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#1393371 by Margit from Nicaragua
Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:24 pm

Joel, regarding your violation report from AdSense...

I have just received an AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report. According to their AdSense Policy Center, I have one violation, which is the following…

Page ... review.xml

Valuable inventory: No content

Restricted Ad serving

Enforcencement Date
February 23, 2018

I got the same report, dated February 24. I have not added the auto ads code to my site.

But what I did yesterday was to make some changes to the "FBI! Thank You Page." On this page, the word count is 0, as it's just a template that gets filled with text when someone submits a form.

There is no AdSense code on that page as far as I can see.

I will ask support to see if they can shed some light on this.

#1393378 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:31 pm
Hi Antoinette,

I'll be interesting to see whether the Advanced URL settings offer a solution for you. Their purpose is to provide the user some control over ad placement. You can set controls for individual site pages (up to 500 URLs) and remove all ads for that specific page or just deactivate the kinds of ads you don't want.

Although I've activated Auto ads on my sites, I still retain an existing display ad after the first paragraph before the main content and a display ad at the end of the main content area. I have yet to see an ad automatically inserted within the main content no matter its length. Maybe the machine learning detects the two existing ads and decides not to insert additional ads in the area between them. Some AdSense users without existing ads have reported multiple ad insertions within their content area. The automatically inserted ads are appearing in the side columns and on occasion at the page bottom on my sites.

However, it is early days yet, and I expect that Google will be making changes and enhancements, but so far it's looking very promising.

Wishing you success!
#1393380 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:09 pm
Mary from Mico wrote:Putting the code in the Above H1 SWD worked!

Pleased to hear that, Mary.

Another set of pages to close these ads: Our SBI reviews ... And of course, other product reviews, yet I was thinking of those more as sales pages.

Yes, I am also double checking all my non-content pages to make sure that I am in compliance with AdSense policies. Thanks for mentioning the product review pages. After all, our most wanted response on review pages is for the visitor to click on our affiliate links, so it makes little sense to have the page populated with AdSense ads.

I suspect that AdSense would not have rolled out this new Auto ads system without strengthening its policy violation detection methods. It could help to explain the recent violation reports, even among those who haven't activated Auto ads yet, as more and different violations are now being detected.

All the best,
#1393381 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:56 pm
Timothy from Glen Hope wrote:Don, you are probably looking at an In-Feed ad there. Those type of ads are just for blog feeds. That would explain the ad placement.

Thanks, Tim. I hadn't considered In-feed ads. In the Auto ads global settings display, it says they are "Currently only available for mobile," yet they are clearly inserted in the What's New box for the desktop display. Anyway, I dislike the manner in which the ads are inserted, so I've disabled the In-feed ads option for now.

As you said, it is early days yet, and it will take time for the machine learning to perfect itself. I find Ezoic too invasive and complex, so it's not for me. I'll stick with the Auto ads concept and give it the chance to prove itself.

Thanks again.
#1393382 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:19 am

Hi Everyone,

So far in this thread, Mike, Joel, and Margit have all received recent AdSense Policy Violation Reports for what appears to be a Preview page. ... review.xml

It has always been my understanding that Preview pages and Draft pages were NOINDEX and therefore ignored by Googlebot. Is this not the case? Otherwise, we now risk an AdSense policy violation whenever we preview a page.

Margit from Nicaragua wrote:I will ask support to see if they can shed some light on this.

Here's hoping that either Support or someone in-the-know can shed some needed light on this issue and put minds at ease.
#1393392 by Mary from Mico
Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:43 am
Hi Don and all.

On the issue of the SBI preview page....

I have not received an email, yet on Friday or Saturday February 23 or 24 I did see a note about my Adsense "Allowed Sites". It showed that Sitesell is showing my ads and suggested that I select it as an allowed site that I "own". I did not select it because I do not own it.

Years ago, I'd clicked all the generic sites as sites I'd "owned", not on my own authority but from one of the young men on the Adsense in Your City program. I cleared those several years ago and have not had trouble since (except for some stfi site that was copying my pages). I am able to go back to that page only through my notifications bell shaped button in the top right corner. WARNING: Be careful on that page. I've been hoodooed into clicking on the buttons and wound up marking a site as mine that was not. It has not dropped from the list in a huge long time, maybe a year?

Anyway, perhaps we should also check our verified sites list so as to unverify Sitesell if it is shown as one of our sites....

