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#1388364 by Briar from Spanish Town
Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:06 pm
Hi All,

I'm wanting to create a website on cooking/recipes/food. I've got a great collection of key words to get visitors to my website. They range across the "food" spectrum. I need to find a Niche/ theme to link everything together.

I was thinking of "Great food your man will love to eat".....
Target market is ladies from 20 up. Range of budget. Casual style chat content. Page titles like a magazine would do.......along the line of......
"Healthy food your man will love"
"Curries fit for the king of the house"
"Easy meals to keep your man smiling"
"......Because he loves to eat meat"
"Men love chocolate to...especially these chocolate chip cookies" "Triple chocolate cake" etc
Weekend bunch for a well deserving guy"
Vegetarian foods even your man will enjoy"
"Perfect dinner date meals to make at home"
" The perfect pizza for every man in your life (this can even expand to your Dad, your brother, nephew etc)

However I am concerned that it's a little sexist. What are your thoughts?
Any different wording suggestions?
Or theme suggestions?
I still want to cover multi types of food. I can't stand the idea of just doing "Sugar fee" or "Gluten free" or even limiting it to cake's and cookies. I know I will get bored.
#1388367 by Dee from Cape Cod
Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:16 pm

Hi Briar -

Briar from Spanish Town wrote:However I am concerned that it's a little sexist. What are your thoughts?

Have you glanced through an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine lately? :shock::lol:

Seriously, though. Cosmo is a great example. Here's how the publisher describes the magazine, its target audience, and its VPP:

Cosmopolitan is the best-selling young women's magazine in the U.S., a bible for fun, fearless females that reaches more than 18 million readers a month.

Now, think of typical Comso headlines. There's a lot of "how to please your man" stuff going on there. (Albeit, on a slightly different topic than you're considering for your site. :lol::lol::lol: But I digress ... )

With an average readership of 18,000,000 per month, I'm pretty sure the publishers of Cosmo aren't really concerned about a handful (relatively speaking) of ultra-PC folks who see sexism around every corner. :wink:

The publishers know their target audience, and Cosmo "speaks their language".

That's my long-winded way of saying that I absolutely love your idea! Your site could be the culinary Cosmo. Way cool, IMHO!

Best Regards,

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