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#1377725 by ken-admin
Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:30 pm
Hi to all,

Brainstorm It! v4.0 launches today. This is the beginning of a growing "smart partnership" between you and Brainstorm It! ("BI!"). It's the foundation for an intelligent, more interactive, and prolonged relationship with BI!

Immediately useful for veterans of SBI!, the more content you create and the more search traffic you generate, the more value BI4 delivers. It's "the gift that keeps on giving" you new ideas and opportunities throughout your business, not just in its early months.

The major new features of this release are...

1) SEHQ Brainstorm - As you progress, a growing amount of data accumulates in Search Engine HQ. It's valuable in its own right, over there, providing useful info in both "Keyword Searches Report" and "Keyword Ranking Report."

Now we're putting that data to new use, the value of which jumps when you pull all the keywords in SE HQ (for which you are found but that are not in your MKL) including their data, into the MKL, mingling with data for each keyword in BI!.

Update your Keyword Ranking Report and Keyword Searches Report in SE HQ, then run the SEHQ Brainstorm. It will add all the new keywords, with their numbers, plus new numbers for all the existing keywords. The new numbers appear in 3 new columns in the MKL.

The help for this new brainstorm is here... ... BRAINSTORM

2) 3 New MKL Columns - More on them in my next post.

3) 8 "Keyword Value" Tasks - These add a whole new dimension of functionality. They are so useful that they should NOT depend on you remembering to pop over and check it out.

So the next release of BI! automates the periodic performance of these tasks, notifying you when it spots high-value opportunities.

It goes beyond that, though...

Some folks are really comfortable working with numbers. You can already dig amazing additional value (i.e., beyond the pre-set tasks) out of the MKL if you experiment with filters and sorting...

But not everyone can combine 2, 3 or more filters to strategically pull out actionable info, even when you realize what you'd like to capture. The logic patterns can get rather tricky.

The SEHQ Brainstorm and 3 new columns of data increase the potential value of MKL exponentially. But it also gets somewhat more complex to come up with sharp ideas to pull ACTIONABLE INFO from raw data.

That's why we provide 8 PRE-SET tasks...

The 8 new tasks, each explained below, point out really useful opportunities that you could not have found up until now. You might hunch onto an idea here or there, but these new columns of data now provide a systematic way for doing this.

It's so useful that these discoveries should not wait on you to visit the MKL and trigger a task! They should come to YOU!.

That's exactly what the next release will do. It's going to NOTIFY you automatically. This increases the importance of this 4.x series of BI! (this being 4.0). Together with a new data source for keywords, BI! is morphing to fit your needs...

BI! becomes your business partner who reminds you, for example, "hey, the following keywords just popped onto my radar as the best opportunities for new content. Why do I recommend them? They <<followed by whatever we've designed the task to do>>."

These 8 tasks are only the beginning in another way, too. We want to encourage you to create your own. You know the old saying...

"Give a man 8 fish."

Don't get me wrong. You can go a long way with these particular fish. They are, after all, re-usable and adjustable -- you can tweak the numbers for your niche.

But let's learn HOW to fish! :-)

That leads us to what I'll be announcing shortly....

Use The $1,000 "Create a Task Contest" to Get Really Good at This

For those who love numbers, you'll absolutely love this. Even if you don't know, this does get kind of fun (and profitable!) IF you give it a chance and play along with us here...

We're inviting you to play with data to find new content strategies that our "starting 8" don't do yet. Yes...

It's a contest! 🎉 🎈 🚀

Got BAM?💥 Before we get started, here are some "how-to" tips to show ANYONE how doable AND how USABLE tasks are.

There is no limit to the number of tasks that one could dream up. There are so many columns, multiplied by so many filtering options, done in a variety of orders, and finally sorting according to the column that delivers the best results... wow!

On the other hand, that sounds more complicated than it needs to be. A new task is actually pretty simple...

1) Filter

2) Filter the results of what you filtered.

3) Sort to bring "the best" to the top.

4) Use your new filter. Save as a "Custom Task" if you find it useful.

Of course, you DO need to have a goal in mind. So how about...

Are you searching for keywords with a CPC for which you have not created a page? That would be useful if you use AdSense or just want to get monetization ideas!

Got It!? Let's Go!...

Here's how to go about creating your own, new task. First, one must do...

