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#1391850 by Richard from
Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:11 am
What is better . . .

If my website is about MLM and I want to focus on leverage, and I see the keyword numbers are:

mlm leverage = (demand = 30, and supply = 5)
business leverage = (demand = 1570, supply 250)

Should I choose the keyword "business leverage" and make the title, "Business Leverage in MLM" so the visitors can see what the focus is on in the SE results . . . OR

Just choose "mlm leverage" for the title since that title will attract my target market anyway (even though it's not much)

I'm just tired of having to choose sucky numbers all the time :cry:


#1391861 by Maria from Agness
Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:24 pm
Hi Richard,

The numbers are only better for business leverage as it's a much broader topic, MLM leverage is a smaller part of that big pie and the numbers show that.

If you put 'Business Leverage in MLM' or 'mlm leverage' into google SE you get the same results. If you put 'business leverage' in you get different results as these are primarily about leverage in business.

What are you visitors going to be searching for?
If they are interested in MLM then they are likely to include that in the search query.
You can use 'business leverage' on your page as a keyword, You can use the title 'Business Leverage in MLM' if you want. Google will know that the page is about MLM so they are not going to list it in searches about 'business leverage' as that is not what the page is about. So just using a keyword that has better numbers and hoping to fit it into your content isn't really going to work.

Don't get number bound if the page is important to your visitors and therefore to your site write it anyway. If your visitors find your info interesting and thorough, they will return, they will share your articles on social media and that is what will give you better ranking with google.

I hope that helps,
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