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#1380068 by Paul from Somewhere, out there...
Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:10 pm

Catching up with everyone at once.

Sorry for the delay - I have been buried for a few days troubleshooting...


So now whenever I see any one saying they are looking to get started in YouTube, I always tell them, get your videos in playlists and get your play lists in those 10 boxes on your channel page... I don't know why, but some how it make a difference in how YouTube ranks your videos on YouTube.

You make a really good point about playlists. The key reason most likely has to do with "Watch Time" on YouTube. The more people watch your videos (and ones from others that they have been referred to) the more YT likes you and, in turn refers you. It is an ongoing process. Of course, you have to decide whether referring viewers to your competitors is a good thing but there are some little ways around it..

@Jacki: I still have to completely come back to you because I can't be definitive about the YT T's & C's but I am going to say using YT to sell your video using an unlisted video is possible but not necessarily best practice anyway. First, once someone has the link then it is easy to share it (if you are worried about that). But secondly, did you know that you can actually sell your video (or rent it) using YT legally? You need 1,000 active subscribers though....

@Frances: I love that the recording is a family affair. Its something I constantly preach - find someone in your circle or community (school, camera club) who is into it and spread the love. Takes sooooo much stress out of the process.

Re the recording and editing. This is my favourite form of editing and tell your daughter (Kelly?) I'd love to see what she creates. Tell her that my special secret with amateurs and professionals was to tell them I had finished recording, step away from the camera and just ask them a few more questions, or get them to do something again. (You do need to keep them 'in-situ!' so they are well recorded). They'd relax and it was amazing what came out. She could try it with you ?? :twisted: ? Seriously though, with that sort of recording she will need lots of cutaways which should be easy with cooking.

Good progress though. It is just little baby steps and one day you will look back and go 'wow!'. I did all that?

and @Cath: and the rest of you spruiking a Challenge..... yeah - the idea has been floated...
& thanks for Videorama - I didn't know about it.

Thanks all
#1380846 by Paul from Somewhere, out there...
Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:43 am
Hi folks

I've just been reading a great article about why we feel we look so 'wrong' on camera and I thought I'd share it here as there has been some comments about it. You may have seen me write elsewhere about your voice and how people think they sound bad when they hear themselves back. It MAY be true but 9/10 it's not. So - this follows much the same principle and is well worth a read; ... -on-camera

If you want to have a discussion about it, please start a new thread!

Happy recording
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