Do "the SE HQ Brainstorm" and then do "Get Google $" again (that's essential because you need the AdWords data for all your new keywords, and it's good to have current numbers for your existing keywords).

And now some tips...

TIP 1: Click Columns in the toolbar to the left of your MKL. In the overlay, check boxes to show all the columns except 3 - Notepad, Site Info and Search It!. Those excluded columns have other purposes, but they don't contain the type of data for THIS job.

Note: Let's save "www" as a column so you can search whether you rank for any keyword of interest AT THIS MOMENT (SE HQ doesn't list them all).

TIP 2: Understand each column -- what type of data does it deliver? Find and read that info in the MKL's help page...

Also, hovering over the the sorting or filtering areas of the toolbar in the MKL will let you click to their help.

TIP 3: Do 2 simple tasks to help understand how 2 filters interact. First, filter on CPC greater than zero and # pages less than 1 (i.e., zero).

This is a strong interaction. It finds keywords that have strong monetization potential AND for which you have no content.

The order of filtering is not important in this case. That's not always true, though.

For example, if you filtered by highest demand, then lowest supply, you would not get the same results as if you made the same queries in the opposite direction...

Why do those 2 NOT give you the same keywords?

Think on it until you get why keywords with the most Demand, filtered by the lowest Supply is not the same as keywords with the lowest Supply, sorted by the highest Demand.

TIP 4: What would you sort with to push the "best" keywords to the top?

Experiment with sorting on each column (i.e., high Demand, low Supply, high Profitability, etc.). What does each mean? How does the opportunity change?

If you said "sort by low supply," that's a good choice!🎖

After all, why not go with the low-hanging fruit first?

That sort (low Supply to the top) would find pages that are the most winnable.

Check search results to see if you already rank for each word. For example, "hotels in Anguilla" is an opportunity. But Nori already ranks for "hotels in Anguilla" with her "Anguilla hotel" web page. She's not likely to rank two pages in the Top 10.

But HERE is where one of the new columns comes into play again. The "# of pages" tells us that she has 28 pages with “Anguilla hotels" as her keyword. Can she find one that she should optimize for "hotels in Anguilla?"

It would have to be a legit page, real content, high value. If so, it could be worth the time to adjust one of those pages, linking it to and from her main "Anguilla Hotels" page.


Overall, though, this task is likely to turn up some keyword(s) that "make sense" (human judgment). You've got some great new opportunities, perhaps to monetize passively or perhaps to do something more actively (ex., site sponsorship).

Once you understand this, you're ready!

Here's your mission (and the contest)...

Come up with a useful task.

Start with a simple question...

What have YOU wanted to know about your keywords?

Now push it because you are trying to win a contest....

Would others want to know that, too?

You could just "play" around with various filters and sorts until you hit something by accident. And actually, that's not a bad way to get a feel for how the various filters work, and even how a 1,2 sequence interacts.

But you more likely have a targeted need. And SBIers definitely do...

Define that need and figure out how to find it...

And that brings us to the big lesson when trying to come up with useful tasks should you want to go beyond the Pre-set tasks...

Think Backward From What You'd Like to Know!

In order to come up with a useful task, "all" you have to do is understand how to use various combinations of filter and sort to get that info. If you understand that, you'll appreciate this next example...

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Let's stick with the same question...

"What keywords (topics) have I NOT written about AND that are really valuable."

THAT's really useful info. Heck, the more pages that you have created, the more valuable it becomes! Let's do it...

Step 1) Set the "less than" filter for "# pages" to 1. That pulls all the keywords for which you have created ZERO pages.

If we stopped here, of course, it would be a useless filter. Unless you've written 1,000+ pages, odds are that there are loads of good topics left.

Step 2) Set the "less than" filter for "Real Supply" to 100 AND set the "greater than" filter for "Value Demand" to 500 (i.e., highish Demand, lowish Supply).

You'd experiment with those 2 numbers until you have whittled the list down to, say, 100 keywords or so.

Step 3) Sort those keywords in a variety of ways. For example...

You could sort by CPC or Keyworth to end up with a similar (but not identical) list to the previous example.

Or you could look at this task a little differently...

Sort "Profitability" to the top to find the highest Demand/Supply ratios. Then scan down the list of keywords until you find one that feels like a great topic (ex., "anguilla cruises" and "anguilla banks" for Nori).

