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#1282625 by Help Elf from SiteSell
Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:20 am
Short on time? Don't want to miss the best business-building tips and advice from the forums? Then this is the place for you. :D

A Success Comparison Study
This series from Ken is written in a light-hearted (Netflix!) way. But it's critical reading for all SBIers. Trouble is, it's long. Very long. So Help Elf has condensed it. Here's a link to the start of the condensed version.

And if you'd like to get the complete story, warts and all, Ken's first post is here:
Part I: The Future's Bright!

The Ultimate Guide to Alexa
It's Alexa week this week! Ken is posting one blog article a day about it, and Help Elf is helpfully preparing a summary which will be - um - a little shorter. Find out why Ken's doing it at this thread.

Lessons from a Tortoise
When you find a thread that's as relevant now as it was in 2007. This is it.

Solopreneurship: Where is it Heading?
The future is bright! Find out why Ken thinks so, here at the water cooler.

New Release: One Keyword
A new release from Help Elf: one keyword only in the page info section. Find out why, here.

New Release: Forum Images
You no longer have to go through a loooong process to upload images to the forums! Find out how it's done now.

Social Quant Article: Ken Tries to Keep It Short
Ken was asked recently to write an article about "Solopreneurism Today and in the Future." Which he did - and it's a classic. If you've not read it, or read about it, yet, go on over to this post in the forums to find out what it's all about.

C2 Improvements and More Special File Manager Space!
Want some great news about two new releases? Head on over to the "News and Anouncements" forum and take a look!

Thinking of Starting a Second Online Business?
You may need to think again! Find out why Ken thinks it's not a good idea, here, in the Monetizing forum.

Voting is Open on the Forums!
Yes, it's here! You can now "upvote" answers on the forums to find the most helpful response for any given topic! There are BAM! awards, medals and even a tortoise of the month! Find out about it here.

Always Wanted to Publish an e-Book but Not Sure How?
There's a Pearl of a post right here, by Cat, explaining that very thing!

Amazon Associates Re-opening for Maine!
Yay! Great news. Thanks to Wendy for posting in the Affiliate Programs thread, here.

A New Design for Ken's Sidebars - Competition!
Who'd like 3 months free SBI!? Who wouldn't! To see how, take a look at this post from Ken about his sidebars.

Is Your Site All "Me, Me, Me"?
When Marylyn wrote a post about her site, she wasn't expecting Ken to take a look. But take a look he did, and this was what he found. Great advice for all of us!

Are You Using Yahoo Email to Receive Mails from Your SBI! Account?
If so, or if you're using British Telecom mail, you need to read this post from Will, because it's all about to change.

Blog It! - a Wish for Thumbnails to Be Visible on All Platforms
It's in hand by the development team, but you can still add your thoughts and support the wish at this post in the "Wish List" forum!

301 Redirects - Got Them!
You asked, the SiteSell Elves answered!

301 Redirects - Want Them?
Ken's needing some feedback about whether you think developing 301 redirects would be helpful. Let him know, here.

Competition Time!
Have you heard about the SBI! Competition? Prizes to the tune of $750? No? Here's a link. Better be quick though - it ends this Friday (March 10).

Pinning - a Free Gift From Twitter?
Want to know how to pin a Tweet in order to sell the most? Take a look at Ken's advice, here.

There's a Party Going On - and You're Invited!
Solo Build It! just got even more social! We now have our own Solo Build It! social media channels - find out more at this link - and come join the fun!

"Solopreneur Incubator" - Love It, Hate It or...
...just plain don't understand it? Ken wants to know what you think of it as a concept for Solo Build It's byline. Read Ken's post here, and please - make sure to leave your thoughts in the thread.

What Are the 3 Best Practices of a Solopreneur?
Ken wants to know. Head on over to his forum post and let him know what you think.

2 Words to Twitter Domination
Which 2 dominant characteristics are characteristic of Twitter, and what does that tell you about your Twitter technique? Find out at this post by Ken.

Spam - Sorted!
Have you been getting spam via Form Build It!? If so, you'll be glad to know it's sorted. Find out how, and what you need to do, here.

