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#1367309 by Claude from
Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:51 pm
Catherine from wrote:I agree with Susan, Claude, and Mary. It would help to have a different ending.

Great Catherine, that makes four of us :D

I just had another idea :wink:

Notice the ad on the right hand side of these forums when we visit as a guest? It follows along as we scroll down!

How about having a narrow thingy on the right hand side following us as we scroll down the content of a sidebar on a mobile device?



Not like that, of course, but in the form of a prettier graphic :wink:
ken-admin wrote:Whaddaya think? :-)

My turn to ask:

Whaddiya think? :D

P.S. The trick, of course, is to have this thingy appear only when one is reading the sidebar content - which means switch it on upon entering (scrolling into) the sidebar content - switch it off upon leaving (scrolling out of) the sidebar content. But, that's a problem for the Propeller Hats to solve. I'm just the one writing the wish :lol:
#1367311 by Mary from Mico
Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:21 pm
Thank you for the Ctrl F5 note Debs. I'd not seen the difference if you hadn't given the clue. Me? I did not recognize and was going to ask what I realized after I did as you posted, that that was refreshing the page. Duh.

I like Claude's version better, but the new image would be helpful. At least there's a difference.

Claude - Good catch! I'm staying signed in now and would have missed that the forum ad is sticky. I don't think that being a sticky would be necessary for Ken's begin and start, and I also think that it might be irritating (to me).

#1367379 by Susan from Nolan
Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:14 pm
I prefer the modified graphic using smaller text. I would still like to see a difference between the Start and End.

Just yesterday I was interrupted while reading a post (#1367158) that has two Sidebars fairly close together. When I returned to finish reading, it would have been nice to more quickly realize that the text between the two sidebar markers I could see in the browser window was actually part of the main content.

Of course, now, a day later, I realize the graphics do use white space to set off the Sidebar text...but I was a little slow to pick up on that detail.
#1367381 by ken-admin
Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:37 pm
Just a quick note here since I'm "offline in solitary confinement," focusing on some projects that need some big blocks of time.

The best feedback so far is to...

1) use a smaller image
2) use a different color font to further indicate what is SIDEBAR content.

I originally liked Claude's idea of some way to indicate what the start and stop is, except I realized that it's probably not necessary if the font is a different color. I'll test that now...

Simpler is usually better, so while some of the ideas are interesting, I didn't want to turn this into a "project," just make it easier to read on the phone, and have a little fun while "upgrading" from the low-tech "-----SIDEBAR-----". :-)

I think this different color, together with the (smaller but still fun-fancy) "SIDEBAR image," makes it clear that this is a sidebar, even if I don't wrap it at 60 characters.

I'm not usually a fan of gray-font on gray-background, which is what this is. Does everyone find the 2 shades of gray different enough to be sufficiently readable?

On the other hand, if it's sufficiently readable, I like it better than, say, blue. While blue would be more readable, it would make the SIDEBAR pop which is more attention than it deserves.

And does the different color font make it clear enough that you are still in a SIDEBAR, even if I should happen to ramble off, as I tend to occasionally (esp'ly on Sundays ;-) )?

Claude, some nice ideas - I think we've got the intent of your points incorporated here.
Juri, I liked your different color idea. I don't think italics are necessary for a few reasons...

1) color gets the job done
2) italics is harder to read
3) I lose the option to use italics to emphasize a word.

Thanks, guys - let me know if you think this does it.

Finally, I love seeing so much feedback for the humble SIDEBAR, something I "invented" to let me segue and make my posts even longer! 😜

Thanks very much for all the feedback so far, everyone! :-)

I'll head back into solitary confinement now.

The programmers are done with Brainstorm It! 4.0. They are waiting for me to finalize all the tasks that we should program into the system.

Some are easy/obvious, but if you really dig into the data and come up with some sophisticated filters, there's quite a lot that the MKL can do to let you know...

1) where opportunities lie (you'd miss them due to the sheer volume of data)
2) where you've done some things sub-optimally (ex., use the same keyword many times).

OK, I'll press "Submit" now and see how this looks. Over to ya'll!

All the best,
#1367383 by Juri from
Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:57 pm
ken-admin wrote: I don't think italics are necessary

They are probably not necessary.

    In my post, I also formatted the text as unordered list -- without items -- to indent it and actually look like a sidebar, but this is also a matter of taste. I am still not sure about the images, though. I mean, I wouldn't use them on my pages, but I can bear them in your forum posts :D

Kind regards,
#1367388 by Claude from
Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:46 pm
ken-admin wrote:I originally liked Claude's idea of some way to indicate what the start and stop is, except I realized that it's probably not necessary if the font is a different color.

This is a good compromise because it will not cost programming time and will still meet the goal of making the sidebar content somewhat obviously different from the main content of a post on mobile devices.

#1367391 by ken-admin
Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:07 pm
Thanks, guys!

And just FYI, Jon Da Graphic Guy made a small change to indicate "open sidebar" vs "close sidebar." It's not a big deal, but he likes to go the extra mile. :-)

You can see it in my second sidebar in the previous post...

Thanks again!

All the best,
#1367431 by Lesley from
Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:21 am
Yep, very effective clickbait. As it's you Ken I'll forgive it! HA HA HA.

Yes, I like the sidebar graphic. But as a few others have said, maybe a bit smaller would be better.

#1367968 by Judith from Quarryville
Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:47 pm

Really late here but I like the lighter text to denote a sidebar. (Thought Juri"s idea was perfect, but Ken's addition fine tuned it to allow emphasis with italics.) Then when Ken gets lengthy, which sometimes happens. :shock: Even if you forget you are reading a sidebar, you will know it is because the text is different. Especially in mobile with smaller screens this will be helpful.

I also like that the beginning and ending squigglies are different, down for the start and up for the finish. Just makes everything so clear.

Great collective input to come up with a perfect solution!
#1368099 by Claude from
Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:32 pm
ken-admin wrote:Just in case someone does take me up on this, we'll close entries ("entry"?) in a week, noon Eastern Time on the 26th. We'll decide a winner based on SBIer preference (details in a week).

I guess Ken is still locked tight in "solitary confinement" :lol:

#1396200 by Mary from
Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:16 am
Hi Ken,

I like the smaller blue font for SIDEBAR. I also like the reversed squiggles and think anyone would realize they mean beginning and end. But the gray font was a bad experience for me. I increased the font to 110% so I could read it and I literally got a headache from reading that small amount. I agree long sentences or paragraphs of italics are not easy to read, therefore don't provide a good user experience. Capitals would not work either, IMO they would take away from your main content.


#1396204 by Susan from Australia
Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:52 am
A quick comment about gray on gray. No. I tend to skim that as it is harder for my older eyes to read, so I don't really bother unless I know the content is crucial for me to read.

Please don't develop something like white text on yellow either. That is one of the hardest formats for me to read!

There may be worse examples but I probably can't see them :lol:

I like the smaller scrolly sidebar graphic and agree it could end with a mirror image of itself :)
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