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#1371522 by ken-admin
Fri May 19, 2017 12:04 pm
Hi Everyone. I'm sorry for the late announcement. If I had any hair, I'd say I was in up to my hairline!!

This week we made two improvements to the 301 Library.

Type Ahead

In both the library and in Page Manager (when you want to delete a page and then redirect its URL), the Enter Destination URL box will now look for all the pages that contain the letters you type. For instance, type in the letter "a" and you'll see a list of pages with a file name starting with "a." Type in "n" and you'll now see all the pages with a file name starting with "an." You can quickly narrow down to the file you need without having to copy and paste the URL from the browser's address bar.

Of course, if you have a lot of pages that start with the first word (ex., "anguilla"), you'll have to type all of that first word before you start to narrow down the choices you see. But the more you type, the fewer choices you'll have.

And you'll always be certain of entering the file name with no typos.

Source URL

In the library, the source URL is the one you want to redirect. You now have two options...

1. Type or paste in the full URL (ex., [Domain Private]).

2. Type or paste in only the file name (ex., anguila-villas.html).

I've updated the 301 Library and the Page Manager help to reflect these changes.

Until next time!

Help Elf
#1371629 by Elly from
Sat May 20, 2017 6:20 pm
The 301 redirects are the bee's knees! :D

I've happily been combining and deleting pages over the last few day.

#1371935 by Evgen from Azov
Tue May 23, 2017 10:12 pm

Great improvement. Thank you!


For instance, type in the letter "a" and you'll see a list of pages with a file name starting with "a." Type in "n" and you'll now see all the pages with a file name starting with "an."

Yes, I would love to have same ability to find page in Content 2.0 library. If you have a lot of C2 pages and need to edit certain page, then you spend a lot of time to find it.

I just submitted wish in WISH LIST forum.
#1372149 by Diane Marie from
Fri May 26, 2017 1:27 am
I am tickled and delighted that we now have the capability to do 301's, and so incredibly easy as well! :D

Thank you Ken!!
#1372262 by Diane Marie from
Sat May 27, 2017 5:51 am
Hi Mary!


It is the coolest thing since I don't know what, I can't remember something as cool as this lol!

Once I've gotten the information from a page(s) at the website DCF (for short) moved to a page(s) at the website IC (for short) I can then go in to SiteCentral at DCF and click on the page I want to delete.

When I do that I'm asked if I want to "delete" or "delete and create a 301".

I don't even have to delete anything from the DCF page or make any changes to it or anything. I just delete it and put in the information for the page I want it to redirect to at IC.

It also works within a website. I had a couple pages I really needed to get rid of at IC (and forward them to other pages at IC that were better 'named') but I couldn't until the 301 capability came along. I had to have it set up so that they meta-refreshed to the new page.

Now I've been able to delete those pages that weren't any good any longer - because they were basically empty pages meta-refreshing to the proper page - and 301 them to the appropriate pages.

Now here's the coolest thing by far and Ken, thank you SO much for this...

As I've mentioned elsewhere my son, now 23, has Autism and is fully dependent on me. He can work a job for a while but then he overwhelms and has to quit.

He has no interest in computers other than to play the online game he plays and FB/Snapchat/All-that-stuff-on-his-phone.

I've been encouraging him and encouraging him and so on and so on :wink: to work on my website.

The other day he actually sat down and was able to 301 twenty-two pages from my DCF site to my IC site!

Prior to the 301 I had several pages already set up in DCF that had meta-refresh tags pointing to IC pages. So my son would choose 'edit' for each DCF page, copy the URL of the meta-refresh tag, and paste it into Notepad*.

He'd then go back into SiteCentral for DCF and click on the page again and this time choose 'delete'. The system then checked for pages that would be affected (in this case there were none, I made sure beforehand) and asked if he wanted to 'delete' or 'delete and 301'.

