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#1391127 by Bruno from Strange Visions
Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:02 pm
Good day, fellow SBIers,

I don’t know if anybody from here did visit Obscuregypt since it began: it is/was your prototypical Ancient Egypt website, but, after a bit less than one month making it, I realised it is not unique and, consequently, not needed, even as I tried to give a personal spin to its content: that is because alternatives such as Narmer, Theban Mapping Project and LookLex already exist and are excellent.

At my preambles there I wrote of trying to make a website based on gaps of knowledge but did not actually work out how, and instead, I was telling people what to think, but to indoctrinate never was the direction I wanted to go to, rather, to share information in a friendly, useful way; furthermore, Ancient Egypt in itself is a gigantic niche, which I thought about but left in the back of my mind in arrogance.

I gradually became unmotivated, willing to give up, stifled and smashed by the pressure of it all.

Then yesterday arrived: such a state has reached critical mass and I understand it is time for a Vector Shift…

I was studying the bibliography concerning the Valley of the Kings to write an article about its decline (if you did read it, thanks) – during its conception I started to weep inside, furthermore increasing the crisis I was feeling: that was before yesterday. I kept feeding the monster with further inquiries until I had an epiphany, and envisioned a new direction for Obscuregypt, to make it unique, more intriguing, and, why not, better able to profit.

I am a vowed enemy of pseudoscience and disinformation, but the Ancient Aliens and Lost Technologies “theorists” do have a point, which is, nobody has attempted to do what these ancient civilisations did, therefore, we don’t know how they came about. With this, I began to research Experimental Archaeology and saw how precious little has been done in the field, and started to elaborate possible projects that could further knowledge, generate better ideas for tourism and even save Egypt’s decaying monuments for future archaeologists.

Obscure Egypt shall become the “questions and gaps” website that it was envisioned as, the Writing, Travel and Pictures parts shall go, as the Architecture is boosted and better developed, the articles shall speak about each unknown, and (well-meaning, in good spirits) challenges shall be offered to the academia as well as alternatives through feasible projects that may serve both as experiments on archaeology and future open air museums for Egypt to recover its vital tourism industry.

Now, yes, it is much more ambitious than a mere informative website, on the other hand, it is a niche that does not yet exist on the internet while still making effective use of the keywords I got through Brainstorm It!; in addition, it is more artistic in itself and more flexible, which is a maneuvering space that I'd like to have – if you read my About page (thank you again), you might have noticed my wish to change things and work towards our evolution, and Obscure Egypt cannot just be a do-while, but a means for that: I want to invite the public, researchers, academics, patrons and institutions into the questions and how can we tackle them.

Seriously, I would like to please have your most sincere opinions.
#1391129 by Jacki from Macleod
Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:39 pm
Bruno from Strange Visions wrote:Seriously, I would like to please have your most sincere opinions.
One month in is not long enough of a test. You can change horses in midstream as often as you like, especially if you find yourself going the wrong way. Don't worry about the competition. They won't have your unique slant on the topic.
#1391166 by Bruno from Strange Visions
Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:18 pm
Oh no, I am not going anywhere, as a matter of fact, I will renew SBI.
What I am wondering now is more along the line of "is my new idea is either too ambitious or too dumb"? :lol:
#1391168 by Jacki from Macleod
Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:32 pm
Bruno from Strange Visions wrote:What I am wondering now is more along the line of "is my new idea is either too ambitious or too dumb"?
I think it's too soon to tell, actually. Ask for a site review in a month or two.

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