Have You Ever Done a Survey of Site Visitors?
Ken would like to know what you asked, and how it helped. Let him know at this forum post.

Want More Organic Traffic?
Ken has been looking at a potential data-backed solution. Take a look it it, here.

Are You Ready for Google's Artificial Intelligence?
No? Or not sure what it is, or what you should be doing? Then you need to take a look at Ken's post, here. Don't panic - it's nothing drastic. But it does need your attention.

Equity: Boring or Critical?
What is "equity", and why should it mean more to SBIers than it currently does? Find out, here.

How Not to Use a Grid on Your Website!
Do you use the standard grid feature to position images? Read this post by A.J. to discover why you shouldn't!

You Know you're Doing Something Right When...
The Hotel Ritz, Paris comes calling! Find out the full story, and offer your "Congratulations", here!

Want to be First With News in Your Niche?
Ken has the third part of his Feedly series which tells you how to be exactly that, at this link.

A Momentous Day!
Why? You'll need to read Ken's post, here to find out!

Competition Winners!
The graphics / time competition winners have just been announced! Who are they? Find out, here - and why not take some time to congratulate the winners, and read the rest of what became an amazing, inspirational thread!

How Feedly Can Help You Choose a Niche
Trying to choose or refine your niche? Ken has a suggestion as to how Feedly (yes, Feedly!) can help. Find it here, in the forums.

A Success Story - and Ken's Takeaways From It
You may have seen it on the SiteSell blog or featured in SBIX. An SBIer's success story has inspired Ken to look at its take-away lessons. Find his post here.

Amazon Account Alert
Have you checked your Amazon account recently? Jenny did - and noticed an underpayment issue. See more at this post in the forums.

Google and Pop-Ups - Important Article
Ken draws your attention to an important article about Google's plans to penalize mobile sites with intrusive pop-ups. Find out more, here.

Competition Alert!
WIN a full year's subscription to SBI! Ken has started a competition over in the forums -- full details at his post, here.

How to Say More by Saying Less
The latest SoloHack is all to do with writing - how to make your writing better by writing less. Find it at this post in the forums.

Do You Struggle to Find Topics in the Forums?
There's now an easy way around that - find out what it is at this post.

Want to Make Your Own Product?
"How can I make a product like the Anguilla card?" was a question asked in a recent forum thread. Ken answers it, here.

Ken's Been On the Egg Nog Again...
Well actually, he says it's rum punch... Which prompted him to write a nearly-end-of-year "State of the Union" type address. Find it at this link -- you'll need to settle down with a nice cup of something warm (probably not rum punch!) to read it!

New! Did You Vote for More Information About Building a Store?
Good news - It's going to happen! Find out more at this post from Ken

You Asked, Ken Answered!
Ken asked in a forum post which articles would help you most. Results are in! Find out what they were at this post.

A Really Simple Hack to Boost Your Twitter Engagement
Honestly - it's so simple it needs no further comment. Find it here.

Just Starting Out With Instagram and Feel Like You're Talking to Yourself?
You need to read Ken's latest hack about how to get "street cred", here.

Are YOU at a Tripping Point -- or a Tipping Point?
Ken has identified 6 "Tipping Points" - points in the SBI! process at which people get most discouraged, and 6 "Tipping Points" - points at which you can be reassured and motivated to move forward. Find out what they are at his post, here.

Is content more important than site design?
See Ken's thoughts on what makes a happy medium, shared at this thread.

Use pics on your site? Claude has some great advice!
We all do it - take great pics, use them on our site and then... Claude tells a sad tale of what can happen next - and offers some great lessons from the experience! See more, here.

Target Your Facebook Posts - Without Paying!
This is a great little tip which means you can increase your Facebook reach without spending a cent! Want to know more? Click here!

Want to Increase your Newsletter Open Rate?
Here's a "Hack" which takes just a few seconds - and can increase open rates by up to 40%!

The Forums - Past, Present and Future
Once upon a time, there were the SBI! forums. They started out with the principle of "help and be helped." Since then ... well, take a look at this link to find out what Ken remembers about the history, (he has a long memory!) and watch out on the same thread for the plans he has for the forums' future.

