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#1368964 by Mark (SBI for WP user from CHARLOTTE)
Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:39 pm
So far my experience with the Genesis Framework, using the eleven40 Pro child theme, is very consistent with what Christophe wrote in February 2016:
"I'm currently moving from StudioPress/Genesis to Elegant Themes/Divi. The reasons is that while Genesis is great it has a steep learning curve. It is really a Framework for developers. You will have to get your hands dirty with html/css/javascript/PHP, so expect a few months of learning if you aren't already a developer. And the documentation is subpar, to say the least. ... So Genesis is more for coders (or customers willing to pay coders for customization) whereas Divi is more for end-users of Wordpress."

One need only peruse the StudioPress Community Forum to see how many customers write things like, "I really need to learn CSS and PHP" or "You'll need to hire a web professional to help you code those changes."

I just bought Design Palette Pro, which I am hoping will help, although the first thing I discovered is that while eleven40 Pro is supposed to work with Design Palette Pro, it is not one of the child themes available within the plugin. I have an email in to support so we'll see what happens.

Also note that Design Pallete Pro is promoted by StudioPress, but it is a third-party plugin produced by another company. One thing that irritated me: You have to pay an extra $40 for "priority email support" (which I did not do) on top of the $49 Basic plan.

Finally, this copy from the ad for Design Palette Pro supports Christophe's experience:

"You purchased the Genesis Framework because you heard it was awesome, then saw so for yourself. But then you discovered that to change your “look” you’d need to write or edit some code."
#1369234 by Debs from SiteSell
Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:14 pm
Thank you Mark for providing details of your experiences. I look forward to your update once you've worked with Design Palette Pro more.

All my best

#1369449 by Mark (SBI for WP user from CHARLOTTE)
Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:47 am
Thanks Debs! :D

UPDATE: Good news! :mrgreen:

TL;DR: Support for Design Palette Pro is very good, and using the plugin enables me to make site design changes without having to learn CSS or other complicated coding stuff.

DETAILS: I found that Design Palette Pro changes I made were not 'sticking'. I wrote to support - they responded within 12 hours and explained that caching was probably the culprit. Sure enough, when I temporarily disabled Dynamic Cache within the SuperCache feature of SG Optimizer (SiteGround); and temporarily disabled JCH Optimize Pro & WP Performance Score Booster, changes I made did 'stick'.

I had one other question that the Design Palette Pro folks answered quickly and successfully.

I subsequently decided to upgrade to SiteGround's GoGeek hosting plan so that I could make changes on a staging site and then 'push' the changes to my actual site. I did not want to have to disable caching each time I work on the site.

There was one challenge along the way getting staging set up, but SiteGround live chat support, followed by a resolution from one of the senior techs, came to my rescue. They solved the problem within 30 minutes.


My current configuration is:

Operating System: Linux
Server: Apache
MYSQL Version: 5.6.28-76.1-log
PHP Version: 7.0.17
Site URL: https://www.ptsdexams.com
WordPress Version: 4.7.4
WordPress DB Version: 38590
Active Theme: eleven40 Pro Theme 2.2.1

Active Plugins
Akismet Anti-Spam 3.3
All In One SEO Pack Pro
Genesis Design Palette Pro 1.3.21
Genesis Design Palette Pro - Entry Content 1.0.4
Genesis Simple Edits 2.2.0
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
JCH Optimize Pro 2.0.8
Nofollow Case by Case 1.5.6
SBI! for WP 1.4.1
SG Optimizer 3.2.3
SSL Insecure Content Fixer 2.2.3
TinyMCE Advanced 4.4.3
Wordfence Security 6.3.6
WP-DBManager 2.79
WP Broken Link Status Checker 1.0.4
WP Performance Score Booster 1.7.2
WPtouch Pro 4.3.12
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