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#1380235 by ken-admin
Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:58 pm
Oct 17, 2017 Update! The HTTPS Converter is now live:

Hi to all,

I've got TWO important announcements for you today...


Yesterday, some eagle-eyed SBIers asked if "something was going on with SBI!?"

We had some reports of slowness while using SBI!, and problems logging in. One wondered if this was related to HTTPS -- nope, it's deeper and more long term than that...

... in a good way! :-)

We've been making some important investments in infrastructure, including new servers and other "stuff" (my eyes glaze over -- all I know is that it's expensive as heck).

Anyway, breaking it all in, setting up and configuring and what-not is done and we're now rolling out. So...

You MIGHT have had logging in or speed issues, but the Dev team just gave us the "all clear" for the currently deployed improvements (more are in the works).

The team came up with a few ways to make SBI! work even faster for you. I don't mean faster than yesterday's slow - just FASSSS⏩⏩⏩ TTT, period! :-)

Several of the load times are very noticeably faster now. The most noticeable changes are in the heaviest loads, which means Content 2.0 for many.

The screen for editing an existing submission loads in just a couple of seconds. The typical C2 library will load in a few seconds. Site Central should be a little quicker.

If you have dozens or hundreds of C2 invitations, it may take a few more seconds to load the entire library, but you'll notice that's a lot better than before, too!

Approving and saving a new submission still takes longer. That's due to the process involved in adding it to the database, but even that process is faster.

We often do upgrades without telling you. This one, though, is larger. And I have to admit that it's not just to save you seconds here and there. :-)

We regularly upgrade our hardware for the same reasons that you do with your PCs and phones. Better, faster, more capacity, security, and mostly...

Our sysadmins whine that they just "WANT IT"...

"Please, Ken?"

If you have kids you know what I mean. Or if you have an iPhone but can't wait for September's new releases, you REALLY know what I mean! 😂 😂 😂 ;-)



If you notice any quirkiness after all this work, please contact Support, providing the steps you took to arrive at the quirk.

One more time, just to be sure...

If you have trouble logging in, please report it to Support. Ditto if things seem slower.

H.E. will let you know when we've finished rolling out AND when our planned speed enhancements are all done.

That should be by end of week, but you never know, so I never promise. That keeps me out of trouble with everyone, both you and our (happy) pocket-protector propellor-heads.🤓 🤓 🤓



We've been talking HTTPS recently. Here are the threads, in chronological order (per first post)...

Google favors secure sites https - What does this mean for SBI

HTTPS Is Coming (With Some Prep Tasks for You Now)

Google Chrome Email Warning

It's optional background reading.


Meanwhile, back at the farm...

Work continues on the HTTPS conversion tester, which will be released very soon, and the tool for the conversion to HTTPS, which will be available no later than __________.

I don't "do dates" (and I'm not talking about the kind that Janice would be waiting for me with a shotgun in her lap). ;-)

The Dev team doesn't like it when I give release dates, since it raises your expectations and puts pressure on them. And the fact is... stuff happens.

This one, though, is a "hard" release date because of the Google Chrome deadline in October. We want to beat that comfortably.

So they gave me the OK on this one! It's October 1 (or a few days later). No matter what, we'll beat Chrome. :-)

A Bit of General Background

As you know, we watch important shifts in the Internet carefully. Google has spearheaded this push/"extortion," but there have been other projects of theirs that did not come to pass due to lack of uptake.

So we sometimes employ watchful waiting.

Our "adoption timing" varies according to what's involved. For example...

- We bought into Google's sitemap.xml concept immediately. We were first out with an automated tool that took you zero time.

- We waited until Google announced which type of mobile pages it preferred and then took that direction. We had previously ignored .mobi, which everyone was calling the next big thing for mobile. We couldn't believe that most mid-sized companies, let alone solopreneurs, would create an entirely different 2nd site for mobile. Some did, but not nearly enough to create a new "standard."

- And for this one...

In normal times, this push would likely have failed (or at least taken much longer to be adopted). But security is a big, frantic issue nowadays. How crazed is it? Ultimately (not this year, likely), even harmless content sites will be flagged as non-secure.

The irony is that there's not a ton of benefit. HUMANS remain the weak link and hacks will continue unabated. But I digress..

We started the planning and light prep a couple of months ago. As the adoption level passed 39% and approached 40% (which was our "GO" milestone), we pulled the trigger.

For those of you who stay "strictly kosher" when using SBI! (and I'm not talking about kitchens :-) ), there won't be much for you to do manually. We're automating as much as possible. Even AdSense, I learned today, is reliable enough for us to convert for you -- so we're doing that, too.

That's another reason for holding back on making this type of decision. Third-parties have to offer easy ways for you to integrate them into your secure sites. More and more of them are now making it easier for you.

That reduces YOUR work load, not to mention room for error, tremendously.

So those who K-I-S-S should find this pretty simple.