Like Twitter or Hate It?
Whichever is you, if you use Twitter there are simple and effective ways of making your Tweets stand out from the rest. Ken tells about them in the latest SoloHack, at this link.

Want to Join a Challenge to Grow your Site?
Week 5 of the "Page a Week Challenge" is starting on Monday, 3 October. Not heard of it before? No problem - anyone is very warmly welcome to join in at any time! Don't be shy - come on over to this thread and find out what it's like to grow your site with tips and support from like-minded people!

Which is the Most Winnable Social Network?
And what should you be doing about it? Find out what Ken's view is at SoloHacks #4, here.

SoloHacks is at #3 Already!
So -- do you know what's the second best way to keep your readers reading? Do you know the first, for that matter? No? Then you need to take a look at SoloHack #3 - click on this link and all will be revealed!

Welcome to SoloHacks!
What -- I hear you ask -- is SoloHacks? To find out, just follow this little link to Ken's explanation!

Page a Week Challenge - Week 4 Starts Here!
Need some motivation to get you going on your site? Want some great support from like-minded people? Come on over and join the 'Page a Week Challenge' - pledge to do one piece of work for your site between now and Christmas - you'll be surprised at what you can achieve! It's a super-friendly group and Week 4 is starting at this link.

Penguin 4.0 Has Rolled Out
Yes, at last it's here - the Penguin algorithm has rolled out, and it should be good news for all SBIers who have concentrated on "fixing" their sites within the last couple of years. Why? See Content Elf's helpful post, here, and Ken's advice to "ignore the noise", here.

Having Said a Fond Farewell to the "Old" Brainstorm It!...'s more from Ken about new features being added to the updated version.

A Facebook Warning!
Andrew has a timely reminder about "keeping it real" on Facebook. Read more at this post.

Want to Add LARGE Pics to the Forums?
Well, now you can! See why and how at Ken's post, here.

Choosing a Site Name
New to SBI! and struggling to know what makes a good site name? Ken has some advice, here.

Worried About Adblockers Reducing Your Revenue?
You can't do much about it, but you can at least measure how much of an issue it really is for your site. Tobias explains how at this thread.

Ken's 'Solohack' Challenge - Challenge Your Preconceptions!
How can you use your competitors to challenge your own pre-conceptions? It's an interesting Challenge that could take your site to the next level! Ken's leading this one - find out more, here!

Page a Week Challenge Week 3
It's the Challenge that's got everyone buzzing! Week 3 is starting here, in the forums - come on over and join in!

"There's a Lot to Like About Pinterest"...
Find out why Ken thinks Pinterest has come a long way since its crafty days, here.

Heard of the Latest Forum Challenge? Ken Thinks You Should Join In!
What's it all about? It's all about being a "solopreneur", but not wanting to work alone. Find out why Ken thinks that's important at this thread.

Struggling With Social Media? Ken Has a Solution!
Ever heard of SoloHacks? No? You will! Take a look at Ken's posts about it, and how it will help your social media presence, at this thread.

Interested in Investing? Or Happy as a Solpreneur?
Ken's had some interesting ideas, and wants to know what you think. Don't let him be lonely! Join him over on this thread.

Bye Bye, Old Faithful!
It's been our steadfast friend for many years, but times move on and so must we. Gather on this thread to bid farewell to the old version of Brainstorm It! - and welcome in the new.

Looking for Free Images?
Look no further than this forum post, where Debs posts about those and others talk about copyright and how not to infringe it.

What Can You Do to Get Out of Your Rut?
Ken posed this an an interesting question, and it's giving rise to some fun and thought-provoking answers. Join in, over at this thread.

A Special PROmotion You Can't Afford to Miss!
You know we have a group of highly knowledgeable, experienced PROs at SiteSell, right? You've often thought you might like to have a one-on-one consult with one of them, right? Well here's your chance to do just that - at a discounted price! Don't miss this special offer - remember, Christmas is just around the corner. So if your site needs zzzushing up in time for the holidays - have a look at Deb's post, and take advantage now!

