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#1368832 by ken-admin
Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:52 pm
Hi to all,

We rarely share articles "as is" here. We prefer to save you time by pulling together "best of" from a variety of good articles on a similar topic, drop the junk, and add our own thoughts/experience to give you one best-practice article on a topic.

This article, though, simply blew me away. It's perfect - I know we can't improve upon it. But what's weird is...

- how basic the topic is

- how the details hit home.

It's about writing lists. You'll already know the info in the introduction (it boils down to "use lists instead of commas because lists make the times more readable/scannable").

But the way Jakob works through all the fine points of execuction is excellent.

We have all started a sentence off without intending it to become a list. Soon you have a long, hard-to-read, run-on sentence with 5 comma-separated items.

Hopefully, you recognize when that happens. You split them up into a far more readable list.

So far, so boring, right? You DO split them up right? :-)

So what's so great about this piece?...

Jakob lays out the WAYS to do it, and the ways NOT to do it. As I read them, each resonated with me, usually as a pet peeve that I've seen all to often. In a couple of spots, it was...

"Oh. Right. Um, I do that." (Especially his point about "uneven lists" - some of my "items" are paragraphs!)

It's the type of read that you don't have to "remember." It'll just come back to you the next time you create a list.

It's definitely worth the 5-10 minute easy read. I hope you find it as useful as I did...

https://www.nngroup.com/articles/presen ... ted-lists/

Here's to lists!📝


All the best,
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