This sort finds excellent "pure content" opportunities. If you wanted to find which of those was most financially valuable, you'd sort by CPC or Keyworth instead (ex., "anguilla beach," a stunning miss by Nori).

Bottom Line

The combination of the SEHQ Brainstorm AND the starting 8 tasks adds information that you would probably not spot with the human eye — not without a ton of mind-numbing work.

You do NOT have to be a numbers-freak to squeak the most out of this...

The 8 tasks are just the beginning!

We're super-excited by how much BI4 helps. Your mind will hopefully be racing with possibilities by now. And THAT, at long last, is where the third part of this release comes into play....

3) The $1,000 Create-A-Task Contest

The "starting 8" Keyword Value tasks makes it easy for ALL to find tremendous, missed opportunities. And with some simple tweaking, they can push those 8 even further.

Are you already a a virtuoso with the MKL's filtering and sorting? You're going to love the potential that 3 new columns brings!

The key to this challenge is to figure out what other SBIers would love to be able to figure out with the MKL as it is NOW (i.e., all columns are in play)?

We're challenging YOU to come up with NEW ones. Create a useful new task, filtering and sorting on the new columns and old columns. Submit a task that you think most would find really valuable.

Best idea wins $1,000.

Bonus $500 if we use it in the next tasks that we add. AND you get to name it! :-)


May the best task win!

All the best,
#1377726 by ken-admin
Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:35 pm

Hi to all,

Let's get right into the guts of the actual release in this post.

Then we'll officially ignite some fireworks!


Brainstorm It!'s current tasks are...

1) Basic Tasks

These help new SBIers create a Site Content Blueprint for their new niche.

2) Add Value Tasks

These tasks help SBIers get a sense of the overall monetization potential of their niche. It provides excellent help for the expected value of placing AdSense ads on their pages, as well as overall monetization potential for those who don't plan to use (or stay with) passive monetization for long.

And now, we announce....

3) Keyword Value Tasks

We call them this because, one way or another, every task is about squeezing more value out of your keywords.

There are 8 of them.

You won't see them, though, until you've published at least 30 content pages (your home page, about page, and pages about your niche -- your privacy page and system-generated pages don't count in that total).

Why the limitation? Because these 8 new tasks pull traffic information from Search Engine HQ. You really need 30 pages to start developing some traffic.

And you really need both some pages and traffic to derive value from this part of Brainstorm It!. Although folks do return every now and then to BI!, its greatest value has historically been for beginners...

Right niche. Best keywords. Site structure. It's instrumental when starting out.

Now, though, we turn BI! on its head. This one is for veterans. The more traffic and pages, the more data we can combine from SE HQ with what you already have in your MKL.


That data all comes over to Brainstorm It! ("BI!") to help you turn more data into better INFO - actionable info! Ready for a quick walk through...

- i) the SE HQ brainstorming process of importing SE HQ keywords and numbers into BI!

- ii) the 3 new columns in the MKL, and

- iii) the 8 new tasks.

The first part of the release, from which the next 2 sections are derived....

SEHQ Brainstorm

In Brainstormer, you'll find a new brainstorm option, called SEHQ Brainstorm. This brainstorm doesn't go out and retrieve keywords from the Web. We collect and save this data as visitors reach your site.

Note: You need to update the Keyword Ranking Report and Keyword Searches Report before you use the brainstorm. After that, every time you run the brainstorm, it will update the SE HQ numbers (given the 3-week period required between updates).

Why is it so valuable? These are keywords that have not just been searched, they've been used to visit your site!

It does a bit of calculating first, especially if you have more than one page using the same keyword. For example, Nori has 4 pages using "anguilla carnival" as the Specific Keyword. I'll discuss why Brainstormer does these calculations in a moment.


The Brainstormer help for SEHQ Brainstorm starts here, for a brief intro... ... .html#BIG4

And continues lower down... ... BRAINSTORM


The second part of this release...

The 3 New Columns

When Brainstormer completes its import from SE HQ, you'll see three new columns in your MKL. Here's a screenshot from the top of the [Domain Private] MKL...


# Pages

This column tells you how many pages you have published for each keyword in your MKL. The number is calculated from the Keyword Searches Report.

Each number (except "0" -- zero) is a link. Click on it to see which pages you published using that keyword. A new page opens, listing each page, along with its Best Rank (discussed below), its Google Rank, Bing Rank, Yahoo! Rank, and # of Visitors (discussed next).