Want to See Some Success Stories?
Of course you do - who wouldn't! Debs has started a thread with a link to many - do you know of more? Head on over to this thread, be motivated by those already there and - and feel free to add your own!

A Handy Little Tip!
Want to know how your title and description will look in a Google search result? No problem! Nancy has a neat little tip at this thread.

The Forum Challenges are Back!
Who's long-in-the-tooth enough to remember the famous forum challenges? Well, they're back! The first one is starting on Monday, 5 September and you can join in the fun by just simply clicking on this link! for more details. It's a simple Challenge to start with - write one page a week... Don't miss it!

Last Call for Brainstorm It! Suggestions
Don't miss this if you want to influence the way Brainstorm It! is configured in the future. Take a look at Ken's request, here - and then let him have your own suggestions.

AdSense Scraps 3-Ads-Per-Page Rule!
Yaaay! But wait - does this mean you can have 20 ads per page? Find out what Content Elf has to say, here.

Mobile Pop-Ups, Google and You
If you have pop-ups on your site, Google may not like it. Why? Find out from Content Elf at this forum post.

Are You Looking at Pinterest the Wrong Way?
What if Pinterest wasn't all about cute pics and was about a great search engine? Sheri has some interesting points to make at this thread.

Subordinate Login for C2 Pages is Here!
Last week subordinate login - the overview, this week C2s login is here! See the announcement, and give some feedback if you can, on this thread.

And Now - Onto BrainstormIt! - Ken Needs Your Help!
Were you one of the people who really wanted BrainstormIt! to be made even more awesome than it already is? If you were - and even if you weren't! - you'll be happy to know that this is the next Big Release on the list. Ken needs your help though, to sort out the wood from the trees. Read more, here.

It's Here - Subordinate Login!
Yes, it's what we've all been waiting for and it's arrived! Ken's posted a look-see at what it is, how it works and why it's important on the forums here - don't miss it!

Downtime Problem
It's super-rare, but this week there was a problem with downtime. It was fixed within 30 minutes, but it was a scary time for some. Read more about what happened, here.

Subordinate Logins Are Coming - Are You Ready?
It was a wish from lots of SBIers, and now it's been granted! Subordinate logins for VAs are in the final stages of testing. In this post on the forums, Ken poses some questions for you to ask yourself so you're well prepared when the launch is finally announced. Don't miss it!

Want to Boost Your Business AND Boost Trafeze?
Darby had an idea, and Ken took him up on it. Find out what happened and how you could benefit from it, here.

Are You "Poor, But Happy"?
Ken felt moved to ask that question in the forums this week, prompted by a Trafeze blog post. Take a look at them both - start here, in the forums.

Subordinate Login - A Welcome Update!
Guess what - Ken's back in the forums and this time, he's bearing gifts! To see what, you need to take a look over here!

Want an Inspirational Story? You Must See This!
Sometimes it's only the more challenging things we see in life. Sometimes we all need to see a success story. If that's you, and you have just a couple of minutes to spare, take a look at this, from Leena at Inspirational Short Stories. You'll love it.

Increase Facebook Engagement by Creating a Video From Your Pics
This is such a simple tip from Jacki but it's soooooo worth trying. Let Facebook create a short video from some of your existing images - find out how, at Jacki's post, here.

Making Connections With Trafeze?
Ken would like to know how you're doing with spreading the word about Trafeze - and there's some great ideas in the thread. See more here.

SiteSell Education Courses: Two New Opportunities
New to SBI!? Interested in a ten week course "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet"? There are two beginning in September / October this year in Montreal and Lafayette, and a potential course in Memphis, all based on the SBI! Action Guide. Learn about them at this link. And if you're interested in becoming an instructor, there are details at the same link that you'll be interested in, too.

Update to the C2 Adsense It! Improvements
If you use Adsense on your C2 pages, you may already have seen Help Elf's 'quick turnaround fix' here. There has been an update since it was released, though, which you can see (without needing to go through all the forum posts) in this updated article.

Trying to Work Out Your Site Blueprint?
Sometimes it's not easy to see it in your mind's eye - better to have a physical copy. In this thread, Scott shares his idea for making your blueprint come to life, and others chime in with what they've found helpful, too. Read more, here.

