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#1389851 by Lisa from Tomah
Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:28 pm
I'm strongly considering moving my site from UYOH SBI site to WP with a new host. I have a couple kitchy-fun WP sites and I loooove the ease of adding new content or changing various configurations. UYOH doesn't suck bc of SBI, it sucks because it's code that has to be a) dealt with every time you want to add content b) debugged with each new page c). maintained d) occasionally upgraded to newest html that comes around the bend.

Here's the hitch in the giddyup. This year I began to notice I'm not competitive in look/feel with other food-ie sites. I'm old tiresome and ok looking. I realize looks aren't everything, or so our parents told us. Which leads me to the money .... so let me talk about the coin.

I built the site in 2009, and within a year or two placed in top 1-5 for each keyword, and my main kw was always 1-5. In high season I'd have 7k visits per day. Yeah, I rocked. Thank you SBI for that. I learned it here. AdSense is my monetization. And since I work a full time job, it's been AWESOME passive income. Really awesome.

But the past 18 months , my adsense CTR is declining. I'm not talking about actual dollars, please note I'm talking about CTR on ads. I believe that is declining for several reasons.

a. the way I have my site coded only allows for certain formats
b. over 50% of my users are still desktop, and although I have a responsive design, the optimization and tweaking tools in adsense cater to mobile
c. because of the setting of my .css and column widths, only a specific set of ad formats really work

So, I've begun to hate my site and want to love it again. With the fun WP site I have, I dig writing content, and promoting it. I want that fire back in my SBI site. But I fear staying with UYOH will drive me into a minor depression.

Now, the question. Because SBI has an awesome Action Guide, and I actually believe in reading and following those who are successful, I rank well w my keywords, I want to keep that in my pocket. And I think, just think, but want input, that if I do the following, I should feel little or no impact with my rankings. Here's the tentative plan:
a. keep my EXACT same domain name
b. register my domain with a new host
c. keep the same content
d. use Yoast plug in for kw, title, description optimization

What is the consensus on my SEO rankings:
a. you will have to start all over at the bottom of the barrel
b. basically none, all you are doing is moving your domain to a new registrar
c. you might have some impact because of ______

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#1390034 by Jeff from dogquotations.com
Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:25 pm
Hi Lisa. I'm going to assume that since you know HTML, you're fairly technically savvy. That said, here's a plan for consideration if you want to switch your site to WP...

1. Install MAMP (Mac) or WAMP (Windoze) on your computer, and then install WordPress. You can then run WP on your computer.

2. Build your entire site in WP on your computer. If you set the permalinks to all have .html on the end, then you want have any SEO issues. Use Yoast to replicate the title and description for each page.

3. When you're all done and it's exactly as you want it, buy your hosting and tell the host you'll transfer a domain name to them. Install WP. Get the design looking just the way you want it.

4. Start the transfer process at SBI's end. Transfers take up to a week, if all goes well at both ends and along the way.

5. Once the domain name is transferred, export all the site (content, pages, etc.) from the local version of WP. Import it into the host's version of WP.

6. Review the home page, T2s and important T3s to ensure that nothing blew up during the export and import. Fix anything that does.

7. If your site has been around for a long time, you'll likely have an XML sitemap that's not sitemap.html. If that's the case, go to GSC and GWT and submit the new sitemap, then delete the old one.

If you do all of the above, downtime should be no more than a day, during the final parts of the transfer, and until you get your content imported to the host's WP. That should keep SE ranking losses to a minimum (and possibly at zero).
#1390038 by Lisa from Tomah
Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:06 pm
Thank you so much for your reply!
I have a few random questions as I preparing to make the 'switch'

In regards to #3
I renew my domain on 2/14. If I renew, what is the time constraint placed on domains for a transfer? I seem to remember something like, "...you can't transfer your domain if you have renewed within this xyz time frame..." Or am thinking of something else?

In regards to #1
For some reason I was thinking I could build in a web based test via a local test mode, even without a domain after I installed WP on the host. Yes? No? I'm going to sub out the work to a WP contractor I've used on other jobs, and would like the work in flight to be web based so I can view it and manage it. If it's 'local' then I won't have that visibility.

Random Question:
#1. Currently my pages are static .html pages w the basic architecture suggested here using nav's for T2 pages, and building no deeper than T3. How does static .html translate in WP architecture?
a. currently static .html page should be built as 'blog' NOT a 'page' in WP lingo
b. current static .html pages should be built as 'pages' in WP lingo avoided the blog archectecture

Personal and Professional Opinion
#1. Would it behoove me to stay w SBI as far as WP for SBI? What benefit is gained by doing so?
a. MKL/Brainstormer, may be a thought. But aren't there 'free' third party tools that could gain me the same?
1.a. IF not, please explain
b. the forums and support at SBI
1.b I do agree, but I am in the tech industry, specifically analytics instrumentation for web at a Fortune 500 company. I'm not isolated in web and the constant change, but if you could explain to me, what I would benefit specifically from staying here in using WP for SBI

I data crunch everything I do, so I'm not for or against staying here. I just want a delta.

I appreciate your time in response. Really I do.

Yesterday I had called the SEO lead guru at our company (prior to your response) and he too had mentioned the same you did there should be no negative impact if I followed the protocol much as you also lined out (Of course, he didn't give me all the technical stuff you did, and that brought on my first two questions in this response.)

Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate it. And I look forward to hearing your insight on my three remaining questions.

#1390061 by Jeff from dogquotations.com
Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:14 pm
Renew it at the other end. That means completing the transfer before then.

Some hosts offer to let you do a sandbox version of your site so that it's all ready to launch. You could definitely do that instead of MAMP/WAMP. Make that one of your criteria when looking.

You make T2/T3 distinctions by making the T3 pages children of the T2s. Or just link them in-context as you do now with SBI. And build them all as pages. That leaves you with the option to add a blog as part of your site there.

The main benefits of using SBI for WP are Brainstorm It access, including being able to select a keyword to write about from inside the page-builder in WP, along with info on other pages using the same keyword, and competitive info (Site Info in your MKL).
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