What knowledge, expertise, passion, hobby, or interest do you have? Which is best for your Site Concept? How do you position it to be "uniquely you"? Is your Niche too broad or too narrow? Too broad will stretch a solopreneur's available time beyond its limits. Too narrow may limit income potential. Get help to find the right niche for you!

Moderator: Carol from East Anglia

#1388589 by Oliver from Immekath
Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:52 pm
Hey guys.

I've been following the Action Guide and I love how
detailed the knowledge and the step by step process is.

While brainstorming (in my head and in the actual Brainstormer ;-) )
I came across a roadblock, so I wanted to read what you guys have to say about this.

One idea was to make a website about what I love doing most: playing acoustic guitar.
I don't want to teach guitar lessons, though. I compose my own music, mostly acoustic guitar

So my question is: How do I come up with effective keywords for this?

One thing I thought of was to go for keywords like "relaxation music", "meditation music", "guitar music", "acoustic guitar instrumentals"
or even "acoustic guitar music for vlogs/vloggers"

What do you, as more experienced SBIer's think of this approach? Any musicians around here, that were able to use the power of SBI to brand
and market their music by using genre-related keywords?

And input and thoughts, suggestions are very welcome!

I'm excited to read what you guys have to say about this.

Maybe you have a suggestions or an idea that I haven't even thought of.

So thank you very much in advance for your help.


Oli :D
#1388630 by Nancy from 90% Persistence-10% Inspiration
Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:33 am
Oliver, your niche may be to create original acoustic guitar music for people with different needs:

Try "original", "unique" followed by:
guitar music
music for videos
music for games
music for weddings
music for special occasions
relaxation music...etc
#1388642 by Wendy C (EelKat) from La Puente
Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:47 pm
Oliver from [NO DOMAIN YET]-[Winningen] wrote:
What do you, as more experienced SBIer's think of this approach? Any musicians around here, that were able to use the power of SBI to brand
and market their music by using genre-related keywords?

SBI is definitely usable for creating a personal brand. That's how I use it.

Not sure about musicians, but I know there are several artist-types who use SBI to brand themselves and their work. There are several authors who built author home pages with SBI and at least a few photographers. I know of at least churches that used SBI for their online ministry outreach, there are a few women who make crafts they sell on Etsy and use SBI to showcase their work. Their sites all fall under "non-traditional" in terms of SBI standards, in that they are not so much building an online content focused business, but rather are already a business in other venues and are using SBI to promote themselves.

In these instances, because they are branding themselves, rather than a topic, often their primary site keyword is their real name. Thus their domain urls are: FirstNameLastName.com rather than MyFavoriteTopic.com

Their keywords end up being stuff like:

music by My Name
lyrics by My Name

Myself I'm an author (Fantasy novels) and artist (watercolor, pastel, & acrylic) and an art car designer (I build large scale works of arts out of cars, turning antique cars into street legal drivable works of art) and I used SBI to build my author/artist home page to self promote me, my books, my paintings, and my cars.

My real name is EelKat Wendy Christine Allen, but most of my fans know me simply as EelKat.

My website, features a lot of content on writing novels.

So my domain url is [Domain Private] and it's secondary parked url that redirects to it is [Domain Private] (meaning my site has 2 domain urls, one primary and 1 parked... actually it has several other parked domains pointing to it as well - I bought up all of the ones for my keywords and they all redirect to [Domain Private])

Then my site features keywords like

books by EelKat
art by EelKat
cars by EelKat


I use the "by EelKat" keywords as my Tier 2 pages, indexing all the Tier 3 pages under them, thus...

tier 1 keyword > tier 2 keyword > tier 3 keyword


[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Night of the Screaming Unicorn
[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Summoner of Darkness
[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Vampire Leprechaun

[Domain Private] > art by EelKat > Yoga Pants
[Domain Private] > art by EelKat > Prayer Mats
[Domain Private] > art by EelKat > Altar Cloths

[Domain Private] > cars by EelKat > The Dazzling Razzberry
[Domain Private] > cars by EelKat > The Goldeneagle
[Domain Private] > cars by EelKat > No Hurry

So, in the end what this all means is that...

My site's primary (Tier 1) keyword (and its domain) is my name, "eelkat", while my sites' secondary (Tier 2) keywords are my broad topics with my name "books by eelkat", and my site's sub-topic (Tier 3) keywords are more specific "night of the screaming unicorn".