Trafezee? Trafistas? What Name Would You Give the Trafeze Newsletter?
The first one's due to go out soon, and Ken needs some inspirational thinking. Let your imagination run wild at this thread.

Feeling Left Out in the Cold by Trafeze?
Was your site not accepted for the first cut of Trafeze? If so, and you're feeling disgruntled (and even if you're not!) Ken would like to know about it. Tell it like it is at this thread.

PinIt Update and New Releases - Don't Miss Them!
Have you noticed than Pinterest has recently changed its 'Pin' button? At this thread you'll discover what difference it will make to your site. Plus, at the same thread, info about improvements to C2 invitations and to your navbar.

Twitter, Scheduling (or not) and How to Develop a Process
More on all three subjects as part of the Twitter series from Ken, here...

Part III of Ken's Complete Guide to Hashtags Is Here!
Are you following along with Ken's ultimate hashtag guide series? If you're on Twitter and / or Instagram, you should be! Here is Part III of the guide - and it's another Ken Classic!

Does Twitter Hide Your Images?
Ken's Top Tip for Twitter is all about images. But what if you find Twitter gives a link to the image instead of the image itself? Cat has an easy-peasy tip to change all that! Find her pearl at this link - you'll be glad you did!

Which is Your Favorite Movie About Persistence?
Ken wants to know. Find out which are his - and why he's talking about it - at this thread.

Thanks to Wendy - and an Invitation to Apply for FREE Coaching!
If you haven't seen Wendy (SBI! Pro)'s offer of 30 minutes FREE coaching yet, take a look at this post from one of the lucky winners. See how much coaching can help, think about what you would like to achieve in 30 minutes and then - pitch to Wendy! Don't miss out - this offer will not last forever!

Do You Use WordPress?
Susanna has a great recommendation for an all-singing, all-dancing editorial calendar. Find it here - and how about sharing your favorite WordPress tools.

Have You Had a Google Adsense Warning?
If so, then you need to make sure your Adsense placements fit with Google's policy for mobile devices. But don't panic - SBI! has it covered! Help Elf describes a new release which will solve the problem in this thread, and clarifies some questions raised further along, here. No need to worry - just follow the thread, follow the instructions, and all will be well!

Ken's #1 Top Tip to Transmogrify Twitter!
Is Twitter one of the social media platforms you choose to invest your valuable time in? Then you need to read this post. It's so simple it will blow your mind!

How Having SBI! Means You Don't Need to Worry About Backing Up Your Site!
Wondering whether it's necessary to back up your website? Bonnie was - and Debs was able to reassure her as to why it's not a problem. Find the info at this post.

The Sizzling Summer Sale is Now ON!
Who wants the chance to buy a new SBI! site for 33% off? Answer - who wouldn't! [url=[Domain Private]/summersale.html]Here's a link[/url] to a world of new possibilities - don't miss out - the sale will end on Tuesday, July 5th.

There's a Brand New Day on the Block!
... and it's called Day 4 of the Action Guide! It's a new and improved take on Monetization which will benefit everyone, whether you're a newbie or an experienced SBIer with a big site. It's always worth ramping up your Monetization planning! Here's a link direct to the new Day 4 and this is a link to the forum thread where you can add your comments. It's new, it's exciting, it can help make your site a WINNER!

Update : Request for Information About Subordinate Login Wish
Ken is still wanting details from those who are keen to see the subordinate login wish realized ... Here is the start of that thread, and here is the most up-to-date Ken comment summarising thoughts so far. Take a moment to go on over and add your thoughts.

Why Hashtags Are Like Porridge - Good for You!
Here's a post by Ken following up in the "Hashtag Series" which explains why your niche could benefit from a hashtag makeover. But it's making Ken want to cry! Find out why...

COUNTDOWN to Sitesell's Summer Sale is ON!
Eeeeek! 33% off either SBI! OR SBI! for WP? Can't be true! And yet - it is! For 13 days only, starting on Wednesday, 23 July - make a note in your diary, or take a look at this thread to have a reminder email sent direct to your inbox! And this thread from Erin explains how you could use it to help others on a path to independence! Don't miss it - really!

