User-Generated Content includes SBI!'s Content 2.0 (C2) and the many apps, widgets and plugins that allow your visitors to submit their stories and/or comment on your pages. Tried Disqus? Facebook Comments? Google Forms? Other apps and plugins? Problems? Successes? Share here! And the biggie...
Content 2.0 (C2) is important! Visitors contribute their own topic-related content for you! Questions? Problems? What strategies are working for you? Get help building the invitation, managing submissions and comments, etc. This is THE place to share ideas and help others use C2 to build yet more traffic to your site.
#1378899 by Michael from Mc Guffey
Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:54 pm
I'd like to direct some of the questions I get on my C2 page to another page on my site (or down the road to a sales page) that would provide more information to the question being asked. :?::?::?:
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