In some topics my site goes 4 or 5 tiers deep.

For example, some of my novels are free to read online, but each chapter is too big for 1 page, so pages get divided up.

tier 1 keyword > tier 2 keyword > tier 3 keyword > tier 4 keyword > tier 5 keyword


[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Summoner of Darkness > Chapter 11: Road To Witch Pond > Witch Pond Part 1
[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Summoner of Darkness > Chapter 11: Road To Witch Pond > Witch Pond Part 2
[Domain Private] > books by EelKat > Summoner of Darkness > Chapter 11: Road To Witch Pond > Witch Pond Part 3

The goal of a self-branded site is generally to drive traffic to your product you make (in my case my books and art) or service you offer (in my case art commissions and card readings).

In niche topic focused content site is about a topic and drives traffic to more standard products (affiliate marketing for example) so if you are NOT selling your art (music) directly, then branding would not be needed and niche topic keywords are a better way to go.

How you plan to monetize this will determine if you go for branding or not. If you are selling your music directly, then branding is the way to go.

So, I would assume that your end goal is to find an audience for your music, perhaps find clients seeking a composer, etc. seeing how you asked about building a brand, and it's unlikely you would think about branding unless you wanted to focus on you and your music rather than focusing on topic. So I am going with the assumption you are planning to sell your music directly from your site, if that is not what you plan to do, then this advise may not be what you are looking for.

So, translating this into a music composers site, I would imagine the keyword structure to go something like this, more or less:

OliverLastName.com > compositions by Oli > melodies for acoustic guitar > Song Title #1
OliverLastName.com > compositions by Oli > melodies for acoustic guitar > Song Title #2
OliverLastName.com > compositions by Oli > melodies for acoustic guitar > Song Title #3
OliverLastName.com > creative commons background music by Oli > Song Title #1
OliverLastName.com > acoustic guitar music for vloggers > Song Title #1
OliverLastName.com > meditation music > Song Title #1
OliverLastName.com > acoustic guitar instrumentals > Song Title #1
OliverLastName.com > Services Offered > Custom Intro Music For Vloggers
OliverLastName.com > Services Offered > Custom Outro Music For Vloggers
OliverLastName.com > Services Offered > Custom Background Music For Vloggers

(I'm going with the assumption you plan to have a service where they pay a fee to download your song and use it in their videos, when coming up with these. Though I don't know how such a service would work, that's just the image I got in my head from reading your post.)

In this example your domain name is your real name, so that you can brand yourself and clients eventually come to recommend you the composer by name, saying "I got it from Oli over at OliverLastName.com" rather than saying "I got it from that guy that runs AccusticGuitar.com".

Using SBI's ParkIt feature, allows you to point other urls to you site...

thus you can own:


...and when anyone clicks on any of them, they automatically get redirected to OliverLastName.com; giving you the keyword domain name AND the brand domain name, BOTH going to your website, with your name being the primary domain, and the niche topic domains being the ones that redirect to it.

That's how I'd do it anyways, if it was me.

But like I said, that's a bit of a non-traditional method, that's built around the idea of you yourself being the primary keyword and you using your real name to build your brand. The more standard SBI method is to pick a topic and build around the topic. In a sence it's still the topic based method, it just implies that you, yourself personally are the topic.

The advantage of this is long term it helps you brand yourself and get your name known in your industry.

The disadvantage of this however, is it's harder to get start up traffic, because it relies on people manually searching for you as a composer by name (because your name is the primary keyword).

For example, if you wanted 70s glam-pop music in general, you'd type "70s glam pop" in Google and get tons of different glam rockers from the 1970s, including 70sglam.com, 70spop.com glam-rock.com, and a million other variations of the search term. BUT... If what you really wanted was info about David Bowie specifically and not ALL 70s glam rockers in general, then you would instead have typed "David Bowie" in the search box and Google would immediately bring up DavidBowie.com.

That's the difference in a branded url vs a topic url. With a topic url (AcousticGuitar.com) you have to compete again every other site like it (Acoustic-Guitar.com, guitar.com. guitar-music.com, etc) to get search results. It'll give you a lot of traffic, but it may be broader traffic. Whereas with a branded url (OliverLastName.com) you get very narrow focused traffic, and are ALWAYS #1 in search result on Google for your name, but you won't get as much general traffic from searchers.

