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#1381181 by Kenneth from Dille
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:07 am
Is anyone there?

Anyway have had a more in depth look at help - elf's prep task list for stuff to do before tester comes out and I can't see, initially at least, that there's anything there that affects me. I have 2 sites and don't use Adsense, Google Analytics or anything else mentioned in the list on either of them. However I find it hard to believe that I'll have nothing to do except do a couple of clicks to make the change to https when the time comes.

I have a lot of affiliate links on both sites and also a few outgoing links to other sites plus the usual kind of internal links but have never used the link library as I've never understood the need to. How would that affect my position re changeover to https? Also don't use Twitter or FB but do have a Pinterest business account which is linked to one of my sites. Will there be an issue with that re the changeover?

Any help/advice gratefully appreciated.
#1381184 by Elly from
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:31 am
Hi Kenneth,

I'm not the best to answer your questions about https. I'm just awaiting the testing tool when I'm sure it will all become much clearer.

However, I did want to respond as you wanted to know if there's anybody really here. Many of us are working part-time on our sites and offer volunteer/comment in the forums. It can therefore sometimes take a few days before your questions are answered.

With regards to the link library - I've never actually looked at it, but have been very grateful for a link to be readily available whenever I wanted to reuse it. :-)

#1381192 by Will from Los Ojos
Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:37 pm
Hi Kenneth,

Links out to a non-https page on another site shouldn't be a problem.

Links to your affiliates "should" be https though. So it's worth getting in touch with and asking them if they have https available.

I say "should" in quotation marks, because your pages will still work if they don't have https, provided you are not downloading scripts. I had a quick look and I don't see any hypnosisdownloads scripts anywhere.

If it is just images that are being downloaded, like, that will show up in the URL as non-secure, but your page will still download fine, and your readers will be able to see it in most browsers.

Otherwise, just sit tight and wait for the Tester.

#1381199 by Julie from Adona
Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:48 pm

Is there any update on when the tool with be available. I'm scheduling out the next couple of weeks in my work calendar. A 'for sure not until at least' is just as helpful as a specific date.

The only things I'm doing now are:

    Reviewing affiliate links. Some aren't https so I'm getting new code for those.
    Planning what other things I'm going to review as long as I've opened the pages
    Organizing my work list for efficiency


#1381204 by Julie from Adona
Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:13 pm

May I humbly suggest to anyone who is chomping at the bit to get started...take the time to do some review on your site.

    Is there anything that you'd like to do to make your pages more consistent?
    Like adding breadcrumbs, or...
    Putting all your adsense code in reusable blocks, or...
    Other other types of reusable block uses/placement, or...
    Adding breadcrumbs, or...
    Can you do more internal linking between pages since you last published a page, or...
    Whatever suits your needs.

First make yourself a spreadsheet of all your pages. Even C2. You'll need something to keep score on.

While you don't need to put them all in order of traffic, put your top traffic pages in the first slots. (If I take the first 50 pages, I've covered 50% of my traffic-my site has about 1400ish pages.) Given that (per my GA) readers view my site on Chrome 34.4% over the last year, by doing just this first batch, I've got the majority of my traffic covered as 'Secure'.

If your top income producing pages deviate from your top traffic pages you should consider swapping them in instead. That is your decision. Mine are fairly consistent between traffic and income.

Take inventory of your pages as you go along on the things you've decided are important. Give yourself other columns to note the status of your work. You may want to note what affiliate links are on the page, possible new pages to write to support this one. Do you have social media images made. Where are they. Should/can a light C2 page be honestly bulked up or merged with another(s). Should it be deleted? Etc.

The spreadsheet can get pretty unwieldy pretty fast, but remember, you can hide columns when you're working on specific aspects of your site.

I admit, this IS a pain to do.

I did it earlier this summer while changing around the formatting of my tutorial pages to make them more uniform (225ish pages), changing the formatting on directory pages (110ish pages) and adding breadcrumbs to every, single, darned page.

My goal was 10 pages/day. The job was finished in just over 2 months. Regular site work could happen AFTER the 10 were done. I'm a 'list-checker' so an unfinished list is like someone throwing down the proverbial gauntlet.

But as long as you're taking the time to open pages (which takes a certain amount of time) it's a good time to take inventory.

And let's face it, a well-run, profitable business has a good handle on its inventory. And our pages are our inventory.

I hope this provides some ideas for tackling the transfer to https and makes the inevitable work more palatable.


#1381206 by Tracy from Roseglen
Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:32 pm
Hi Julie,

Great tips on working on your top 50 pages. I've done this before, but it's especially important in preparation for the move to https.

I also like how you look at your pages as inventory. I've always looked at mine as investments that generate income.

Take care,

#1381224 by ken-admin
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:17 pm
Help Elf here, with an update, since many are wondering.

I've been given permission, since normally we don't reveal a release date due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances.


The tester (its official name is the HTTPS Resource Check) is coming out next week. I don't know what day yet, but it will be out before the end of the week.

A few of us have been testing. It will definitely make your life simpler, as you won't have to figure out what you have, and where.

The good news is that we're automating more and more URLs for the conversion, including Pinterest, and much of Google's tools.

So you won't have to do them, or think about them.

Until next week!

Help Elf
#1381239 by Scott from
Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:31 am
Thanks Ken... :wink:

Scott & Nimble.

P.S... As I'm digging through this thread and learning... and since I only have 33 pages published and am only on Day 7 (no monetization, etc.), I suspect switching over will be fairly simple...

Hope Anguilla weather is treating you well.

Used to have a place on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica in Cahuita. Beeeeautiful!
#1381563 by Dan from Saint Albans Bay
Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:22 pm
Jacki from Macleod wrote:So, question; what is the thing about a certificate? Is this something we have to do, or is that taken care of?

I've been wondering the same thing. I pay $99 per year for the certificate on my members site, so I was wondering if there will be a cost for a certificate on SBI. I certainly won't mind paying for it if that's what's required.

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