The obvious opportunities are high-value pages that you have not written yet, as well as sloppy use of keywords by using the same one multiple times. Google doesn't care, of course, but we do. Correctly focusing your Keyword tag on a new word every time has 2 benefits...

• It lets us do a better job of reporting.

• It sharpens your focus. If your page is about "Anguilla Carnival's August Monday" and if you already have a page that covers the overview of the carnival, focus the sub-pages on prominent aspects, all of which are linked to, from your main carnival page.

You'll get better search results, both for your main carnival page, and the "Tier 4 sub-carnival pages." And that not only lets us do a better job reporting, we get more fun out of reporting on your success! :-)

# SE Visitors

This column tells you how much traffic each page has received in the past 90 days. The number is pulled from the Keyword Searches Report by adding up all the traffic from all the pages that contain that keyword in the content, from Bing and Yahoo! (and Google, if there are any numbers from it -- Google now doesn't provide many traffic numbers).

Each keyword's reported number is a link (a dash means it has received no search traffic. (It may have received social traffic or direct referral traffic.)

Any keyword may have received some visits to pages on your site that do NOT use it as a Specific Keyword. So, to find the page breakdown....

Click on a link to see how much traffic each page has received for that keyword. If there are a lot of pages, you can sort by the # SE Visitors column.

There are many uses of this described in the MKL help...

  • Can you do better with pages that send you traffic, but are ranking on Page 2? Pushing to Page 1 of the SERP will bump your traffic. If several pages contribute traffic to the same keyword, can you work that to your advantage?
  • Investigate those keywords (with winnable Supply), the ones with no traffic. If you have Top 10 "Best rankings," can you improve the Title or Description, which searchers will see in the search results). If you don't, does it pass Analyze It!? Can you make the page better and get inbound quality links?

Best Rank

This column tells you how high up in the search results a page using this keyword as the Specific Keyword reached. The number is pulled from the Keyword Ranking Report.

Each number is a link. Click on it to see how each engine ranked each page (if you have more than one page with that Specific Keyword) and the total amount of traffic for each page (# SE Visitors, discussed above). The Best Rank column on the page is sortable in case you have a lot of published pages using that keyword.

The help for the three new columns starts here with a discussion about sorting... ... #SEHQ-COLS

And it continues here, about sorting the columns... ... SORT-PAGES


Here is the third and final part of this release. It's also the foundation of what's to come next in BI!, the development of BI4 into a smart partner/advisor.

Important: Although these tasks are tied into, and are only possible because of, the SE HQ keywords, this is to clarify that the data and tasks apply to ALL keywords, not just those added from the SEHQ Brainstorm.

That said, here we go...

The 8 Keyword Value Tasks

You now know how to get the keywords and numbers from SE HQ into your MKL. And you know what each column tells you. Now it's time for the heavy (but rewarding!) lifting. These 8 tasks allow you to quickly see patterns and opportunities.

Remember to run Get Google $ again before you start, to get numbers for the new keywords, and updated numbers for your existing keywords.

First, open "Tasks" (toolbar on the left of your MKL)...

You'll find the Keyword Value Tasks between the Basic Tasks and the Ad Value Tasks. Remember, though, that you won't see them until you have published at least 30 content pages.

Scroll down to the Keyword Value Tasks section, and click on each of the following tasks. To better see and understand what's happening, click on Filter (in the toolbar) so you can see HOW each task has been created.

Every keyword (if you've pruned the MKL regularly) has some value to your business-building effort. Each of these tasks defines it/looks at it in a different way, allowing you to assess how you're doing, where the opportunities are, etc., in terms of realizing that value.

OK, here we go, um, really... NOW! ;-)

1. Where's the Traffic?

This first task, "Where's the Traffic?," tells you which keywords should be receiving more traffic based on your initial DAY 2/DAY 3 research. Click on the task to see only those keywords with...

i) at least one published page (filter is # Pages "greater than" 0)
ii) PCDM (Predicted Click Demand per Month, from AdWords) of 60 or more (filter is "greater than" 59)
iii) Fewer than 10 SE visits (filter is # SE Visitors "less than" 10)

These keywords are then sorted with the highest Profitability to the top (down-pointing arrow.)

Starting with the first keyword (the one with the highest Profitability), click on the number in the # Pages column to see the pages that don't have much traffic.