#1393405 by Mike from Isleta
Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:05 pm
Thanks, Mary. I already tried to unverify SBI as a site but get an error message saying it has been reported to the engineers. I've tried it several times with the same result. Maybe with each new page we have to opt to keep it out of search engines while it's in draft, and then only include it in search when it's finished.
#1393424 by Mary from Mico
Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:38 pm

Hi Mike.

Great that's good that "the engineers" are working on it. So I take it that Sitesell is registering as a site you own in your Adsense account?

Sitesell is not showing as a owned site for me, and I do not have to update at Google for new pages on my site.

Mike wrote:

Maybe with each new page we have to opt to keep it out of search engines while it's in draft, and then only include it in search when it's finished.

Are draft pages listed in the warning you received?

#1393425 by Mike from Isleta
Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:42 pm
Yes, SiteSell appears as a site I own but Google isn't letting me disown it. The warning message referred to a preview page, which is what you get when you work in draft mode before hitting Publish. How Google can see it when it hasn't yet been published, I don't know.
#1393429 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:32 pm
Mary from Mico wrote:Years ago, I'd clicked all the generic sites as sites I'd "owned", not on my own authority but from one of the young men on the Adsense in Your City program.

That's interesting, Mary. I checked my AdSense account and discovered that sbiapps was verified. I must have verified it ages ago. Anyway, I clicked the button to unverify sbiapps, immediately refreshed the list, and sbiapps is now listed as unverified. From now on, any activity on those ads won't be attributed to my account.

There's an older thread that discusses this allowed sites topic:

Google can detect Preview pages, Draft pages, and other temporary pages since they flow through the Internet to display on our browsers; however, it has been my understanding that SBI prevents them from being indexed by Googlebot.
#1393438 by Mary from Mico
Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:59 pm

Another excellent post, Don. Thank you for finding that other thread. I had not seen it myself.

I think that Google's wording is what was tricky:

make sure to authorize any sites where you display ads by visiting your account settings

And this quote from Google by David:

Site authorization is an optional feature that lets you authorize specific URLs to use your Google ad code. URLs that you don't include in the list of authorized sites will still show ads and report clicks and page views, but you won't generate earnings from them. Learn more about choosing if this feature is right for you.

Mary of Front Porch Ideas had an excellent answer:

Hello everyone,
We have experienced the same message on our Adsense account. I was able to ask someone at Google what we should do and here is her reply:

"You should only authorize sites that you own and operate. You do not need
to authorize your ads on sites like"

I hope this helps. I wish the message would go away but at least we know we don't need to pay attention to it any longer.

Best wishes!
Mary L. Morris

Julia linked to this helpful thread, too:

Shambunath and Caroline showed that not allowing SBIAPS preserves you from clicking on your own ads accidentally.

Nowadays, my message in Adsense has a Dismiss button. Even though I dismissed it over the weekend, I did see it again and have dismissed it again. I am not seeing it in my Adsense account now.

How to see your verified list of sites? I had to go back through messages to work how to find this so here's the path I found as of today:

* Open the left navigation by clicking on the menu button (three lines top left).

* Click: Home > Settings > My Sites > Overview

[Edit: I meant to add that maybe I'm not seeing the warning in my Adsense account because I have not yet previewed a page today. I expect to this evening, so I'll see if that revives the message.]

#1393494 by The Team from Rouleau
Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:21 pm
I use Ezoic on 2 sites and am trying Google Auto Ads on a third site. It really is easy. I do suggest however that you go through the process of creating URL groups.

For example I created a URL group for all pages I don't want auto ads to appear on (forms, admin, privacy policy etc.) Some of the pages in the group have typically coded adsense ads and others have no adsense whatsoever.

You can customize your groups to only show certain types of ads --it really is easy and should certainly solve Antoinette's issue.

Either way anyone using Auto ads needs to make sure that they are not violating policies by showing ads on pages that you wouldn't normally have ads on and a URL group is the way to do it.
#1393521 by Antoinette from Bedford
Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:57 pm
Richard wrote: You can customize your groups to only show certain types of ads --it really is easy and should certainly solve Antoinette's issue.

Thanks for posting Richard! It does indeed sound like they’ve made it easier to retain some sort of control.

I will have a play with it as soon as I finish some other urgent work.

All the best
#1393536 by Richard from Spain
Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:25 pm
Just a report - I have activated Auto Ads on one of my sites, and ALL my Adsense metrics are now showing positive gains for that site. After a week, everything (including income, which was small to begin with) is up by around 30 - 40%.
I have not created any url groups yet.

Just my 2c

[Domain Private]
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