So, there's a bit of an early traffic trade-off to branding vs topic when going for keywords, and it'll be easier for you to get traffic with a tropic focused keyword, unless you already have a fairly substantial following.

When I started out (before SBI) in 1996 I went with a topic keyword focus (how to write dark fantasy) instead of name branding. Which gave me my early traffic when I was still unknown.

By 2013, when I moved my site to SBI, (20 years later) I had 300k email subs on my site and 3million followers on social networks. The word "eelkat" gets searched for 100k+ times a month, with people searching for me specifically. Thus when I moved to SBI using my real name as my primary keyword instead of a niche topic, was a no-brainer, because my real name was getting enough search traffic to do that.

But when I was first starting out, had I used my name as my primary keyword, I would have struggled to gain traction with traffic.

So, there's that factor to consider, when choosing to go brand vs niche topic, right from the beginning. It's doable, but it's more difficult to gain that early traffic if people are not searching for your name. So, while I personally prefer the branded way of going... it's not for everyone and doing it requires motivation and determination to find traffic outside of standard keyword focus. And SBI certainly works best with keyword focused sites. But yes, there are several sites here on SBI who, like myself, went the branded method instead of the traditional niche topic method, so it is possible, but it'll take longer to see success that way, though long term you'll likely get more success down the road (5+ years from now). Self branding is definitely a long term, slow and steady method if you do try that direction.
#1388700 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:09 pm
Keyword domains used to be way more important than they are now. Go brandable, whether your name, or a combo name (put 2 words together in a unique way to be branding ... like I did with DebtSteps my original site). It's early yet, but I wanted to be sure this was noted, as it is in the Action Guide and has been for many years.

For keyword research I like the idea of

original music
original guitar
acoustical guitar
guitar music

to see what comes up but if too few viable keywords, broaden to 'guitar' then clear out off topic keywords

All my best,

#1389067 by Bruno from Strange Visions
Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:07 am
Thanks for all replies so far! That's a question I have as well.
#1389241 by Oliver from Immekath
Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:40 am
Hey guys.

First of all, I hope you all had a nice Christmas time
and I'm wishing you all a happy new year.

I want to apologize for not responding for so long. My computer
crashed (after 7 years) and couldn't be repaired, so I was (and still am) without
a computer for the last weeks.

Just after Christmas, I wondered if I had any replies on the post here, so I checked with my phone and
was blown away by your answers!

Thank you very, very much for taking the time to reply to my question, all of you! I really appreciate that.

I'm now typing my answer from the computer at work - that's faster than typing on my smartphone.

I agree with Wendy and Debs- personal branding is an important thing nowadays and despite it not being the classical SBI content focused niche site, it can still go hand in hand with the basic approach.

So I think I'll go with the personal branding approach and implementing the SBI approach by using relevant keywords on Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages that not only describe my music in a classical "discography/archive" kind of way but
also include relevant keywords to the genre and maybe even the mood (like acoustic guitar, instrumental, mood: calm, happy etc.)

Maybe a keyword focused and content rich site (using relevant keywrods from Brainstormer) combined with a "classic" musicians's website that
includes contact, bio, booking, discography, social media etc. is a nice combination.

Wendy, thank you so much for going so in-depth into your site structure.
It really helped me open up my mind on how to use SBI and the tier structure in a creative way (or in a way for creatives ;-) ).
Sometimes I found myself just hitting a wall with my thoughts around how to build a site structure that makes sense in this case.

Can't wait to research some new keywords (I think some old ones have to go now) and to bring this thing to life.

Thank you guys for all the input, I really appreciate the time and effort you spent! The SBI community truly is something special and unique! :)

Best wishes, Oli
#1389325 by Prasanna from Chikmagalur
Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:48 pm

I am not into music so I cannot really help you but there is an SBIer who is a musician like you and has a very successful music site. Sometime back he had written in the forums that he was approaching the $10,000 (I think) per month mark. His site is

[Domain Private].

This site also appears in the SBI Results page.

You can go through the site and see how it can help you.

Hope that helps.

~ Prasanna
#1389327 by Oliver from Immekath
Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:17 pm
Hey Prasanna!

Thanks a lot for the tip! I'll have a look. That sounds very interesting. :)

All the best!
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