How can you improve the Title and Description of those pages to make them more enticing/compelling? Does the search intent of the pages match the search intent of someone entering that keyword at Google?

More info... ... SS-TRAFFIC

2. Can Rank Higher

The next task, Can Rank Higher, tells you which keywords have pages with low rankings at the search engines. The search engines look at hundreds of factors to determine how high a page should rank.

You have DIRECT control over the on-page factors, so it's time to investigate why these pages rank so low (i.e., on the second or lower page of search results).

Click on the task to see those keywords that meet these criteria...

i) Filter # Pages > 0
ii) Filter Best Rank > 10
iii) Sort by Best Rank worst ranking (largest number) to the top

Can you combine two short and closely related pages into one substantial page? Can you improve the Title and Description? Can you add (more) images, or perhaps even a video? In other words, what can you do to make each of these pages more valuable to your human visitors?

Also think about how you can earn a quality inbound link or two to each page. These links are an important ranking factor.

More info... ... ANK-HIGHER

3. More Traffic

The More Traffic task tells you which keywords should pull in more traffic quickly. These are keywords with low Real Supply and a high Profitability, yet have no published pages. It's time to take advantage!

The keywords are filtered by lowest Real Supply, so start with the first keyword, publishing a page of high value content. You'll likely see traffic to it in a week or two due to the low competition.

More info...

4. Quality Traffic

The Quality Traffic task uses the same filters as the More Traffic task, but sorts the keywords by Value Demand. This gives you the pages that should receive the most, and the best, traffic.

A lot of people are searching on these keywords, which means they want what your pages will discuss. That makes them more likely to engage with a page by signing up for your newsletter, or clicking on an ad, or perhaps even buying a product you recommend on the page.

More info... ... TY-TRAFFIC

5. Overused Keywords

The Overused Keywords task reveals which keywords you've fallen in love with, to excess. It only shows keywords that have more than 10 published pages.

What's the best way to use this task? Find the pages that have the best rank and the most traffic. Let that page continue to use this Specific Keyword. Then change the Specific Keyword for all the other pages, to a related keyword or even a synonym.

Another option is to combine two or more closely related pages into one page. This is especially important for any short (low content) pages.

More info... ... D-KEYWORDS


And NOW...


6. More Money

All the traffic generation issues resolved? (I recommend waiting at least three weeks, then updating your Search Engine HQ Keyword Ranking Report to see how your new and/or improved content is doing at the search engines.)

Are you seeing a lot more traffic to your site (after checking Traffic Stats and/or Google Analytics)?

Then it's time to "show me the money!"

The More Money task reveals which keywords you can expect to earn an income for you. These are keywords that have no published pages yet, with a cost per click (CPC) and PCDM (both from AdWords) greater than 0. The results are sorted by highest Value Demand (which means they probably have more competition). But once your high quality content climbs to the top of the rankings, you'll start seeing income from these in-demand topics.

More info... ... MORE-MONEY

7. Easy Money

The Easy Money task is the More Money task but sorted by lowest Real Supply. Publish these easy-to-win pages and you'll have a quick stream of income, although it will likely be a smaller stream that the big flow from More Money pages.

More info... ... EASY-MONEY

8. Most Money

The Most Money task is the More Money task, sorted by highest Keyworth, which is calculated from the Value Demand, Real Supply, CPC and PCDM numbers for the keyword. In other words, these are the keywords that have a combination of the highest demand (Value Demand and PCDM), the lowest competition, and the highest cost per click (these keywords earn a lot).

Add it all up to the most money.

Use Easy Money if you need to boost your income quickly, even if it's a lower amount. Use More Money for a higher income that may take a while to start flowing. And use Most Money to turn the spigot wide open.

More info... ... MOST-MONEY


The help for the 8 tasks is here... ... ALUE-TASKS


Custom Tasks

As with Basic and Ad Value tasks, you can create and save your own custom Keyword Value tasks. You may want to sort something differently. Or use a higher or lower number for a filter.

Or take it further. As I noted above, MKL is now so flexible that there's just about nothing you can't do with it to help you grow faster or monetize better.

If you find a useful set of filters and sorting, save it for future use. If you think others would find it useful, let us know here in the forums about your great new custom task.

First prize = $1,000.

Rules are simple...

1) State the goal

2) Explain the steps

3) Get SBIers to vote for you.