He'd choose the 301, paste the IC URL in the pop-up box, click OK (or whatever the button says) and bam! the page was deleted but with a 301 in place to redirect the traffic to the page at IC.

* The whole reason for pasting it into Notepad was simply in case somehow the text 'copied onto the clipboard' got erased or something went wrong (such as if he cut rather than copied, etc.) :wink: he'd still have the info in Notepad.

He feels quite accomplished and will be doing more work for me tomorrow.

It truly is beyond beyond... I love it!

I feel like I'm gushing and I probably am :lol: but this is shaving a ton of time off of my 'condensing project'.

It's great Mary! I'm happy to help you with any questions you might have about it. :D

Oh in case I didn't mention it, or in case it didn't come through in my words, it's also FUN! :lol:
#1372263 by Diane Marie from
Sat May 27, 2017 5:56 am
An idea of how much time it's shaved off ... it took my son less than an hour to delete and redirect 22 pages from my DCF site to my IC site.

It is a massive time-saver for those of us who need it (read: anyone who titles a URL and later wishes they'd titled it something else) ;).
#1372279 by Mary from Mico
Sat May 27, 2017 3:11 pm

Oh wow Diane!

I am thrilled for you!!! You were the first person I thought of when I saw this feature. I am so thrilled for you, just so glad!

Thank you for the detailed instructions, too. I really appreciate the time that you took to give the step by step info. I know that this works, because you're saying so, but also because I've seen BB2 work that way when I simply changed a page's file name – poof! Everything on the site changed to the new link! I'm so happy with SBI's BB2, I cannot imagine going back to UYOH. No way.

I especially appreciate your info about changing the meta redirects to 301s. I really want to do that, too, as I have a few pages redirecting to new pages. That way I'll get rid of that feeling that something's not quite right.

Now I've been able to delete those pages that weren't any good any longer - because they were basically empty pages meta-refreshing to the proper page - and 301 them to the appropriate pages.

My heart rejoices for you and your son! What a wonderful project. I'm so proud of both of you, especially you and your mother's heart-n-soul for discerning and arranging this for your dear son. He is fortunate to have you. I appreciate the extra care you took to make sure nothing was deleted. I do the same thing and I've got ABCs behind my name! (BSBA – a very expensive piece of paper.)

Gush away! You deserve it. You both do.

And, yes, you sure conveyed a sense of fun. Your notes are contagious! Thank you for sharing. This will help me undo my redirects on my smaller site - I had some excellent links there that had to be preserved. (Actually, I may restore some of the pages as I build out the site again after having condensed it years ago.)

I had been wondering about 301ing my worksheets site under my main site, but hubby says, "No way. It was the main bread winner before the move. It has too much potential." So that's not an option right now. I'm just getting ready to work on it this summer and am glad to have both your notes and his conviction. :-)

Again and again, thank you!

#1372297 by ken-admin
Sat May 27, 2017 7:45 pm
Wonderful post, Diane...

I'm so glad it's working out super-well for you - yours is a really touching story.


Speaking about 301 release in general (not just the enhancements) thanks, too, to all, for two things...

1) the feedback, of course


2) not asking me "what took you so long?" ;-) Speaking of which..

Nori has used it, too, for a couple of pages and loved it. SHE asked, "weren't we supposed to have this a long time ago?"

Um, well...

"Yes, Nori."

301 was one of those projects that got onto the schedule and then got bumped, and then, by the time a window of opportunity opened up, something else had come along that was higher priority, bumping it again. It never seemed to find its slot, falling between the cracks.

We finally got a couple of programmers freed up after some infrastructure work (the stuff you don't directly see). We had a window and nothing prioritized more highly.

It sure is nice to finally put this chronic "slips between the cracks" puppy on the "DONE" side of the ledger. And add an enhancement. :-)


For those just catching up to the 301 It! feature, this is best used if you need to merge or change the name of a page and if that page (the one that will disappear) has 1 or more quality deep inbound links to it, and has a longer-tail Specific Keyword.

