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#1384170 by Lise from Middlebury Center
Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:30 am

After several years of hiring companies to build, oversee and host my assisted living placement website ([Domain Private]), I've come back to SBI because I loved it with my previous site (since sold) and I want to take a new approach to my current service. I want to keep my domain and much of the current content, but add more.

I know very little about WP, just enough to add pages and blog posts and do simple editing. My current site looks nice and has fairly decent search engine rankings (I think).

The question is do I use Solo SBI (which is what I just signed up for) or do I go to SBI for WP?

On my new site I'll need lots of pages with property profiles and pictures and a place for people to comment, possibly a way to collect payment for those listing properties on my site, perhaps an ebook of sorts, adsense, affiliates and other products.

I guess I could keep my same company that is hosting for me now, but then I'd have to pay them to make the changes to my site. With SBI for WP, could that company continue to host (which right now includes keeping my site clean and updated with proper links, citations etc) then I would prepare the text and give them the instructions? Or would that put me in the WP driver's seat completely? I guess unless I order it I don't really know who it works, which is why I'm posting this.... :) I'd like to be more in control without having to learn WP!

What should I do??

Thanks very much for any help.

#1384219 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:43 am

If you don't want to pay to have your WP site update, and you don't want to learn WP; then you should go with SBI! and its sitebuilder BB2.

You can do all the things you mentioned in SBI!:

On my new site I'll need lots of pages with property profiles and pictures and a place for people to comment, possibly a way to collect payment for those listing properties on my site, perhaps an ebook of sorts, adsense, affiliates and other products.

You can use C2 to do the profiles, and set Content 2.0 to have submissions approved before they appear. Then when a new submission is made, you can contact the poster about payment, they can pay via PayPal or other method, then you approve their submission. If it gets really busy, then you can look into a more automated method.

If you prefer not to use C2, then you can do an FBI! form, collect all the info, then email the submitter for the photos and payment. Then manually create the BB2 page for that profile. For commenting you can use something like Disqus or Facebook Commenting.

The ebook, Adsense, affiliates and other products can easily be added within BB2. Datafeeds of other products will need extra handling and may require the use of outside hosting and Infin It! if you go that way. Datafeeds are usually a file provided by the merchant that has all their products in it. You need to set up the datafeed to display the products w/images. You wouldn't need a datafeed if you only want to show a handful or less of their products.

Not to say SBI! is less work when creating pages and profiles, etc., but you don't have to mess with updating the WP version, or plugins.

WP does offer an impressive array of plugins that could do most anything you need, so if you need a lot of added functionality that SBI! doesn't offer, it may be worth it to you to really learn WP and stay where you are. If so, I would strongly recommend our SBI! for WP plugin for WP so you can do keyword research, have the MKL, access to these forums, and 'how to' articles, etc. in the HQs.

Only you can weigh what you are willing to do, willing to pay, and decide which is right for you.

Hope this helps,

#1384246 by Lise from Middlebury Center
Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:35 pm
Thanks Debs! What about search engine ranking and SEO? Right now I think my page has fairly decent search engine ranking but I know it could be much better. But it's already been indexed and spidered etc. I'm guessing if I switch over to SBI I will lose that and have to start over, right?
I have been very impressed with the page ranking criteria and analytics that SBI uses. Do you think that the Yoast plug-in for WordPress does as good of a job? This is one of my big concerns.
#1384252 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:10 pm
You can't compare our tools withYoast (they do some things the same, other things differently) but we do recommend Yoast for WordPress users.

No, if you use the same domain, same exact file names with no folders, you aren't starting over, just moving the site. However, I've used WP and the plugin but I don't remember if you have control of not having folder names appear in the URL of pages/posts. If you use folder names then they are different URLs even if the file names remain the same. In this case, you would do a 301 redirect from the old page on SBI! over to the same page on WP. This would help with redirecting traffic so you have a much lower risk of losing traffic, if you lost any at all.

#1384255 by Jeff from
Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:24 pm
Lise, if your WP page file names end with .html, then you won't lose anything, other than a few days offline when you transfer the domain name over (during which time, you can be publishing the pages in BB2).

If, however, all the page URLs end in / (instead of .html), then they're different file names. You'd then have to set up 301 redirects at your current host, from the / version of each file name to the .html version. And you'd need to keep your hosting for several more months (perhaps even a year or longer) so that the engines use only the new URLs, and you have many more inbound links using the .html URLs.
#1384268 by Lise from Middlebury Center
Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:37 pm
Thanks Jeff for adding to Deb's reply! I very much appreciate the help.

It looks like my pages end in / not HTML. Will this change things more with my search engine rankings? Can you explain why I would need to leave the site up with my current WordPress host?
#1384272 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:52 pm
You need to set the 301 redirect from the old site to the new one. If the WP site is the "old" one, the spiders need to find the old page, read the redirect, then update their results so your new site "takes over" from the old site in the SE results. This can take days to months to do depending on the spider. So the old site needs to be live but using 301 redirects of pages until you no longer see the "old" URLs in SE results or your stats on the old site show little to no visitors. You do this to keep the old traffic.

Also, as Jeff noted, you have inbound links to the "old" URL; until you have the site linking in change the URLs to the new URLs, you may need to keep the old site live even longer.

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