The help for all custom tasks is here... ... STOM-TASKS

1 New Brainstorm, 3 New Columns, 8 New Tasks

Brainstorm It! v4.0 is definitely a case for that saying "The total is greater than the sum of its parts."

BI4 gives you the knowledge you need to increase both your traffic and the dollars per visitor your site receives.

The $1,000 Keyword Value Custom Task Contest

Now for the fireworks! And I have just the spark to set them off!


I think these new columns and tasks are so powerful that you'll see noticeable increases in traffic and income if you take the time to know how to use them.

I also know that we didn't think of everything you can do with the Keyword Value information.

Have you found another task that shows you a way to substantially increase traffic or income?

Share it with us here in the forums and you could win $1,000.

The winning task will be added to the Keyword Value Tasks.

$500 bonus if it makes it into the MKL.

And to anyone who doesn't take first prize, there are consolation prizes...

$250 if we use your submission in the MKL, too!


See the rules above, in the announcement post. Submit here, in this thread. Win!

Have a blast with this, all.

Signing over and out for a li'l while,


P.S. Oops, almost forgot...


If you have any issues (ex., a task doesn't work the way you think it should work, or the import from Search Engine HQ doesn't work), please contact Support, documenting the steps you took to get to the problem.
#1377741 by Mary from Mico
Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:23 am
Ken and all!

This is more than huge! Thank you ALL so much. I know that Ken and many are involved in this Magnum Opus. I will be following this with great interest.

You have done so much work here. So much work.

Congratulations all!!!

Who has international travel plans and will have to focus on this in a month or so.
#1377773 by David from
Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:47 pm
The SBI! Team does it again!

I'm tinkering with the new bells & whistles and I like what I see so far. It'll take me a little while to review my MKL and see what new areas of focus rise to the top. However, at first glance it looks like another fantastic upgrade to supporting the growth of all of our businesses.

Thank you very much :)

All the best,
#1377776 by Wendy C (EelKat) from La Puente
Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:56 pm
Oh wow! I love this. Don't have time to read all of it right now, got a car show tomorrow, so getting ready to leave when I saw this post. Skimmed it and it sounds amazing. I'll be back Sunday and will have the whole day off, so I'm gonna spend it going over this in more detail and figuring out how to use these 8 tasks with my own site.

I haven't used Brainstormer in about 3 years. I used it when I first built my site. Back then, what I did was take the entire list of keywords, and made a draft page for each keyword, and then every day I'd pick a draft page and write an article for that topic. After I ran out of the draft pages, I just continued on with new pages of similar topics to pages I already had and never went back to brainstormer.

I remember, when I used brainstoemer before, my favourite part was the ability to click on the tab that gave us a list of the top competing websites (forget what tab it was now) I was able to open all these sites and see just exactly what the top sites for my keyword were doing/writing/what they looked like, etc, and I could compare each one to look for trends in all of them. That was fun.

Several times I've thought I really need to get back into using brainstormer, because it was so very helpful when I did use it... this sounds like it'll motivate me to get in the habit of using it more often again.

Thank you for this! Be back Sunday to actually start testing it out and doing the tasks.
#1377793 by Carol from East Anglia
Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:21 pm
Fantastic upgrade! I am one of those that tends to LIVE in Brainstorm It! and have used it continually throughout the 11 years I have been with SBI!. Such a useful tool, and now even better!

Thank you so much!


#1377794 by David from Tok
Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:25 pm
ken-admin wrote:Then we'll officially ignite some fireworks!

Great new features, Ken. You've talked about the vision for this for a long time, and seeing it released and ready for action is awesome!

I'm off to refresh traffic reports on my several sites, run the SEHQ Brainstorm, update Google $ and then dive into the KW Value Tasks for all but my newest fledgling site.

Thanks to you and the entire team for producing such a valuable addition to SBI!
#1377803 by David from Tok
Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:13 pm
One possible little bug...

In Chrome Browser, after running the Brainstorm for SEHQ, the MKL appears, but has not been refreshed with the new info. So if you immediately try to sort descending on # Pages, # SE Visitors, or Best Rank (or just scroll through the list looking for any data) it's not there. After a browser refresh (or exiting the MKL list and coming back into it), the new data is there.
#1377825 by Marylyn from
Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:01 am
I'm going to say thank you, to everyone involved in this latest release.