Why longer tail? The less supply for them, Google will have fewer (or even virtually no) "off-page/off-site" signals, little to compare your page against, etc....

.. making the on-page (including file name) relatively more important.


Sorry to keep you waiting - sure am glad you're liking it! :-)

All the best,
#1372343 by Diane Marie from
Sun May 28, 2017 10:04 pm
Hi Mary!

Thank you!! You made me feel all fuzzy inside that you thought of me when you read about the 301! Truly it does! :D

And a pearl! My! I've been called a few things in my life but never a pearl! lol Thank you!! :D

If I can help you with it at all let me know okay?

Hi Ken!

Thank you so much!

And in response to your comment about "What took you so long?" ... I am so, so pleased with this capability that I was into using it before I could even think "what took you so long?" :wink:

Now Nori on the other hand, that's her job, she's gotta keep her dad in check for the rest of us! :wink: Good girl Nori, you stay on him!! :wink:

Truly though, this is without a doubt one of THE best improvements in the entire life of SBI!

Thank you again!
#1372344 by Diane Marie from
Sun May 28, 2017 10:40 pm
If I may Ken, I may have a couple additional uses for the 301...

1. It takes away some of the 'scary guess work'.

For example, say someone is on the fence about the specific /URL.html for a page and they decide later that they should have gone with the one that they didn't.

They can create the URL.html they want now and then 301 the original URL.html to the new URL.html.

To me that seems to take a lot of the 'scary guess work' out of figuring out what to make the URL.

It feels like a safety net of sorts because you're assured that you won't end up with a 404 error, or an orphan page, or a meta-refresh, or duplicate content, etc.

2. I haven't taken this thought all the way through yet but...

Say you're out and about on the town and you end up in a conversation on a subject that you happen to have an excellent web page(s) written about.

You want to direct the person to the page but you don't want to say go to [Domain Private]/attending-seminars-for-contractors(.html )

But I really want the guy to be able to read it.

If I create a page that's something like [Domain Private]/seminars(.html) I can tell the person I'm speaking with to go to [Domain Private]/seminars.html.

I will have created /seminars.html and then 301'd it to /attending-seminars-for-contractors.html.

It may not be 100% ideal (you'd really have to come up with a memorable word for the .html portion of the link) but it's definitely easier to remember "seminars.html" than it is "attending-seminars-for-contractors.html". It's easier to write on a piece of paper as well. :D

I'm curious though as to whether or not there's another module within SBI! that would accomplish the above (telling a person [Domain Private]/seminars.html and when they type it in it sends them to the /attending-seminars-for-contractors.html page) without 301's and I just haven't picked up on it yet?

Another question...

Is there a report or something that shows how many times the 301 was 'activated' - how many times and when the 301'd page forwarded to its counterpart?

The potential with that report:

One could build pages such as, for example, [Domain Private]/1(.html) and /2.html and /3.html, all that actually 301 to [Domain Private]/attending-seminars-for-contractors(.html).

Say the /1.html appears on postcards that I sent to a particular area, /2.html is a magazine ad I bought, and /3.html is some other form of offline advertising.

I could look at those 301 reports and use them as an advertising and tracking tool.

If the /1.html doesn't bring in any visitors then I know it either wasn't a good promotion or it's not a good area for me. If it does bring in folks then I know I'm on to something with that particular advertisement.

Same with the /2.html and /3.html pages.

But as mentioned it would require reports of how many times those 1, 2, and 3 pages were hit.

Does that make sense?

Thank you!
#1372346 by Diane Marie from
Sun May 28, 2017 11:18 pm
Oh and one more thing I discovered...

The 301 does not work with anchors. I tried to 301 to an anchor on a page and continued to get a 404 error.

Removed the anchor and it works fine. So the clicker lands at the top of the page but that works. :D

So just a heads up on that.

Thank you again!
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