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#1363443 by Louise from Montreal
Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:34 pm
I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, and I apologize in advance if « job offers » are not permitted. The reason I’m using this Forum is because all team members of Montreal Kits must be SBI! subscribers, familiar with SBI! or willing to learn SBI!

Montreal Kits is composed of five (5) sites entirely dedicated to the various aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers. Our first goal is to create 1 000 pages per site for a total of 5 000 pages in French and/or English. A task that may (or may not) take some five (5) years to attain.

Each page is financed by a customer located in Montreal, each subject is related to our customer and to one of our sites (business, island, professionals, urban or blog) and each content is informative, factual and participative (through commentaries and/or social media). No opinion, no commentary, just factual information.

For our first six (6) to ten (10) sales, our first team member is a bilingual WEB EDITOR / RÉDACTEUR WEB familiar with Brainstormer, Master Keyword List and Montreal. Our second team member is a bilingual SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER / ANIMATEUR DE RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX able to develop an editorial line, prepare a communication plan and create social media content in accordance with SBI!

If everything goes according to plan, building 5 000 pages will eventually require at least 20 team members, that is four (4) team members for each of the five (5) sites. Four (4) MEDIA REPRESENTATIVE / REPRÉSENTANTS MÉDIA, four (4) WEB EDITORS / RÉDACTEURS WEB, four (4) SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS / ANIMATEURS DE RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX and four (4) WEB DESIGNERS responsible for most if not all the items under Site Builder, Business Center, Traffic Center, Info Center and Download Center.

I’ll be happy to talk (write) and to meet anyone interested with the right requirements and qualifications.

Thank you for your interest. Louise Barry.
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#1363548 by Debs from SiteSell
Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:59 pm
As a Forum Admin, I am required to post this to any thread on outsourcing as follows:

When services are contracted out to other SBIers, or other services mentioned in forum posts like Fivver, Elance, etc., be aware you do it at your own risk and SiteSell is not responsible if things go wrong. To that end, if things go wrong, do not post about it on these forums. You may however report it to Support. We track complaints brought to us (only track).

I am also required to lock this thread. Louise, please be sure you have an easily accessible contact form on your site.

Thank you.

All my best,
Debs, Forum Admin
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