I can see how it will be extremely enlightening to those who's sites are bubbling along beautifully.

Not being negative, however this is what I found when performing an SEHQ Brainstorming ...

I was sadly disappointed to see that what I suspected regarding the popularity of my website, was in fact true

I have a lot of pages on the site that have not been picked up by the Search Engines :roll: The site is not new, it's been around for quite some years now.

I have even had great input and help from none other than Ken, himself. Much appreciated at the time, however, for me keep adding pages and more pages to a site that is treading water or maybe even drowning with pages that are waterlogged, is a fruitless exercise.

Melbourne is NOT Anguilla, but it is still a great city with a lot to offer. I have no idea if the Niche has the potential to make any sort of money but that is NOT why I chose to write about it.
The goal was (and still is) to showcase the city and its surrounds. However, if the pages I'm putting up are not being indexed by the search engines, then all the hard work you guys are doing behind the scenes is of no value to me at all :shock::(:cry::cry:

I feel that to really understand what is going on with the site, its pages and where to go from here, needs professional, PAID, input.

In the meantime, I'm spinning my wheels down here in Pakenham, Victoria :(

I'd love to see figures like Nori is seeing, they are fantastic and well deserved :!: Even just seeing more of my pages indexed would make me feel so much better :!: There has to be something I am doing on a consistent basis to NOT be getting results :?:?

Spending lots of BAM time and still not getting anywhere, is frustrating and demotivating.

:idea::idea::idea::idea: needed and lots of them :!:

I'm really glad that other Sites are seeing great results and the latest release is of a real benefit to them. Perhaps, with some professional input, I will be able to produce a more positive post in here.

I can see that you all have been working really hard to go that extra mile and for that, I say thank you so much, for once again giving your clients a unreal helping hand.

David from [Domain Private]

I found the same thing happening. I opted out of my MKL and then clicked back in. I did see some figures showing up that were not there before - but nothing like Nori's :lol::lol::lol::lol::!:

#1377834 by Vivi from
Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:09 pm

I'm on vacation right now, but when I get back, I'll love to dive right into all this.

Thank you.

- Vivi
#1377886 by Claude from
Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:14 pm
Just updated my MKL with Google $.

Quickly glanced at Tasks and Ad Value Tasks

OMG :shock:This is amazing! Lots of plays here.

It's going to feel like shooting fish in a barrel :D

Our slowly growing SBIsland is going to be full of very happy fishermen :mrgreen:

Can't wait for automation to kick in - I'm diving in now!

P.S. But I'm going to take things s l o w l y because it's summer here and the Wx is awfully nice and inviting out there. I'm going to be torn daily between Wx & BI v4 :roll:
#1377893 by Wendy C (EelKat) from La Puente
Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:51 am
Okay, I'm back...

So, just had a look at the new SEHQ thing, and... wow :shock: I've got some... uhm... interesting?... keywords sending traffic to my site. LOL! :lol:

I noticed that my top keyword sending the most traffic has this for numbers:

Demand: 278
Supply: 2
Profitability: 139,000

The page using this keyword as it's url, is my top visited page of all time on my SBI site (which surprised me when it started getting a lot of traffic, because it was an unplanned page that was added to my site at random.)

Interestingly, that particular keyword is one that I had added (not part of my original site concept) because I had been researching for a book/novel I was writing at the time, and Google, Bing, and Yahoo, were all coming up with absolutely ZERO sites on the topic. I ended up doing research at a library and having to gain access to obscure books in museums that I had to get special permission to use.

Well, as most of my pages are "how to write a fantasy novel" type of topic, and researching this obscure topic had been part of writing the novel in question.... I ended up writing a series of about a dozen pages about this topic and what I had learned, seeing how there was no such info online and I figured it'd help other authors who might want to include that topic in their own novels.

Now granted the demand for it is too low for it to be a huge income, and the profitability number is thus way off, but I find it interesting to see that my most trafficked page on my site, is in fact one of the pages in that set.

I was surprised to see that really obscure topic, show up in the SEHQ as the keyword that was responsible for driving the most traffic to my site....but I suppose I shouldn't have been considering I already knew that page was ranking as my most visited.

Since I did do a lot of book research into the topic, and there is at least some demand for it, I think I should write some more pages on it. Demand s too low for them to be income worthy, but, the amount of traffic to those particular pages does tell me that people at least want to find the info and are going to my site because there absolutely is no other site to go to.


