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#1373350 by ken-admin
Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:00 pm
[Update: The converter is now live. See this announcement post... I'm going to I'm going to lock this and most other HTTPS threads. -- Help Elf]

Edited: We have now put links to the tasks you need to complete before 1st October, plus other incidentals of use / importance, at the top of this first post. If you don't have time to read through the entire thread, these are the posts you need to be looking at - but please bear in mind that within the thread is a lot more specific information.

Prepare for Google Adsense - immediately under these links.

Prepare for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Custom Search, Google Translate - immediately under Adsense.

Prepare for Google fonts and Google maps (if used) - immediately underneath the analytics section.

The links below (blue text) take you to posts with additional tasks to complete after you do the Google ones (below, in this post).

Tasks 1 - 4: specifics for uploaders.

What to do about Javascript.

Specific information about SBI!'s "tester" which will be released soon.

What to do if you have a WordPress site as a sub-domain via InfinIt.

Information about the SSL certificates.

Help Elf's most recent post covering what SS is doing, what you need to do and update on the tester.



Help Elf here to let you know that the boss has decided to move forward with the HTTPS project. What's that? When it's released, all new sites created after that date will use https:// instead of http://. All sites that exist before that release date will have the option to switch over to https.

Why are we giving you the option rather than just switching your site over to a secure version? Because there may be tools or functionality that you added to your site a few years ago that still run on http. Anything that's not secure on a secure (https) page can make that page not secure, or provide a warning that part of the page is not secure.

If you added that functionality to every page of your site with a Sitewide Dot (for BB2 pages) or SBI! Include (for uploaded pages), then every page on your site will appear as not secure (or with a message that some part of it isn't).

We'll deal with as many of the common ones as possible before the release, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of JavaScript and other tools, not to mention third-party fonts, etc., that are called from another site. And if any of those called URLs use http, they need to be updated or changed, if you want your pages to be secure.

Every week between now and the release, I'll be posting a tip on something to look for and switch so that you're ready soon after release day.

We'll start with the big one... Google.

If you're using newer code for Google tools or properties, the code may already have http: removed. But if you're using older code, check for http: in the JavaScript URL. And be safe -- check all the Google code your site uses.

Google deals with potential incompatibility by stripping out the part that could be incompatible. Which makes this a task that you can complete before the release, with no ill effects for your site.


Here's some AS code where http: (and https:) is already gone...

<script async src="//"></script>

Note the lack of http or https.

Here's your task this week...

1. Open a page to edit it.

2. Open each Sitewide Dot that has AdSense Code in it. Also open every Reusable Block that has AS code in it. (One at a time, of course.)

3. If you see http: in the JavaScript URL, remove it. The script tag should then look exactly like the one above.

Important Note: If you do see http:, that means you're using very old code, probably code that's not responsive, and not asynchronous (async code speeds up page loading). I urge you to update all your ad code to use the latest available from AdSense.

4. All the changes should have been saved, but to be safe, rebuild the page (do not update the RSS feed unless you made some content changes as well).

And that's it for AdSense.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Custom Search, Google Translate

If you use any of the above three, check the Sitewide Dot, Reusable Block, or Head section (the button at the top of the BlockBuilder page) for the code there. If you see http:, delete it. Even better, collect current code from Google. This is especially important for Analytics code if you've been using it for several years. You may not have made the switch to universal analytics (UA) code yet. It's imperative that you make that change, as Google has said that it will not be tracking traffic on sites using the older, GA code.

Important Note: Do you use Google Translate on your site? During the setup, Google asks for the URL of your site. You entered the http version of your site. I recommend that after the release, you go back and create a new version of the code for the https version of your site.

I will be covering post-release tasks in a TNT HQ article at the time of the release.

Google Fonts

Google Font URLs use https:, so any that you're calling from your site should be good as is. However, I recommend that you double-check to be certain.

Google Maps

If you embed any maps from Google Maps, check the URLs in the iframe tags. If they have https, there's nothing for you to do. If they have http, I recommend that you get the embed code again.

Next week, I'll discuss social media. The good news is that we'll be doing most of the heavy lifting for the biggies of the bunch. But if you add a bunch of obscure/little known social media sharing/follow buttons to your site, you may have some work to do.

Links to helpful posts for the change to https:

Background & Wish List thread:

Help Elf (H. E.) posted to clarify & answer questions:

Ken posted:

Jeff of posted tips:

Clayton, head of Programming posted re: Type of SSL certificates

Google Site Search:
Tracy asked:
Jeff answered:

Ken (H.E.) announces imminent release of HTTPS!
#1373368 by Susan from Ash Flat
Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:17 pm
Oh wow, this is intense! Thanks so much for the assistance here, SO much stuff to change :(

Like Elly I have the google recommended breadcrumb code on every page of every site :shock: what do we do with that?
#1373372 by Jeff from
Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:37 pm
HE's post said that SiteSell is going to do a lot of the changes for us. This will probably be one, kind of like how our domain names are hidden here in the forums if someone isn't logged in.
#1373374 by Claude from
Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:04 pm
Hi H.E.

Would you remind me what the advantages are of choosing to implement https.

I vaguely remember reading something about this in these forums but, at the time, I believe Ken had said that it was mostly for those of us who sell our own products from our site.

Anyway, I did not bother to clutter my memory cells with the details because Ken had said he (or you) would let us know more when the time came to take action.

Looks like the time has come :D

#1373387 by Claude from
Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:50 pm
Debs from SiteSell wrote:Claude, this thread has the wishes for the HTTPS and they outline some of the reasons why:


It may be helpful.

It certainly has.

Thanks Debs for the link to the background info leading up to this thread today.

Have a great day :D

#1373392 by Ian from I'm not sure :)
Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:17 pm
Hi Help ELF,

I may be late to the party, but maybe someone can help me understand.

1) Later down the road If I choose to "flick the switch" and convert my site to HTTPS, will SBI be than automatically deleting all the portion of our links, and be replacing it with HTTPS to conform to the new https standard?

2) I love the SBI feature called LINK FIX IT, and I hope we will have some sort of similar functionality for identifying all the NON-FUNCTIONING links that are "non-secure" after converting our sites to HTTPS standard/status.

Looking forward to any replies... :)

#1373406 by Gerhild from Just like Oma
Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:37 pm
As I'm starting to go through the codes that are in the headers, footers, etc., I'm seeing image codes that are http. Do we make changes for images as well, or will this be something that will be 'batch' done by SBI?

#1373408 by Gerhild from Just like Oma
Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:12 pm

With this

Google Font URLs use https:, so any that you're calling from your site should be good as is. However, I recommend that you double-check to be certain.

do we just add the "s" if ours is http?

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