SBI!'s Brainstormer builds an amazing list of keywords. You work with that list in the MKL. Add, find and sort, of course. MKL shines when you use functions such as Seeds, Groups, Filters, Columns, Get Google $. Set up tasks or use pre-defined ones. Discuss keyword profitability, supply and demand.
Caveat: Computers do NOT think. Humans do. Don't become "number-bound." - use human JUDGMENT, too!

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#1390608 by Eric from My Place
Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:04 am
I believe I finally understand what the AG is explaining when it comes to Demand Depth and Winnable Depth. It took me, well, too long, I think. Basically, it's breaking down the site to look at each section more closely rather than have a huge pile of numbers all at once. That's making more sense now... do I have this process and agenda right?


Moving on...

I'm confused by a couple things.

1. When the AG talks about knowledge of the niche and what the numbers should be. What if I don't know what the numbers should be?

2. If there are a few keywords that are all basically the same thing and have varying degrees of numbers for VD and RS? Example: As a TIER 2 (VD - RS 10911; 1236 vs. 1115; 1668 vs. 707; 588. Each of these, are basically the same keywords but the numbers are much different.

3. I am also not sure what necessarily might be too low, for example: VD 73; RS 4 for a TIER 3 page.

I am seriously going slow on DAY 2 so much wanting to jump into DAY 3 (sound surprising? ;)) but want to really understand the data I'm looking at so I can know, with confidence, what I'm doing and what I'm building.

I want this to work and do plan on making money with a website using SBI. I do also hope it replaces my full-time job.

I am not new to Websites. I have worked with WordPress, Aweber, GetResponse, HTML, CSS, written content, uploading videos to YouTube, but just never really grasped keyword research and never did build traffic. So, this researching part really has me back and forth but I'm working on learning and am willing to learn.

I see so many other people of all ages and of all different backgrounds and skillets and various topics building traffic and earning money, that I think to myself... this has to be the way. I just need to keep learning, take one step forward when I can, and I, too, will succeed.

And believe you, me, when I get to a real point of having achieved a degree of success that I can truly give back in these forums; boy will I!

I know how hard it's been and how much frustration and confusion and difficulty I've had mastering (mastering?) the so-basic-concepts that I just feel excited when I figure out something else that I actually know I am now understanding where I didn't before. It's exciting!

All help is much appreciated. Really. And thanks again!
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#1390626 by Scott from
Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:57 pm
Eric from [NO DOMAIN YET]-[Des Moines] wrote:--

Moving on...

I'm confused by a couple things.

1. When the AG talks about knowledge of the niche and what the numbers should be. What if I don't know what the numbers should be?

2. If there are a few keywords that are all basically the same thing and have varying degrees of numbers for VD and RS? Example: As a TIER 2 (VD - RS 10911; 1236 vs. 1115; 1668 vs. 707; 588. Each of these, are basically the same keywords but the numbers are much different.

3. I am also not sure what necessarily might be too low, for example: VD 73; RS 4 for a TIER 3 page.


It took me forever to get a grasp on numbers. Finally... it clicked (I hope :wink: ).

73/4 is really weak. However... some day down the road... if this page is really relevant and adds value to your site... then go for it. But... for right now... if you can find enough T3's (you should be able to) with good #'s that are relevant... use 'em! You're trying to build traffic now.

As far as those T2's go... do your search intent. If the one with the best #'s (highest demand/lowest supply) has the proper search intent... use it. I myself wouldn't consider those numbers “good.” However.... if you need to use one of those to build out that particular tier w/it's T3's... use it. All things aside... the 10911/1236 seems like the “best” choice (to us).

Hope this helps...

Nimble and Scott.
#1390635 by Maria from Agness
Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:08 pm
Hi Eric,

In day 2 the numbers you are looking for should follow these guidelines from the AG.
For your site concept keyword - Demand over 2,000 (preferably >3,000),
Supply < 200,000 (sweet spot 20,000 to 60,000)
You should also have 2 or more keywords with Demand over 1,000
And 10 or more keywords with Demand over 100

The numbers that are good can vary depending on the niche so it's hard to give absolute guidelines. In general though this is the numbers I look for.
Tier 2 demand over 1,000 amd supply under 1,000.
Tier 3 demand over 100 or preferably 150 and supply under 100.
But it depends on your niche, how narrow or broad it is. How new or localized etc.

Watch for those keywords that seem the same as they may have different search intent. In other words people may use different combination of the keywords depending on whether they are looking for info or wanting to buy. In some cases though the search intent for all of them is the same. You can often find out the search intent by putting the different keywords into a Search Engine (SE). If the search intent is different for each combination the results of each search will be different. If the search intent is the same, the search results will be the same.
If the search intent is the same then you'll only need the one keyword that best represents what you want to write for that page.

I hope that isn't too confusing and helps a bit,
#1390686 by Mary from Mico
Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:09 pm
Hello Eric,

I took a long time to figure the Demand Depth, too. Winnable was a whole 'nuther concept for me. It sure is good to get the numbers sorted into smaller piles. From my perspective, this is what we do when we subdivide into T2s and T3s. Having lots of knowledge about your site concept gives you more power and knowledge to make an easier start building a site. You'll also see pitfalls sooner.

Just to add to the Scott's and Maria's notes, here are some of my thoughts (As Maria notes: Remember that you want a high RS for your niche/site concept/home page for future monetization, yet winnable numbers for the other tiers):

1. I think that the AG's idea of knowing the numbers is simply a relative note about having a feel for the numbers whether they're actually reflected well in BrainstormIt. For example: We might not think of Dawn dish soap as a product mechanics would like, yet I've seen ads to that effect. Using Dawn's a great idea since it is supposed to be a grease cutter; yet at the point when the idea was new, BI would not have had stats on it. Kind of a brand of one situation. There are situations like these where you'll need to use your own judgment about the numbers and your personal expertise is what will back your judgment.

