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#1370338 by Lois from Flowers Cove
Wed May 03, 2017 10:32 pm
Thanks Juri!

(I can't believe how few people voted !! ... Makes we wonder how many active sbiers there are(?) ... everyone who receives the sbix received notice to vote I believe.

#1370342 by ken-admin
Wed May 03, 2017 11:39 pm

Hi to those who've participated in this thread,

In Help Elf's release announcement today...

He noted that the Keyword box will continue with last week's change. So it will accept only the Specific Keyword that you plan to use for that page. The use-case issue has also been fixed, based on the voting that closed earlier this week.

But since emotions ran high over this topic, I feel you deserved a more complete reply over here.

I'm sorry to disappoint those who wanted to keep adding 5 keywords into that box - it's not the way the vote went. I suspect that a whole bunch more folks, almost all, don't really much care on way or another, but are happy to trust us to make these decision because that's what we do.

And it has worked out mighty well for SBIers.

Just to slip into big picture mode...

Consider the Study comparing SBI! to Wealthy Affiliate, which is discussed in the thread about WA here...

We significantly outperform them in "sites in the Top 1,000,000," 22.4X for Alexa and 33.4X for SimilarWeb...

But it's 42.8X for SEMrush.

Throughout the whole study, actually, the differences are greatest when we use SEMrush as the measuring stick -- that is specifically search traffic.

All three numbers are amazing, but 42.8X more effective at driving high search traffic?

I have to admit that I don't understand wanting to keep doing things "because that's the way I do it." We wouldn't have sites with so much traffic if we developed that way.

This wasn't the first unpopular change we've made to SBI!'s Analyze It!. It'll probably be the last, though, because there's not much left to simplify.

Analyze It! has always become steadily "easier to pass" because the on-page criteria are becoming less and less important.

One thing is still true, though...

The engines still need a nice hint about what the page is about. If it's about Meads Bay (a bay in Anguilla), it would be silly not to include that keyword ANYWHERE on the page.

Putting it the Title, Meta Description, Headline, Body Text a few times with natural usage, etc, is still better than only using it once in the body.

I've seen some bloggers who think it's not necessary to use it anywhere, others saying that using it in any type of pattern (as I just outlined) is bound to be a penalty.

They're just guessing. We have the data (see above for an example) to prove otherwise.

I don't even need data to comment on how silly that type of "avant-garde" SEOer comment is. You just have to think like Google instead of like an SEOer. For example...

I can totally get writers who'd have a normal writer's habit of using whatever term their page is actually about, Mead's Bay in this case, in the Title, Headline, etc. "Mead's Bay... Anguilla's Happening Beach."

What the heck could possibly be wrong with that? Anyway, it's to YOUR advantage if folks listen to them.

We see how well SBIers do across the board and keep adjusting before we need to.

And really, I promise, if your page is about Meads Bay, that's all you need to put into the Keyword box. And even then...

You are only doing it for us, so we can report back to you about that keyword in various tools.


Other than that, there's zero benefit to that tag -- the engines ignore it.

And if there's still some residual suspicion that that's NOT the case, it's more likely to be a negative than a positive, as AJ pointed out. But I feel weird even saying that, because it's simply not a "thing" anymore.

AI! has always been changing. Well, frequently anyway.

For example 15 years ago, you might have seen an instruction from AI! like this...

Add no fewer then 3 and no more than 9 uses of your page's Specific Keyword, while keeping it real.

When I think back to those days, it's crazy stuff, but the engines were very on-page-reliant. We tweaked to ratios.

We would keep ahead of the curve by adjusting the suggestions based on data that would show us that fewer keywords were doing better. So if someone had maxed out by adding 9, s/he'd get a new suggestion to use "2-4 fewer" 6 months later.

There was never an emergency to do it since we always erred on the conservative side and stayed ahead of where the trend was going.

Some folks would get upset when they got that suggestion because they had always "done it that way" so why change now?

But it has all worked out really well.

Building free search-based traffic has always been an SBI! strength.


This little simplification isn't as important as some of those tweaks that we've done in the past to simplify AI. There'll be others....

The final instruction remaining, probably 5-10 years from now may only be...

Just do your best.

OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration. ;-) It will be...

Put your Specific Keyword in the Title or your Headline. Otherwise, just do your best and OVERdeliver content that surpasses the search intent of this keyword. Wow your visitor!


