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#1362550 by John from Crownsville
Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:15 am
When I first started looking at SBI I was under the impression that it was not a big deal to move from SBI block builder to WP should I decide to. :) Now I have drafted out a site in block builder and have my domain name but find that I like the flexibility I had in WP much more than the BB editor. As such, I am investigating how to transition to WP. I contacted support and was supplied a document that advised to create a SBIforWP trial. I did that, as I reviewed the documentation it advises to "Purchase Quality Hosting" for the WP site and provides some recommended providers (not SBI).

So here are my questions.
Does SBI provide WP hosting?
If not, does the SBIforWP plug in provide a detailed review of the WP site created on another host?
Do I retain all of the brainstorming and site analysis advantages of SBI if I use the SBIforWP plug in?
Are there any limitations to monitization that I should know about prior to transitioning to WP.

I like the way SBI provides the tools to evaluate key words, track ranking and generally ensure your site is the best it can be from a searchable prospective. I do not want to lose that ability. :(

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

#1362560 by Jeff from
Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:20 am
Hi John.

You get full access to Brainstorm It in SBIWP. Use it to know which keyword to use for each page. You would then use Yoast SEO to ensure that you use that keyword enough times but not too many times. (Yoast is the WP equivalent of Analyze It.)

You also get access to all relevant articles in TNT and MHQ (all located in the SBIWP site).
#1362620 by Debs from SiteSell
Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:01 pm
The SBI! for WP module is a plugin for WP. It does not include
all tools SBI! offers. However, when possible, the SBI! for WP
Action Guide includes a list of recommended plugins to use with
WP that do similar things some of the modules in SBI! offer.

When I say "similar" here I mean it isn't exact, there are

i.e. Yoast Plug In = SEO the page (similar to Analyze It!);
a couple plugins for email (similar to Webmail), a plugin
for forms (similar to Form Build It!, etc.

No, WP is not hosted by SiteSell, you will need to work
with a third-party host for your WP site.

If you transfer from SBI! to WP, you will need to convert
the pages either manually or using a WP plugin that converts
.html pages to WP pages/posts.

Not sure what you mean by limitations on monetization
if you go WP. You can do the monetization the same way
(links, text, images inserted) or use plugins for some.


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