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#1391314 by Wendy from Mollymook Beach
Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:59 am
Another questions as I embark on this revision.

I have a page on my Life Coaching Professionally site - currently, “life and business coach” that is beaten to death by organisations offering life or business coaching training or coaches.  A problem I have with several of my information pages!
This page is about what business coaching involves and is for existing coaches or someone who wants to become a coach - not for someone looking for life and business coaching training or to engage a coach.
Using Google Search Console, the existing page is appearing in the search results in a 90 day period with impressions but no click throughs.  Many of the searches it is being found for do not rank at all as a keyword in BI!. I’ve put the numbers beside the phrase/kwds most finding the page so you can see.

My thought is to clone the existing page and use one of the most relevant search words/phrases it is being found for, whether it ranks in BI or not, and make the description and content more precise to the search intent and use all relevant keywords.

I would appreciate any thoughts or others experiences with this as it is totally against the concept of looking for high demand/low supply KWs.

The most relevant keyword would be “How to become a small business coach” which does not rank at all in BI.

Life and Business Coach (current keyword) 2692/215
Business Coach Job Description 0
Small Business Coaching 5641/2225
Coaching Small Business 25/142
Life Business Coaching 23/269
Small Business Coaching Tips O
How to become a small business coach O
Small Business Coach 974/469
Online Business Coach 2780/313
Coaches for Small Business 0
business coaching and small business coaching 0
#1391324 by Mary from Mico
Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:24 am
Hi Wendy,

I agree with Jacki. You can drive yourself in circles second guessing the keyword. Do like Jacki said and improve the content there and add the keyword/s that are already finding the page.

You can also improve the page by adding new and related content and pinnable images, etc.

'Just some ideas.

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