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#1371403 by Valerie L. from Fertile
Thu May 18, 2017 5:11 am
Hello! A digital marketing guy told me that my SBI website is not as good as a website on Wordpress. He said that Wordpress is designed for the internet and that I should switch to Wordpress. He looked at the HTML code on my website and said that it is antique compared to Wordpress. He said that my website would do better in the search engines with Wordpress. He told me everything that Wordpress would do, but SBI says the same thing.

I looked into, but I am so confused! It seems so hard to figure out what is going on? And I have no clue about the vocabulary - plug ins, themes, registrars, hosting, etc.

Then, I saw SBI for Wordpress, but I still do not understand the advantages/disadvantages over just SBI or just Wordpress. But SBI has no intentions of hosting Wordpress? Why not?

So, does SBI believe that Wordpress is better which is why they have SBI for Wordpress? Is SBI phasing out? Is there a problem with just using SBI alone? Why would I want to combine SBI with Wordpress or just go with Wordpress? Do I need to remake my website if I do SBI with Wordpress or just Wordpress, or does it just transfer somehow? If Wordpress is so much better, then why doesn't SBI update their website to be even better?

I am so confused! I like SBI and have used it for about 10 years, but if it is an old clunker then I should modernize to keep up with the competition. I appreciate any and all assistance in figuring out my options.

Thank you so much!

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#1371458 by Debs Seeber from Palm Coast
Thu May 18, 2017 6:36 pm

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using either product. They were each built for specific reasons, in specific ways.

SBI! was built to be a business builder with all the steps to be successful, particularly in content marketing. WordPress was built to allow users to get a site built online.

Just because SiteSell opened their target market to include WordPress users ... to help them succeed the SBI! way, is no reason to feel SBI! is in some way faulty or "less than."

The code SBI! uses is up-to-date and clean code, perfectly ok and able to rank VERY WELL on the WWW. Even today, WordPress and its users have not shown proof of success the way SBI! does.

IMO (yes I've used WP extensively and recently) the problem with WP is twofold - 1. WP doesn't provide a guide to building successful online businesses. This is why SiteSell offered SBI! for WP (a plugin with access to Brainstorm It!, the MKL, the Action Guide, and the HQs) 2. You need a solid tech foundation to know what to do with WP; update it; resolve conflicts between plugins, etc. (This is where I fell down; I was downright intimidated by the many emails I got each day to fix this, update that with WordPress!)

Some people thrive on working out their own path; others don't. Some people want to focus on their business, not their website. In this case, I recommend SBI!.

If you are the type that loves techier stuff, figuring things out, keeping tools updated, etc. then WordPress is a perfectly good site builder. If you love WP, there is no reason to change, just add SBI! for WP to get the business builder side of it going.

The guy who told you all those untrue things? Do you really want to listen to him?

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#1371459 by Valerie L. from Fertile
Thu May 18, 2017 6:42 pm
Thank you so much for your reply and for the assurance that SBI is up-to-date with clean code. I went with SBI 11 years ago because it was all self-contained and I did not want to bother with all of the techie stuff. Seems like a good reason to remain with SBI. :-)
#1372649 by Christophe from Belgium
Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:35 am
Basically SBI for Wordpress is kind of a SBI subscription that includes access to the forums, to an action guide tailored to Wordpress, to BrainstormIt, and a plugin for Worpress that directly links to those SBI resources (and have kind of an Analyze-It functionality if memory serves well).

But there is no Wordpress hosting included, which most customers expect, so from the technical side you have to do everything yourself, as Debs has alluded to.

SBI for Wordpress most likely isn't very successful, as the WP forums here are a ghost town. I guess most SBI for WP users would like to have a system in a box with everything provided, a bit like a regular SBI subscription does with its proprietary CMS, but this isn't the case now.

I have an SBI Subscription mainly to have access to the forums and also to BrainstormIt.
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