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#1394519 by Kay from Florida
Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:13 pm

I know this may sound like social media heresy, but I'm actually coming close to deleting my Facebook business page.

While I'm investigating the pros and cons of such a move, I wanted to know what effect this will have on the Facebook comments/commenting that are already on my site?

Will all FB commenting completely disappear? Or will only my replies made by my business page disappear?


#1394555 by Jeff from
Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:16 pm
Commenting on your pages is not associated with your FB biz page. Unless you comment as your page (rather than your personal profile). As to whether all your comments will disappear, I don't know. But definitely nothing other than that can happen.
#1394570 by Cath from Italy
Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:14 pm
Pure speculation on my part, but the rational thought would be, as Jeff says, that if your business page doesn't exist any more, all comments you made as that page would also disappear but others would remain.

Out of curiosity, Kay, why have you reached this point? I have to say I'm often seriously temped but have never quite had the courage to pull the plug.

#1394612 by Kay from Florida
Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:40 am
Thanks for all your replies!

Cath, my first reason is that I actually just don't like Facebook. So I feel that life is just too short not to enjoy the way I run my business.

I also had a terribly scary run-in that originated on Facebook that was security-related. So I deleted my personal account. I've been running my business page through my oldest son's account.

Another reason is Facebook's latest policy of "double-dipping" by charging businesses first for advertising to get followers (the legit part), but then charging [i]again[i] to publish your posts on the fans' newsfeeds. I see this as poor customer service at best and unethical at worst.

So it doesn't seem to me to make sense to spend all that time on fb composing posts only to either have them not seen or to have to pay to publish them.

I feel my time would be better spent writing and publishing more content and writing ebooks, etc. for my own site.

I also feel reluctant to participate in a system where the user's privacy is not well respected, especially when I would have to entrust to them my personal info.

Facebook has also made it clear that some business accounts cannot be deleted. Keeping an account open temporarily until outstanding balances are paid would be understandable. But I see a problem if some business owners are not allowed the option to delete their accounts. To be honest, I have never heard of a company treating its customers that way. So I've decided I should withdraw while I can.

I'm only speaking for my situation. Fb may be a great thing for a lot of people who like to be on fb and who don't mind the new changes.

Thanks again to everyone who replied, it is very helpful!

#1395283 by Kay from Florida
Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:28 pm
Here's an update fyi to anyone who either wants to delete their fb page or who finds they have started a fb page before they were ready....

I attempted to delete my fb page, and fb actually gives the option to "unpublish" the page rather than deleting it completely.

I went with that option because I was concerned about the fb commenting already on my site. I didn't know what would happen to the comments I already had posted as my business page, and I would still like the option of replying to comments as my page.

The unpublish option also leaves the door open to reopen that page if you change your mind or if you come to a point where you're ready for it and can afford to run it properly.

That the good news. The bad news is that I can no longer reply to fb comments as my business page. This is not so bad for those who have a personal account, but I don't have one and starting one is not an option for me. (My son has the job of operating my fb page through his account.)

So for the very few who are like me and don't want a fb account, you would need someone to stay on fb as the admin (my son is adamantly on fb to stay:).

I may try re-publishing the page whenever I want to reply to fb comments, although that may not be practical. Facebook might not like that.

I will post an additional update as I continue this experiment...

#1395345 by Don from Narnia
Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:27 pm
Hi Kay,

THANK YOU for your posts on this topic. You've inspired me to finally pull the plug on Facebook, something that I've been considering doing for months and months.

I too don't like Facebook. I never did. And the thought of spending an hour or two per day on Facebook to promote my site is not something I want to do. Time is money, and Facebook offers little in return. And, as you say, life is short.

I unpublished my solar site's Facebook page over a year ago, and I deactivated its Commenting while retaining the Like buttons in Face It. I decided to drop the Commenting feature since it mostly attracted the unwanted self-promotion of vendors and affiliate sites, so there weren't many valid comments anyway.

The larger recipe site is another matter. I retained its Facebook Page up until today. After checking on GA, I discovered that only a tiny fraction of Sessions arrived from the site's Facebook Page, as most arrived from visitor's Facebook pages, and I'll still be getting those in any event, whenever visitors share my site pages. I would have retained its Commenting since the comments have been complimentary, but without the ability to reply to new comments except through a personal Facebook page, I decided against it. More time saved. :)

I felt a huge RELIEF the moment I clicked that "Unpublish" button! My only regret is the time I wasted up to then.

Wishing you much success,
#1395579 by Cath from Italy
Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:06 pm
Thanks for keeping us updated, Kay, I really appreciate your time.

I'm still in two minds. I don't like FB either, but it does bring me site visitors. I need to get better, though, at tracking whether they actually do anything on my site, like signing up for my newsletter for example. I don't want to use my personal FB page to have anything to do with my business, either - my personal page is strictly for friends and family. I live away from family so it's important to me, to keep up with what's going on with them.

Of the other social platforms, I'm finding Pinterest brings the most site visitors, but their time on site is appallingly low. YouTube visitors stay on my site for ages, but there aren't many of them - they watch my videos on YT and then don't click over.

So I'm working on improving my YT channel to see whether I can get more people to click across to my site.

There's always something...

I'll be interested to hear from both you and Don as to what impact, if any, getting rid of FB has on your businesses.

Thanks again, both of you, for posting about your experiences.

#1395658 by Rob from France
Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:26 am

I don't like Facebook much either. I still have a "business page" for the website, but some three years ago Facebook started playing "delete the comments". So I posted the following on my FB page:

Facebook notice: For some reason, Facebook comments have ceased working on the website pages, so any comments you may have left on specific pages have gone. Sorry about that; it's the second time Facebook have changed something. I will shortly be switching to a more professional commenting system (Disqus) so please bear with me.

The FB comments reappeared and disappeared several times prior to this. During one of the reappearance episodes I was able to cut & paste all the comments into a text document, and was able to incorporate the sensible ones into one of my "FAQ" pages. The silly comments I just deleted.
I must say since switching to Disqus for commenting purposes, only sensible comments and questions have been received. I'm very impressed with it.
The "business page" of FB is still there but I hardly use it nowadays.
#1395818 by Julia from Husum
Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:58 am
Thank you Kay for raising this issue. I rarely use Facebook for personal posts and object to having a personal account to run my business Facebook page.

Unfortunately, I can't delete my business Facebook page as I get most of my traffic from Facebook (second only to Google). So, the other thing to consider is where are your customers?

For me, most of my customers are on Facebook. There was an interesting article recently in the UK Guardian newspaper by Dr. Frances Ryan "The Missing Link - Why Disabled People can't delete Facebook".

For some disabled individuals Facebook may be their only form of social interaction throughout the day. It was a godsend for my own son when he was out of school for 2 years through ill health as it was he's only way to keep in touch with his friends.

I too deleted Facebook comments after two years or so as they mushroomed out of control. With so many pages and opportunities to ask questions it became unmanageable. The quality of the questions also declined.

Like Rob I used the "good" questions to create a FAQ page. However, I'm sure it helped increase traffic during the early years of the website.

I looked at Disqus and decided that my readers probably won't bother to register so didn't add it to the website. I may change my mind in the future but at the moment I need the time for just keeping the website up to date.
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