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Caveat: Computers do NOT think. Humans do. Don't become "number-bound." - use human JUDGMENT, too!

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#1383542 by Lyndsy from Consort
Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:19 am
Thank you for your time to help me. As I follow along Day 2 I am finding myself quite surprised at the numbers that are coming up in comparison to the numbers in the training. In a field that is a huge industry and very broad I am finding the numbers it's pulling are referred to as "worth deleting" in the videos (i.e. Demand >1000=5)?

Are there guidelines or number ranges when it comes to the depth & profitability evaluations that may serve as some guidance?
I chose "healthy life" - which seems like there would be endless words with great numbers, is it possible I deleted too much in the very first seed generator steps? or too broad or narrow? Suggestions?
Should I restart my research? New words or the same words?

I am determined to get this right and appreciate your input and guidance.

Kindest regards,

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#1383569 by Adrian from
Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:12 pm
Hi Lyndsy;

Keyword research is not a perfect science and there are terms like "healthy living" that can have many different interpretations to different people.

I'm thinking its a bit broad for a niche, especially since its such a popular topic nowadays. Perhaps you could break the topic down into several areas of interest before you commit to brainstorming.

Healthy Living encompasses nutrition, exercise and mental health to think of just a few topics. All of these are hugely popular niches in their own right. You may need to pick keywords from these three niches to suit your particular interest in explaining healthy living.

As for the comment about keywords with demand greater than 1000 being worth deleting, it is just an indication that the niche is too broad. Before deleting, I would check the list carefully and see if the keywords could be grouped into categories.

Those categories could indicate new seed words for niches which you could check out after deleting the initial search.

The objective is to restrict yourself to about 300 keywords in the MKL so you dont get overwhelmed with numbers. It is easier to make decisions with a few hundred keywords than several thousand.

Dont worry too much about deleting searches, it is so cheap to buy new ones if you end up using the initial few.
#1383592 by Lyndsy from Consort
Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:43 pm
Thank you so much, you have been very helpful! Much appreciated :)
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