 am
Hi Yasmin,

As I understand it Brainstormer uses websites to generate its keywords and their supply and demand numbers. If a topic is not well populated with websites then your results on Barinstormer won't be much good.

However I am sure there are plenty of conversations, discussions and networks going on about your topic in the various social media. So you might have to do some of your research there.

Here's some suggestions

Have a look at Twitter and Instagram to see what #hashtags are being used, make a list of the most popular, you can even feed these into Brainstormit, you might get something useful. Pinterest and Facebook might be good too.

Do a google search for "Islamic Kids" or "Muslim kids" There are lots of sites, which don't use the terms "Parenting" or "Homeschooling" then click on Images. you should be able to glean some more keywords from there. People are more likely to use less formal terms for searching.

It is possible that you have discovered a greenfield topic to develop. You obviously have passion and knowledge to share on your topics. These will help you build your site if you follow the AG even though the numbers don't look good, YET.
#1389638 by Felicity from Sydney, Australia
Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:49 am
Hi Yasmin.

I don't know anything about Islamic parenting or Islamic homeschooling but I'm active in a few online communities around homeschooling, unschooling and peaceful/conscious/aware parenting, particularly on Facebook.

To add to what others have said: I would think your site would work well using Facebook to drive traffic. As you may know, parenting is huge on Facebook, with loads of private/secret discussion groups. If there isn't yet one which focuses on Islamic parenting, you can start one and I'm sure you'd get a lot of interest and you could use this to drive traffic to your site. I'm not as experienced as some in these forums but that was my first thought when I read your post.

Also, I don't know how many books are written on the topics you have in mind but affiliate links to books on Amazon or The Book Depository could bring in some money for you.

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