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#1376261 by John from Midway Park
Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:22 pm
Has anyone had Google AdSense view-ability issues? Google tells me that I have a "responsive ad bottom page (viewable 20% of the time). "

Some of my pages are long. Can't do anything about that, especially the events pages, which are already broken down to month by month.

But has anyone had success with any other Adsense placements on their 3-column site? Or any examples to share? What about the long tower ads (sky scraper ads) in the right or left column? Anyone had success with that kind?

Thank you.
#1376294 by George from
Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:30 am
As defined by the IAB and used by Google, an ad is viewable when at least 50% of the ad is visible for at least 1 second. This is the "Active View Viewable" metric in your AdSense reports.

A low viewability (or Active View Viewable figure) just means people are not scrolling all the way to the bottom for the ads to be visible on their screens. A heat map analytics can confirm this for you.

Ultimately, loading ads which are not seen by anyone is not a good thing for you, Google, or the advertiser.

I don't currently run 3rd-party ads on any of my own sites, but I do advise my clients to disable these low viewability ads (completely, or at least on mobile devices... and offer other mobile-friendly ad options).
#1381099 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:55 am
John from Midway Park wrote:But has anyone had success with any other Adsense placements on their 3-column site? Or any examples to share? What about the long tower ads (sky scraper ads) in the right or left column? Anyone had success with that kind?

Hi JD,

I've had zero success with AdSense in my 3rd column as site visitors tend to scan left to right, and they rarely look past the center content column to view advertising of any sort. Some months back, I placed a responsive ad in my left column beneath my navigation, and it made a big difference. That ad helps me to attain the $100 check threshold during my slower traffic months in the summer. Try moving "What other Web Visitors are Saying" over to your 3rd column and replace it with a responsive AdSense ad and watch what happens.

Also, I'd suggest removing the "Advertisements" and "Sponsored Links" headings that appear above your AdSense ads. The headings are not required by Google, as long as you maintain proper spacing and contrast between your ads and the site content, and they tend to warn the reader away from the ads. For instance, the Matched Content ads come labeled "Powered by Google" and are meant to compliment and blend with your content.

Hope this helps.
#1381528 by John from Midway Park
Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:47 pm
Don, I will try removing the title/label "Advertisements" and "Sponsored Links" from my ads although a Google Adsense rep TOLD me very strongly to do that. Since then, my Adsense income has gone in the tank. I will also take your other suggestion. BTW: Don, are you allowed to put TWO responsive ad blocks in the left column? Thanks
#1381551 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:00 pm

Hi JD,

I'm unsure why an AdSense rep would suggest you label all your ads, unless it was decided that undue attention had been drawn to them. Normally, AdSense doesn't require a label above its ads provided your ads can easily be distinguished from other site content, either through appearance or sufficient spacing between the ads and the content.

AdSense ads are permitted to blend with your site's look and feel, provided they are not made to resemble content and mislead the visitor. Adequate spacing between the ads and your content must also be maintained. I make sure there's at least 2 or more spaces between my ads and any page content.

Also, Google warns against placing ads beneath a misleading header:

It's important that visitors to your site are not misled in any way and are able to easily distinguish content from Google Display ads. This policy prohibits placing ads under misleading headings such as "resources" or "helpful links". Publishers may only label Google ads with either "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Links".

Therefore, I never place ads directly beneath a header; otherwise, I'd need to label the ads as Google directs, and labels tend to kill any ad response.

Regarding the placing of 2 ad blocks in the left content column, Google removed the 3-ads-per-page limit a while ago. That said, a single ad is less intimidating to the ad-weary visitor. I only have 3 AdSense ads on my content pages, and they generate more revenue than when I had 4 placed. A very long page could accommodate additional ads, but I never found that it was worthwhile, so I place only 3. It's a case where less is often more, but you should test to see what works for your site.

All the best,
#1381556 by John from Midway Park
Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:27 pm
I did place an ad in the left column. We'll see. Yeah, the Adsense rep basically lambasted me even for the background color of my ads matching my site. And he told me to put labels on them. Since then, my Adsense income has been dead.
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