What knowledge, expertise, passion, hobby, or interest do you have? Which is best for your Site Concept? How do you position it to be "uniquely you"? Is your Niche too broad or too narrow? Too broad will stretch a solopreneur's available time beyond its limits. Too narrow may limit income potential. Get help to find the right niche for you!

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#1390447 by Majlinda from Caledon
Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:40 pm
My new site is going to be about training and coaching managers, leaders, organizations, businesses in project/business management, communication systems, project/staff evaluation etc. My 3 main concepts so far are:
communication skills 50647 83942 603
leadership skills 17190 38291 449
management skills 14335 33228 431

From my understanding of the AG, in terms of numbers, “leadership skills” looks winnable. I also did some brainstorming on “skills” and “leadership” and found some really good key words. My only issue is that the concept may be too narrow as the site is more than about “leadership skills”
I look forward to your expert opinions!
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#1390452 by Mary from Mico
Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:24 pm
Hi Majlinda.

I so encourage you to stick with a narrow site concept. It is good to have "your corner" of a niche. Once you have cornered your corner, it's likely you can grow your site in the same niche. In the meantime, you'll have more success on which to build.

Some of my best sellers are products with single digit numbers in BrainstormIt.

Do remember that the Site Concept Home page keyword will need the sort of Supply numbers you are showing, and that the T2 and T3 keywords will have different number requirements.

I hope this helps.

[Edited to note: Your homepage goes to index.html and the .com. Sitesell had made a change made years ago and I cannot remember when that was; yet it makes a difference somehow, especially having mixed internal links to your home page. Perhaps you could write to Support and/or search for the old thread on this issue. I've searched and found this item, yet it is not descriptive of the change or the time: https://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?p=1384675#p1384675]

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