If you're more adventurous with coding and go "out of the pocket" (🏈 football season, so no basketball puns for a while!), there'll be some manual work for you.

Our goal for this project is to minimize the amount of time this will take you, as well as cut the risk of traffic loss to as near-zero as possible.

In short...

We monitor stuff like this to answer the what, which, when, why and how of integrating into SBI!, minimizing or eliminating work for you. I think we've sliced this just right.


Now, about that manual work...

The first part of the module tests your site with a button click. It delivers a testing report of what you need to do.

Help Elf is working on an in-depth help file to go with the tester, so that you'll know how to resolve any issue you'll find in the testing report

The goal is to help you complete the pre-conversion tasks before the conversion tool becomes available. And then, once ready...

When you click on the "switcheroo" button (I think the name will change ;-) ), all that's left for you to do is the post-conversion tasks (the ones you need an HTTPS URL to complete).


OK, that's the announcements for this week. Infrastructure and https aren't sexy, I know. But getting the "meat and potatoes" right is important, too!

All the best,

P.S. Forget any SEO advantage promised by Google. I don't believe there ever would have been any for pure content sites. But now that most will be secure, ALL will get the benefit of some teeny factor. And when all benefit, none do.

Google can be fiendishly clever. ;-)
#1380236 by Susan from Ash Flat
Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:41 am
Thanks Ken.. that all sounds good. I'm eagerly awaiting the tester-tool because I'm pretty sure at least my Fidosavvy site has a bunch of stuff that will need to be changed and of which I am currently (blissfully) unaware. Just as well because the amount of things I am aware of is daunting enough.

I am SO glad that I'm with SBI when stuff like this happens :D I know the bulk of the work will be done for me, and whatever is left for me to handle (aka bumble and fumble) will come with clear 'How To' instructions. That makes this a lot less scary!
#1380467 by Linda from
Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:40 pm

Hi All,

Sorry, but there are so many posts about this new change to https: on this forum I'm actually confused as to what we should or shouldn't be doing now (as of Sept 2, 2017)....

I see a post in the forum dated Fri June 09, 2017 title reads:

HTTPS Is Coming (With Some Pretasks for You Now)

Then directly under this title in bold red letters it reads:

Update Aug 31 2017: See Help Elf's post here before you do anything: The testing tool is almost ready and it will tell you what needs fixed and where, and what SiteSell will update for you (SBI! only).

This post basically says Do Nothing until the test tool is ready.......

Then directly under that paragraph is another paragraph in green that reads:

Edited: We have now put links to the tasks you need to complete before 1st October, plus other incidentals of use / importance, at the top of this first post. If you don't have time to read through the entire thread, these are the posts you need to be looking at - but please bear in mind that within the thread is a lot more specific information

I'm so grateful that SBI is trying to help us through this journey, but am also confused because there are so many updated posts from Ken and H.E. I'm not sure which one we should be doing right now as of Sept. 2, 2017....... :(:?
#1380470 by Mary from Mico
Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:41 pm
Hi Linda.

An idea.

'Just turtle it.

I think that if you'll work through those first tasks in that first post of the https prep; you'll find that unless you've got something very unusual on your site, you may be able to finish the list of things to do now fairly quickly. At least for one site.

The tester should catch what we need to do, so that would be a good time to come back to this.

I think, basically, just do what you can now from that one post, and the tester will make your personal list of things to do.

I hope I'm right and I hope this helps.

#1380474 by Tracey from Du Toitskloof
Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:24 pm
Thanks, Ken, for an :wink: easy to read and understand update :lol:
So grateful to all the team working so hard behind the scenes on stuff that I cannot even imagine. And for HE for working on the guide - that is a lot of work!!
#1380481 by ken-admin
Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:34 pm
Perfect answer, Mary. Thanks for answering Linda. And thanks to all for the kind words! :-)

Linda, if you don't do those tasks, the HTTesterPS (just messing around with the name of the Tester - can't find anything clever, I'm afraid ;-) ), will pick them up then. Some folks wanted an early start, so we published some common issues that will require manual fixing by the SBIer.

And actually, there's a perfect example in there of the benefits of what I was talking about - waiting (up to a certain limit). If you did the AdSense task, then you'll pass the tester. If you didn't do it, well, you will now still pass it. Why?

The tester won't tell you to do it because we have decided, after more research to be sure, that we can safely do this for everyone.

On the other hand, if the tester finds 3 things on your site that you DO need to do, you'll link to detailed step-by-step help to take you through each https prep.

Those things just can't be done automatically. Of course, if some 3rd parties provide the hooks to make it automatable by us, then there'll be that much less for folks to do.

It's kind of a moving target, but not to worry. This is our headache, not yours. Whatever the "state of the Net's readiness" is for https, the Tester will make sure you clean up what we can't. The 2nd part of this new module will do all the rest for you.

You'll be https without spending a penny.

All the best,
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