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#1361861 by ken-admin
Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:49 pm
Hi to all,

The Holiday Season Special (33% off both SBI! and SBI! for WP) ends tomorrow, at noon.

If you have friends, family or colleagues who've been thinking about taking more control of their lives through starting their own business, there's nothing like an ONLINE business (extremely low financial outlay). And there's nothing like SBI!, which increases the chances of success by 100X.

Please let them know (via email or your personal FB page). You'll be doing both them and us a big favor.

Thanks a million!

All the best,

P.S. This is not really for you, the SBIer. It does not apply to renewals and we generally don't suggest that you use this to start another business, not unless you've got your first one totally under control. When might it be right?...

• You either have enough time because your first business is totally based on passive income. It's in "maintenance mode."

• It's part of a larger plan to build a media platform. For example, Nori might want to start a business on nearby St. Maarten or St. Barths, both winnable. Her vision would be to keep adding until she has the ultimate Caribbean resource. As you can probably realize, even if [Domain Private] was totally passive....

• She'd still need to outsource much of what she does today. She'd need a real staff. That's a personal decision - we once had this conversation here and I can remember a surprising number of people who said, "I've already managed people and never want to go there again." So a lot of folks draw the line at outsourcing for a specialized one-and-done type project (ex., installing forums into Infin It! or setting up a store) - that's SMART outsourcing because there's a lot of fiddling/learning curve that you'll never use again once it's done.

But I digress...

ONLY start a 2nd business if you're really sure you can handle it. If you are using 100% passive income models (A&A), scour the MHQ and consider going more "active." The multiple in income can be substantial AND it raises your stature in your niche in several ways.

My most highly recommended option is to create/market/sell your own product. See...
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