This was just another simplification. It lets you focus on that one keyword and move on. It has been the suggestion for years, so we're really just formalizing it.

We always act in your best interest. Nothing is done arbitrarily, just for the sake of doing them. So I'm having trouble understanding the intensity of a couple of the comments.

I really hope you can move on now.

If you summarize what we do in 5 words, it's...

Add/Delete. Simplify. Optimize. Repeat.


Building a successful online business continues to grow in complexity. We continue to look for ways to make it simpler to manage your business in spite of that.

So there's more to SBI!, but the new stuff is the ONLY part that matters. And we boil it down to the 80-20 that matters so you can perfect that, rather than waste time on the 20 that would take 80% of your time.

There's just no way that anyone has time to work that way and get the same results.


Last week's change to the Keyword box is one of those. Like I said, we only have that box there because we need a keyword to base other tools on.

It would already be gone, otherwise.

The best place for those four extra keywords is spread throughout the content of the page as derivatives or synonyms of the Specific Keyword. That's the only place that matters.

So type them, and any other topics that you might want to include as reminders, at the top or bottom of your main body copy (or in a side text window). As you use them, delete until you've covered what you wanted (if that's the way you like to work).

Seriously, I've tried my best to explain this. If the vote had gone the other way, we would have spent some programmer time to roll it back.

I'm stressed lately with a bigger issue that may also be a bigger opportunity to get the word out about the magic that is SBI!.

If you really have to leave SBI! over this, I'm super-sorry to see you go.

We do our best. If we had to develop to please everyone, SBI! wouldn't be what it is today.

Hoping you can let this be now,
#1370343 by Jill from Mullengudgery
Thu May 04, 2017 12:19 am
Ken, once again I thank my lucky stars to have found Team SBI!

Because of your 'over-delivering', your patience, intelligence, friendliness and ethical approach I have a great deal of trust in your efforts to help us all.

Now it's up to me to take advantage of the concepts and strategies that you offer.

Ad astra - and let's have fun on the way!

#1370396 by Timothy from Glen Hope
Thu May 04, 2017 8:51 pm
Juri, thanks for the tip. Sure glad I don't have to go through every page. However, this website really needs it. As I work through it I find so many things that NEED updating. for instance all the stuff I learned in the forums. Like breadcrumbs, larger images, light speed (I mean page speed) and now keywords.

#1370562 by Marilyn E from Davidson
Sat May 06, 2017 10:33 pm
When is SBI going to make a decision re option 1 and option 2. Personally I would prefer if you were to remove the 25 April update which prohibits more than one keyword due to "Panda 2012". As I have stated before if it hasn't affected us in the five years following Panda then why fix something that is not broke!

The fact that no decision has been made since we all started to show our concerns is impacting on me personally. I can no long update my title page or description box for fear of losing the five key words I currently have on the page.

It was stated earlier that this was a glitch and should not have happened. I don't know whether the glitch is fixed and so cannot chance the risk of trying to do other updates in the page information.

I am sure I am not the only one in this situation
#1370564 by Lois from Flowers Cove
Sat May 06, 2017 10:42 pm

Hi Marilyn,

As Juri advised me earlier in this thread:

Lois, I am afraid, the vote is over, and it doesn't seem that the common sense prevailed: :roll:

HOWEVER, at this time, be advised that the error that Ken speaks of as being corrected HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

> This information from Ken from the forums:
> " What does this mean for you? If you're a post-Panda SBIer, keep doing
> what you've always done. If you're a pre-Panda SBIer, you can now edit
> anything else in Page Info without having to remove the extra keywords in
> the Keyword box.
If you decide to edit the Keyword box, you'll then have to
> remove all but the Specific Keyword."

Is NOT fixed!

I notified Support of this on May 5, 2017, but to date it has no estimated time of fix ;(

Just so anyone reading this is not confused.

#1370866 by Support Admin from
Thu May 11, 2017 3:41 pm
Cheryl, Head of SiteSell Support here.

The fix to allow changes to Page Information for existing pages with more than one keyword
has been released. You will be able to edit all fields, except the keyword field moving forward.

You cannot edit the keyword field. The keyword limitation will apply and you'll be prompted to
correct it before saving any changes.

Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone trying to make changes while we worked to fixed this.

All the best,
Head of SiteSell Support
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