2. Yes, several keywords can be counted the same with the search engines as they boil down to the same idea or "topic" as Harvey posted her quite well several years ago. Where it fits, use the better numbers, yet keep your grammar and voice correct. I think that this is related to #1, too; another chance to use your judgment and, also, to find alternative keywords or synonyms.

3. I think that VD 73 and RS 4 can be excellent numbers for a T3. My best sellers are near this range. What's wonderful is the 4. If you get the page well built it may not take long for it to rank at least at 5. If you've built it better than the other sites, you may outrank them. Easily.

Also, Ken mentioned in his latest ramble that these easy to win keywords are what will build your traffic in the early days giving you success that you'll need to persevere and monetize.

Do, do, do go as slowly as you need to understand the numbers. It will save you so much time in the future and it sure may find you some great opportunities. Once you can share more details, perhaps we can help. You sure sound ready to explode into action once you get out of the number-crunching-gate!

The forum for Brainstorm it has a Sticky post that has great ideas for understanding the numbers, especially Terri's video webinar where she makes a blueprint as she goes:

Maria's notes on search intent are excellent! Sometimes the difference can be the mere distinction between using the plural or the singular form of a term.

'Hoping to help, too.

#1390847 by Eric from My Place
Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:18 am
...Been busy working the 9-5 (well, 12:30 - 9:30 my time)...


Thanks, so much, for all of your replies. It means a lot that anyone (really) is willing to take the time to help out when others are searching for how to understand something (anything) so we can all help each other get ahead.

It's also nice because I can see that those who help out have actually been there and have had some kind of success... so it's experience talking. Very awesome.

So, here is what I am understanding... and, as always, anything I have wrong, am missing, or need correcting on, please, feel free to set me straight! lol

T2 - Should be a relevant keyword that breaks down nicely into many sub-topics (this has always made sense). Numbers here: As high as possible (preferably over 1,000 or as close to 1,000 as possible or at least high numbers if at all possible for Demand. Supply should be just the opposite, as close as possible.)

T3 - Should be a relevant keyword that is related to T2 keywords with just the same with numbers but on a lower scale or a much higher demand and a much lower supply, if possible. (100-1,000 demand to, maybe, around 50-500 - at least or somewhere around there - for supply.)

Basically, the numbers may not always work... I'm getting that.

If I want good traffic though, it comes down to this:

1. Good knowledge of the best keywords I can find.
2. Real, relevant knowledge based on search intent, first and foremost.
3. The best numbers I can find for T2 to T3s... however, as long as the overall big picture blueprint works with a majority of keywords having good numbers, a few that don't make it (numbers-wise) but match good content opportunities and please human readers, will work. Or, should, at least.

Am I on the right track here?
#1390848 by Mary from Mico
Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:23 am
Hi Eric,

I think you're on a great track. Without more info it's hard to tell.

I'm not seeing where you've written about your ideas for your site concept (the home page or .com). Do be sure to keep in mind that its numbers will be different. If you're needing a recap, the TNT HQ (bottom of SiteCentral), and the Sticky in the Brainstorm Form has some notes and links that can be very helpful.

Have a great weekend!

#1390913 by Eric from My Place
Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:52 am
I've already posted on another thread about understanding the numbers. I wanted to really break down what I'm struggling to understand on DAY 2 so I can get more clarity from you who've been there and succeeded.


(I don't think I understand): SEED GENERATOR BRAINSTORM vs LATERAL BRAINSTORM is the difference between the Seed word bringing back keywords that are about my chosen topic (travel, for example in the AG) but Lateral search brings back related... what's the difference between these two brainstorms, exactly?
-- I already know that my Seed word will have every keyword in it if it's a vertical brainstorm.

(I think I understand): REAL SUPPLY is all about making sure that the main keyword is within a certain number range so it's winnable as an overall site concept (topic) to choose from, for the main word. 30-60, or so, here.

(I think I understand): VALUE DEMAND is all about making sure that at least 2 (why just 2?) or more keywords are there with demand over 1,000. **Question here** is this where I would find my T2 keywords to begin with or is it here and somewhere else? That I'm confused on.

(I don't think I understand): DEMAND DEPTH is seeing how far down the site can be built. **Questions here** 1. Why go by over 500 and why then go by 500-1000 and then again going by 250-500, specifically? Also, is this where I'd find my T3 keywords, generally and is there anywhere else I'd be looking, also, to find them?
-- I'm also wondering about this because, so far, one of my site concepts brings back keywords for each filter performed mentioned above. The other does, too. My third one, however, has a gap in the middle (I believe it's the 500-1000... with no keywords showing up in that range.

(I don't think I understand): WINNABLE DEPTH is different from the above (demand depth) in what way, exactly? It's showing winnable keywords that should rank first? This is where I become really confused for some reason and diving deeper into things with the lowest depth and so forth has me in a world of "huh?"

Thanks for any further guidance as always.

I'm getting there... one tortious step at a time.
#1390914 by Maria from Agness
Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:12 am
Hi Eric,

Just a quick reply as it's 2am here and I really should be in bed :lol:
I've answered the question about the different brainstorm it! searches in the post below. You may find all of that thread helpful in understanding the brainstorm it! process if you have the time to read it all.

I hope that helps for now,
#1390915 by Scott from
Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:17 am

When you do your search intent do private browsing...( Firefox) File > New Private Window.

You'll get more accurate results... not based on a memory of what you "googled" in the past.

For that early traffic... if you have a good selection of keywords with super low supply... try to use them (T3's).

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