Subordinate Login vs Brainstorm It! Enhancements - the Results Are In!
Want to know what they are? No problem! You need to click on over to this post of Ken's, where all will be revealed!

Further to the Subordinate Login vs Brainstorm It! Enhancement Results...
Ken and the developers need your help to know specifically what the "wants" are. This is an important time to let your views be known - click here to see the thread, and add your own thoughts.

Worried About Adsense Placement on C2 Pages in Mobile?
Wendy has a great post explaining some easy work-arounds. Find it at this link.

There's a New Vid on the Block - and It Has Ken Written All Over It!
Uh-oh. Ken has discovered the delights of video. Take a look at his forum post here and then click on over to take a look. And - hold on tight!

Do You Want a VA Working on Your Site, But Worry About Two People Working at the Same Time?
There's a simple answer - stop worrying! Why? Find out at this helpful post that clarifies all, here.

LAST CALL for Your Vote!
Have you voted yet in the great Brainstorm It! enhancement / subordinate logon question? If not, you need to do it NOW! Ken will be tallying votes and making a decision today - Monday 20 June. Don't miss out on having your say! Find the start of the thread with the choices outlined, here.

Worried About Page Speed? Don't Be!
Ken explains why at this post.

11 Perfect SEO Rules - and Why SBI! Has Had Them Covered Since Forever!
You may have seen articles recently about the most up-to-date rules for keeping Search Engines happy. In this post, Ken explains what they are - and why no SBIer need worry about them.

Are You Having Problems With Links?
Specifically, with links on your site taking you to a "No such Domain" page? Your problem could be "Tynt". Find out why at this post.

Have You Always Wanted to Add Page Numbers to Your Site?
Maybe you have a very long page that you want to break into several, and it would help your site visitors to have them numbered. Laura, from [Domain Private]/[/url] gives some simple instructions, here.

Another New Release! Container Block Enhancements
Have you always wanted to custom style your container blocks? Well, not you can! Find out what it's all about, [url=]here

New Site Design Gallery!
Help Elf and his Elvins have been at it again - there's a brand new, all-singing, all-dancing site design gallery been released this week! Find it here.

Have Your Received an Adsense Warning Letter?
If so, you might be wondering what it's all about - and how to fix it. Wendy has the answers and A.J. has a quick fix over at this link. Don't miss it!

How to Turn Social Media Likes to Links!
Another find from Ken - as yet untested. Could this work for you? Find out what it's all about]at this link.

WOW! Who Wants Some FREE Coaching Time?
This is an amazing offer by Wendy, SiteSell PRO. 30 minutes free coaching on a subject or subjects of your choice. Find out more at this link - click over now, or her time will be taken!

Social Media, Black Hat and How Not to Get Caught When SM Says "Enough is Enough"
Have the black-hat SEO-ers moved over to Social Media platforms? Ken thinks so - and in this post you'll see his evidence for it and why you should avoid it. Fascinating stuff - don't miss it!

Do You Have That Inner Drive?
Are you thinking beyond today? In this thought-provoking forum post, Kim looks at some basic elements we all need to build a successful online business, and how that personal drive can lead to imaginative ways to monetize. Find out more, here.

Is Some of Your Site Content {{GASP}} Not Very Good Quality?
Let's be honest - we've all got pages that, looking back, we're not terribly proud of. A.J. is trying an experiment with some of his. Find out more details, and keep up with the results, at this thread.

And Another New Speed-Focused Release!
This one applies particularly to "power users" - SBIers with a couple of thousand pages, images and / or links. See what it's all about on this thread!

Clone Your Blocks!
A new release - you can now clone blocks to speed up the time you spend creating pages! Help Elf explains how it can be used, and how to do it, here!

An Imaginative Take on Using Affiliates.
Those of you who remember the legendary Louann from Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas (now Wedding Flowers, Inc.) will remember how generous she is with her help, advice and support to SBIers. Well, she's back in the forums, and her posts are gems - don't miss them! Her comments on products start at this link.

