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#1393861 by Danny from March Air Reserve Base
Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:33 am
I have a scary situation that I don't quite understand how it could have happened. You can see my site name is [Domain Private] with no hyphen between vinyl and records. It is listed in the Bing sitemap as:

[Domain Private] that was updated to https on 11/01/2017

Last submitted date of 11/17/2017 - URLs 257 last crawl 1/2/2018 with Success status.

When I looked at my Bing Webmaster tools dashboard it is showing an additional NPI URL listed as follows and, of course, no sitemap.

[Domain Private]

[Domain Private]

I have no idea how it arrived there. The name is redirected in Name Park It! to my main site as all my Name Part It! site names are.

It should not be listed at all as clearly stated by SBI below.

IMPORTANT: Never submit an NPI! subdomain to Search Engines -- they have no content. It's an abuse of the engines ("engine spam") and will only upset them. NPI! automatically creates a robots.txt file that tells all Search Engines not to spider NPI! domains and subdomains. Submitting NPI! URLs to the engines is Grounds for Termination.

Any help is much appreciated.

#1393863 by Will from Los Ojos
Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:20 am
Hi Danny,

Here are the URL's in your post laid out one above the other, with the addition of your Home page at the top.

Unless I'm missing something and my eyes are playing me tricks, none of these are an NPI as they all have exactly the same domain name

[Domain Private]
[Domain Private]
[Domain Private]
[Domain Private]

If you click on
[Domain Private]
you'll get a No Such URL page. In other words, that's not your sitemap file.

Your site map file is
[Domain Private]
This contains a list of all your pages.

[Domain Private]
This file is your RSS feed. It powers your What's New article module and blog page, and is what people subscribe to in order to get your new posts. I understand that Bing goes off and finds this all by itself without you submitting it. It provides Bing with another source of modified pages to crawl in addition to your sitemap file. The other URL that looks almost the same is the old http version of that file.

So, overall, nothing too apocalyptical there. It's unsettling but not life and death.

There's obviously something amiss though, so I would check out what your NPI name is, and double check what has been submitted as the sitemap file.

#1393866 by Danny from March Air Reserve Base
Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:41 am

Hi Will,

Thanks for the quick reply, Will...you've got me breathing easy. You are correct. It is the RSS file that I immediately thought was an NPI entry. I don't know how I overlooked the xml sitemap file entry.

Will said: There's obviously something amiss though, so I would check out what your NPI name is, and double check what has been submitted as the sitemap file.

I do have an NPI [Domain Private] (with hyphen) that directs to the main site and without first thinking about the RSS file, I viewed it as my NPI name.

The "No Such URL Page" is due to me not adding the sitemap file letters, but instead entering the word "sitemap." I was not sure if we could list the file letters in the forums so I used the word sitemap. I should have explained that in my initial entry.

Very Kind of you to help me...Thank you Will.

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