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#1360333 by Claude from
Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:57 pm
I ran two simultaneous campaigns for seven days at $5 max budget per day (max budgets of $35 each).
One campaign was to promote my e-books. The other was to promote my website.

Both came to a screeching halt yesterday morning at $34.98, not reaching the max budget of $ two cents each. How convenient.

I am most disappointed in the results. After careful targeting, I got a high level of interest from areas of the world that I almost never see in my website stats! Indonesia, India, Turkey(!) accounted for the vast majority of the "interest" FB managed to drum up for me :(

My campaigns only managed to reach 152 people in the US !!! - where 90% of my website traffic normally comes from :shock: That's less than a drop in my bucket of expectations...which, instead, quickly filled up with 19,083 people reached in Indonesia and 16,900 people in India.

I feel like I hit a fowl ball far, far in the left hand stands. :evil:

Somehow, the experience has left me with the uncomfortable feeling that I have been "manipulated" by FB. :evil::evil::evil:

On another front, the impact of all this apparent "high level of interest" never showed on Google Analytics stats. Not a whisper. Nada. :shock: However, my Site Central website stats did show a very nice 235% bump in my daily average number of visitors. Again...none of this transpired on Google Analytics data :?

To top it all, I did not sell one more e-book than I usually do during a seven-day period. My FB campaigns had no effect at all on my sales.

Politely speaking, I am very disappointed with FB advertising. :cry:

#1360340 by Anja from Bective
Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:29 pm
Hi Claude,

I am by no means a Facebook advertising expert...I am only starting to get my feet wet with it...
From what I have learned so far you can target people in specific countries. You should be able to have FB show your ads only in the US if that is what you want.
What I also think is interesting is being able to target people that have visited your website or a certain page on your website with a FB pixel code you install on your site? Would that maybe result in more targeted advertising?
#1360346 by Claude from
Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:17 pm
Hi Anja,
I admit that I tricked FB into revealing its true intentions or effectiveness. I did not limit my audience to the US or UK because I also wanted to find out if there were smaller pockets of potential audiences for my very narrow niche.

FB fell into my trap!

It swamped my results with people that - I'm sure - have no idea of what my website is about or of what my e-books are about. The results amount to pure irrelevant nonsense.

I wanted to find out if my FB ads would get the same demographic results that my website's stats have been indicating for years.

FB missed my purposely vague target by a galaxy.

I'm not sure now if I want to try to target US and UK only - nor am I sure that I want to fall for the "FB pixel code" (bait).

I'll have to think this over carefully and re-analyze my FB ad results again to see if I missed a hint of meaningful indications.

P.S. BTW 99% of my sales occur on Amazon Kindle - even though I also offer most of my e-books on Kobo and Apple iBooks, as well as in PDF format on I'm inclined to try advertising on Amazon for my next test. It might be more logical. :wink:
#1360347 by Anja from Bective
Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:33 pm
I am not quite sure if I get your point... :roll:

To me FB advertising looks very complex...there are a lot of options available and I think that it is a tool you have to learn to doubt some of the initial experiments won't work out as expected until you learn how to use it :)
I wouldn't just put the failure down to FB :cry: might just have to retarget and say lesson learned...I think the reason why FB shows the add to people in India, etc is because these impressions are cheaper than US traffic...
#1360698 by Theona from Maple Shade
Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:14 pm

That's awesome! I'm glad the post helped you. I am still building my site and haven't even built a Facebook for business page yet. That's next on my list after I'm done writing 40 pages... I have 1 to go. :P:!:

After I build the Facebook page I want to start on the Facebook Ads. I'll be using the tips and techniques in the post as well.

#1362452 by Theona from Maple Shade
Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:57 pm

I am curious to know if you saw any improvement from adjusting your Facebook ad. Let me know as I'm thinking of doing a Facebook ad sometime in the future.

#1362457 by Claude from
Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:41 pm
Anja from Bective wrote:you might just have to retarget

Well, I did tighten up my targeting to just US, UK, AU, CA where, historically, all my Kindle sales have been coming from.

The Result?

A dramatic drop in the number of clicks as I eliminated (by my targeting) the huge number of nonsense clicks I was getting from Asian countries.

Other than that, after a month, no noticeable improvement in sales or visitor traffic. My site traffic has now dropped back down to its more realistic level. I get very few clicks from the ads. No surprise there. It is very likely because I have a very specialized niche (highly technical) unlike gardening advice which is a more universal theme and appeals to a much wider audience.

My SBI!-built website gets through to my intended audience much, much better than FB or Amazon advertising services.

Oh well. I had to try. :(

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