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#1377557 by Helen from Ktima
Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:45 pm
My Cyprus travel site is 10 years old. 50% pages are UYOH/50% BB1. Approx 500 pages. I switched to UYOH and 3 columns many years ago, never managed to switch all pages as not enough time. All newer sites now have fancy BIG writing, lots of images and one column flowing but irritating (to me) as you have to keep paging down to read. My site ticks along but isn't growing as I have so little time to spend on it now.

I know my site is not mobile friendly and I should change it. But thought of trying to change so many pages :( and I know there will be a new style of design that supercedes the current trend anyway so I would be wasting my time. Thoughts? Quick fixes. Maybe even change font size as a quick fix - I know my eye sight makes it difficult for me to read!!
#1377561 by Susan from Montreal
Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:23 pm
Hi Helen,

I've always loved your Cyprus travel site - but yes, mobile traffic alone is a great reason to make a change. The good news is that you do not have to convert all your pages at once - or ever - if you don't have the time/interest in doing so. Initially, you might do just your home page and perhaps your next 20 highest earners/traffic pages, and continue on as you have time. It's also a chance to rewrite/refresh content, at least on the most important pages. And since you have a travel site, it's also a great opportunity to swap in some larger, higher resolution photos.

Like you, I started with BB1 on my Boston travel site and then quickly moved to UYOH - I'm on my 3rd UYOH template at this point, but if you drill down into my site, you'll still find plenty that use the previous non-mobile template. I like this template, but have been using a "mobile first" template on another site that gives a great user experience, and may switch the Boston site - or at least the top 20 pages - to it.

So really, my point is that there are a lot of different ways to approach updates, including using relatively inexpensive services to do it for you (I haven't gone this route because I like to rewrite/refresh content as I convert). If you enjoy UYOH, as I do, there are many wonderful, very affordable designs out there (my newest is from Envato/Theme Forest - about $20US), and the several that I've tried have all worked perfectly on the SBI platform. It's fun to experiment - so you can always try a new design or two, and then decide.

#1377577 by Debs from SiteSell
Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:15 pm
Get your BB1 pages mobilized quickly via Mobilize It! If you have any BB2, do those quickly via MI! also (you would see 2 sliders if you have both; only 1 if you only have one type of those pages).

Then work on your uploaded pages based upon high traffic and which convert best also. Then the rest as needed. Or convert all to BB2 and go responsive. In BB2, a design change carries through your entire site, so if design trends change, you will be able to easily switch your BB2 design via Site Designer and it will carry sitewide. I used to UYOH, but switched to BB2 when it came out. Think about your reason for UYOH vs BB2, you may find they don't hold you back from BB2.

#1377579 by Helen from Ktima
Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:13 pm
Thanks so much for the quick replies Susan and Debs. I haven't even looked at BB2 so I'll take a peek Debs - interesting that you switched from UYOH to BB2. And Susan I love your new/latest site look - is that template from SBI or is it the one you mentioned in your reply? Yes had thought of just switching my top pages and home page. Thought I had Mobilised IT on my BB1 pages, so need to check, but those pages are so old I doubt they get much traffic anyway ;)

Right I'm motivated now to make some changes. Thanks again :D
#1377581 by Susan from Montreal
Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:11 pm
Helen, I'm using the template that I mentioned in my reply on a new website - only about 3 pages live so far, so not ready to look at. But if you want to see the template I'm using, just go to and search for Canvas - it's the first listing (SemiColon Web), and I had the price wrong - it's $17. As you'll see, it includes a zillion different templates and options. Doc, quality, and support are great. I can't tell you which template I used because I started with one, and then made a bunch of changes based on the content layout I wanted. You can totally mix and match components across templates, which is what I did. I wouldn't recommend this template, even though I totally love it, unless you're comfortable with html/css - OR see exactly the design you want and are self-disciplined enough not to any changes.

For my Boston website and a couple of others, I used templates from a designer who offers free templates (with attribution) through and fee-based (I think maybe $17(?) for 3-months access; no attribution and you can use as many templates as you download forever) through His templates are also very high quality- I've never found any problems - and he's very fast with support if you need it (which you get for as long as you pay - I do the on-going $49/yr sub with him as he continues to create new templates and enhance the old ones). Again, with his templates, I've made major changes to every one I've used and mixed/matched across templates, so I can't really tell you which ones I used. His templates are much simpler to use than Canvas because each has separate code, whereas with Canvas, if you make changes, you have to sort out the sections you need. One of my friends who had ZERO html/css experience when he started is developing a travel website with his daughter using the Editorial template from html5up. He's made a few changes - used vertical, larger photos, simplified the L&F by leaving out some elements he didn't like, added a top slider from a different html5up template - and it's spectacular.

For the record, I think many of the current SBI templates look great. I didn't go that direction because I'd switched to html/css (UYOH) from BB1 in 2008, and like having direct code access in order to make whatever changes I want, which didn't seem possible with the dot system (also one reason why I don't use WordPress). So at this point, I'm reasonably comfortable in html/css (though FAR from being an expert!), but I think it's really important to sort out what you're more comfortable with, and pick which way to go based on that; either direction, there are plenty of good designs that would really showcase your content and photos!
#1377582 by Jacki from Macleod
Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:05 pm
I use the Custom template with two columns, on all of my BB2 sites. It's easy to customize it and make them all look different. If I ever decided to change them, it's relatively easy to do that, with a little bit of CSS.
#1378514 by Helen from Ktima
Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:26 pm
Thanks for the comprehensive reply Susan :) Am happy with html/css though I don't want to make too much work for myself ;) I will spend some time looking at BB2 templates aswell as your suggestions then decide what to do. Thanks for all the feedback SBIers :)
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