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#1370490 by Tracey from Du Toitskloof
Fri May 05, 2017 11:02 pm
What do people think about pop up shopping carts? I personally prefer to have them open in a new window - on mobile and on PC, but I am not sure what others think.
Here's the thing - when I have ejunkie buttons with a view cart button on the page, it activates the pop up window shopping cart (java script) . but if I go back to shopping, I have to search for the "view cart" button to find my shopping cart again.
I prefer to have the shopping cart to open in a new tab, where it stays there and I can go back to it once have shopped around a bit... If i close the page, I lose the pop up shoppng cart, but one that is open in a new tab will still be there.
Would appreciate any thoughts :D
Thanks in advance!
#1370810 by Tracey from Du Toitskloof
Wed May 10, 2017 8:56 pm
Hi Erin,

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback! I'll be outirght honest and say that stats were always my weakest point :shock: just the thought of having to analyse gives me heart palpitations. I know I COULD probably do it, but the time and brain power it would take me to 1) figure out how to do it, and 2) analyse the results... not sure I have that right now.
I'd rather do a survey or poll :lol: but I know that is very inaccurate!!
But I wil put it on my to-do list and try to see what I can do to figure out a baseline and start from there!
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