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#1392524 by Vesna from the Twin Cities
Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:19 am

My niche is shaping up to be unique gifts and gift ideas. My Seed Word was unique gift.

At this point, I'm going through my MKL's groups to weed out similar keywords. I need a more manageable MKL, so I can wrap my head around how many distinct keywords I really have.

I read the Keywords vs. Topics and Don't Be a Slave to Your MKL articles. I also noted Maria's ([Domain Private]) guidance: "As for number guidelines to start with I'd look for tier 2 keywords with demand over 1,000 and supply under 1,000. Tier 3's try demand over 100 though over 300 is better and supply under 100."

Here's what I'm looking at for one of my groups, i.e., this "same topic" set of keywords:

basket christmas gift unique: Demand: 54, Supply: 1, Profitability: 54,000
basket unique christmas gift: Demand: 40, Supply: 1, Profitablity: 40,000
unique christmas gift baskets: Demand: 29, Supply: 47, Profitability: 617
unique gift baskets for christmas: Demand: 47, Supply: 2, Profitablity: 23,500

The related topic would be unique christmas gift baskets. Outside of unique gift baskets for christmas, the other keyword combinations are those really awkward duplicates.

For the sake of cleanup, what keyword combination should I KEEP and use as a page keyword? Why? What combination has the best numbers?

It's tempting to pick basket christmas gift unique because of its profitability, but it could be the hardest phrase to work into a page. unique christmas gift baskets has more Supply than Demand, so it seems that unique gift baskets for christmas would be second best, i.e., my best choice, and the next easiest to work into a page, better than any of the awkward duplicates. What kind of logic should I apply here to make a choice?

NOTE: Overall, Demand is 150 and Supply is 51, so that looks good for an eventual T3 topic. I would note these Demand and Supply totals and the deleted keyword combinations in BI's Notepad entry for the keyword combination I end up keeping.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Slightly confused, but not totally lost…

#1392529 by Mary from Mico
Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:16 am
Hi Vesna,

You could copy the related keywords and their profitability as you have them above into the Note in Brainstormer and only keep the two better keywords, the last two, in your MKL.

In this instance the first two keywords do not make grammatical sense. I figure that if Microsoft Word and Grammarly know grammar sequences well enough that they mark bad grammar, search engines do or will.

When you write the page, you can use both of the last two keywords throughout the text.

This being said, I often keep some keywords that I would not use just to know which was more profitable between several as in the case with plurals.

I hope this helps.

#1392531 by Vesna from the Twin Cities
Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:47 am

The keywords I got back for unique gift(s) are peppered with a lot of grammar-senseless duplicates. If I use grammar-senselessness as a "disqualifying" factor, it will be much easier to weed out duplicates.

I'm okay with keeping multiple keyword combinations for a topic in my MKL, but would really like to pair that down to only one per potential topic, so my total keyword count reflects unique, distinct keywords.

Of the two you're recommending, what keyword combination would you suggest as the page keyword? Why? Or can you specify multiple keyword combinations for the page keyword?

I'm currently on Day 3, before Step 5 — Begin Designing Your Site Content Blueprint. I haven't got to the point where there's any significant discussion on actual keyword usage.

#1392539 by Mary from Mico
Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:53 am
Hi Vesna.

Very personally?

I'd chose the last one. Why? Its Supply looks easier to win. This said, you can still use the third keyword phrase on the page.

I would not use a combination of keywords for the file name or the Page Info Keyword.

For example AND super hypothetically: There are stats for "red Ford firetruck: and probably stats for "firetruck explodes in house fire"; yet not nearly so likely to be a keyword with demand for "red Ford firetruck explodes in house fire".

It's meant to be a crazy example that is not to be imitated.

I also would not pare down the number of related keywords too deeply till I'd written the actual page.

Looking into the future, you can re-brainstorm the page's keyword to find other keywords or even simply vocabulary that should be on new pages. I do this. It helps build out the outline of your page and reminds you of things that should be on the page. Once I have published the page, I'll delete some of the keywords that are related, while keeping the page's keyword as that has functions in Brainstormer.

As for your not having gotten to the point where there's not any significant discussion on actual keyword usage, I'm wondering if you've watched the whole Action Guide once? It can be a huge help in "seeing where you're headed". Then come back to "do" the Action Guide.

'Just some ideas.

#1392729 by Vesna from the Twin Cities
Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:46 pm

Thanks for the helpful info and personal insights!

I agree with your choice of page keyword. Yes, nothing should really prevent you from using any other keyword phrase on a page.

Great advice on continually going back to re-brainstorm the page's keyword to fill out existing pages and find vocabulary for new pages. It's also a sage reminder to keep keywords in BI so that you can continue to research there.

BI is kind of limiting in respect to groups, as another SBIer pointed out in the forums. You can't create your own better topic groups, i.e., combine groups where the topics are really one-and-the-same. I went back to do some more weeding after reading your post and got frustrated by the BI-determined groups I couldn't combine. After sleeping on it, I realized that in order to get a definitive list of topics, I will need to export the keywords and organize them offline (in Microsoft Access). If I remove irrelevant entries offline, I'll also remove them in BI. That way, BI will give me a true count of the total number of keywords (per the Action Guide, 250 or more for blue-printing) and I'll still be able to research them via BI!

I'm also cautious about removing related keywords too early in the game. I will be able to rank them into different tiers offline and target the higher tiers for the pages, but keep the lower tiered ones in reserve. That'll help me only delete offline and in BI when its time.

My questions about actual keyword usage came from reading a few forum posts and the articles referred to in them. I haven't gone through the entire Action Guide, yet. I take notes as I read and really need to use what I'm learning at the same time to reinforce the knowledge. I do go back to my notes for reference, to review and clarify, then back to the Action Guide, if still unclear. My notes are faster to skim than the Action Guide.

The Action Guide hasn't mentioned any of the keyword usage issues I was already worrying about, so I think I'll be good to go with this learning approach that works for me.

Thanks, again, and see you in the forums!

#1392739 by Mary from Mico
Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:02 pm
Hi Vesna.

Having personalizable groups in BI is an interesting idea. You can suggest it in the Wish List Forum:


If you do post it, let us know here so those of us who would like can support it.

Good news about keeping related keywords. They'll also give you ideas of pages that could be cross-linked in the future (T3-T3).

It looks as if you have a wonderfully careful plan in place; yet when you have some free time, I personally recommend viewing or reading the whole Action Guide - especially before you choose your domain name. It's good to have sneak peeks ahead rather than wishing you'd known previously what you'd only learn at the end of the AG. 'Just an idea.

Have a great weekend and congratulations on focusing more clearly on your new direction.

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