Started testing it around a bit, got to the part in the task where it says to filter to a value of greater then 1,000 and discovered that one of the keywords sending traffic to my site has this for numbers:

Demand: 10,539
Supply: 501
Profitability: 21,036

I'm trying to remember how this all works, it's been so long since I last used brainstormer, but... that means that's a really good keyword I should be focusing on more, right?

I've only got I think 3 pages focusing on this particular keyword, but it is one of the primary keywords for my site topic, so I can definitely write a dozen or so more at minimum focusing on it.

Still on the low end of demand I think... didn't it say something about aiming for demand between 20,000 and 60,000 (or was that something else?)

Another of the top 10 keywords SEHQ listed has this for numbers:

Demand: 3,823
Supply: 205
Profitability: 18,649

Interestingly, I only have 2 pages with that keyword as a topic, however, one of those pages is my #1 most trafficked page of all time with over 10million lifetime views to that one page alone (including it's page views on both SBI and the WP site it used to be on before moving to SBI). It currently sits as my #2 most visited page on my SBI site.

This one page, also brings in most of my income from my SBI site (it drives traffic to an ebook written by me and to several on topic affiliate products, as well as driving traffic to the 100+ YouTube videos that are embedded into that page, with most of my AdSence income coming from those videos themselves)

I'm looking at the demand here and seeing it's really low, but I'm also seeing that, not only is supply super low, but my site is raking #1 page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for that keyword (according to both Bing and Google Anyletics keyword search page where it says what it ranks at when people click it)

This page was originally a Squidoo lens back in 2007 and it jumped to Squidoo's top 10 list almost immediately and then staied there until Squidoo went offline, and it was bringing in $200 a month way back then. Though it was my top page back 10 years ago, I would have thought that over time people would lose interest in it, but apparently, it's more perennial then I had originally thought.

I'm thinking, giving the track record this page has had on Squidoo, then again WordPress, and now again on SBI, I'm thinking, that it seems my audience likes this page quite a lot and I should really look into writing more pages on this same keyword. It may not have overall wide demand in the general public, but within my own niche's readers, it seems to be high demand for them personally.

I think this falls into a case of knowing my audience, and knowing that even though my audience is rather small (probably fewer then 10,000 people total world wide with any interest in it, given that no book in the novel series has ever sold more then 7,000 copies), even though it's a small audience, I know exactly what they want and can really narrow focus to a pin point right on that, so can keep those same tiny few coming back for more. (I know a lot of the views to that page are repeat readers, because they email and tell me: "I loved it so much I had to read it again"

I think what I have here is the power of "a 1,000 true fans" you always hear authors talking about. Where you can succeed in very tiny niches if you have the drive/passion to keep going, even if it's only to satisfy those 1,000 who keep coming back and no one else at all. (Almost all my SBI traffic is people who are fans of a novel series that I started writing decades ago and still write today.... it's a small group, but it's a rabidly devoted group.)


Btw, my niche is super tiny, super small, super obscure, so I knew going into it that demand and supply were going to be waaaaaaay low, and would require a larger then normal amount of work to make profitable, but I've got the time and the passion to devote 30 to 40 hours a week doing nothing but my SBI site, and already have income elsewhere to allow me to not panic if it turned out to be me doing my SBI as a "love of the hobby passion" so the low demand numbers are not a big issue for me.


Well, that's my random, possibly slightly off-topic, first impression of the brainstorm it update.

So far I'm liking it. Got more stuff in it to try out, more tasks to do. Off to go see what else I can discover and figure out how to use those discoveries to improve my site.
#1377928 by Jacki from Macleod
Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:57 pm
Wendy C (EelKat) from La Puente wrote:I noticed that my top keyword sending the most traffic has this for numbers:

Demand: 278
Supply: 2
Multiply that by a thousand or so pages, and you'll be rolling in it :lol:

I've got some similar numbers which are very reliable at bringing in traffic. I'll be inspecting the numbers closely, and revamping some of those 'more traffic' pages, then building some new 'solid potential' pages.
#1377931 by Marianne from Mclaren Flat
Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:14 pm
Thankyou so much!!!

I am really looking forward to spending some time to understand all the features and make the most of the tasks as well as creating my own.
I am very excited and thank the team for getting this together and making it happen!! :D

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