Ken's Complete Guide to Hashtags - Part II
It's been a while in coming, but it's here - the second part of Ken's ultimate guide to how to use hashtags in Social Media. In this part, he looks at how to assess and utilize our old buddies - Demand and Supply. Don't miss it! [Here's the link.]

Has Your Adsense Tanked?
You're not alone! In this thread, John from Escape to Sarasota adds possibilities to the helpful answer by Carole, from SiteSell's content team. If you're looking for answers to Adsense's fall-off, you may find at least some pointers, [here...]

Favicons Are Going Down a Storm!
Did you see the latest announcement in SBIX about the new way of loading favicons to your site? And not just favicons, but touch screen icons too? No? Well, luckily for you, you can catch it all in Help Elf's helpful thread. Don't miss it - it's another great roll-out! [find it here...]

Raise Your Hand if You Got Angry After Panda
OK, you can put your hand down now. But be sure to take a few minutes today to relax and enjoy another classic post, this time from Louann at Wedding Flowers Inc, about how she used her anger at the changes brought about by Pinterest to change and develop the way she sells products. [Read more here...]

Hashtags - a Ken Evoy classic!
Do you use hashtags on social media? If not, maybe you should think seriously about it. Ken explains why in this first of a series of posts about that very subject. [more...]

Do You Use Affiliate Links on Pinterest?
Pinterest have started allowing the use of affiliate links on their Pins. It can be a great way to sell - but where Amazon's concerned, there's a caveat. Sheri gives the heads-up, here.

Beware of Scam Emails!
These emails, warning that you should pay money or have your domain name taken down (or similar) occasionally circulate, and it seems some are raising their ugly heads again, as Jane Marie pointed out recently. Always remember: SiteSell takes care of renewing your domain name for you. There's no need for you to do anything - apart from ignoring those emails!

Look - 10 New Stripe Designs!
Were you one of the people who got very excited when the possibility of adding stripes to your site design were introduced? Well - prepare to be ultra-excited now! Find out why, here.

Subheadings : An Oldie but Goldie Post!
Subheadings are a great way of keeping visitors interested in your articles and helping 'bounce rates' go down. This post, written quite a while ago by Content Elf and recently resurrected, still holds good today. [more ...]

Customizing Google Maps 101
Have you ever wanted to add a marker pin to a Google map, but not known how? Well, now you can, thanks to AJ. Great for travel sites - great for lots of niches! Don't miss it! [more ...]

A Spring-Cleaning Checklist
You may spring-clean your house, but have you ever thought of having a spring clean of your website? Sheri has provided a great checklist of "Must-Dos" so you can give your site a little Springtime TLC. [more ...]

Travel Site? Thinking of Selling Insurance? Read This Post First!
Dee was thinking of selling travel insurance from her site. Then a "niggling thought" prompted her to seek advice. This is what she discovered ... [more...]

Trafeze, Facebook - and How You Can Help!
Mike explains what's going on in the worlds of Trafeze and Facebook - and asks for some help. [more...]

Worried Your Image Sizes May Be Slowing Your Site's Download Speed? Worry No More!
SBI! has this covered, too! Will explains how it used to be true, but is true no longer due to a clever "fix" by SBI!'s servers. [more...]

Who Wants to Understand Google Analytics?
If you've always thought that having Google Analytics is a great idea, but you're not really sure where to begin, this FREE coaching session from the SiteSell Pros will be just up your street! [more...]

Ever Wondered (or Worried) About Your Page Load Times?
Will describes step-by-step a quick and easy way to test them here...

A Great Way to Force Facebook to Do What You Want!
Does Facebook drive you mad by not showing the right image when you share a link to your site? David has found a quick and easy solution! [more...]

Everybody Loves an Inspirational Story, Right?
If you do, take five minutes out of your busy day to read Melissa's. It's a testament to her hard work - and to the power of SBI! Don't miss it here ...

What Do You Know Now That You Wish You'd Known Then?
Diane asked a question about what information she should present to a group of young graduates about what it's like to be a solopreneur. She got some interesting answers - but what do you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out? Join in the conversation [url=http://forums
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