Affiliate marketing is the other major way to generate "passive income." Integrating affiliate links into your PREselling content - what works? What doesn't? Which programs work best for travel sites? Not getting paid? What is the best way to use your Solo Build It!! site to PREsell SBI! itself? If it's affiliate-related, it's here!
#1371498 by Katia, Anastasi, Apostoli from We Love Crete
Fri May 19, 2017 12:20 am
Hi All,

I never do this - but I wonder if this is precluded in the guidelines? I went to a social media info night here in my home town the other night (never do that - just stick to SBI) and the woman there who was a FB 'expert' said it was possible.

Is it allowed, is it possible, and if so, how does one do it? :oops:

Any links to SBI instructions on this would be appreciated.

Happy Building

#1371511 by Gerhild from Just like Oma
Fri May 19, 2017 4:03 am
Hi Katia,

Not sure if this is what you mean, but this is what I do. If I'm making a post for an affiliate, I put a link to their appropriate page into my post. Personally, I like boosting the post, because then there are more stats available (insights) that show click through, etc.

For example, on this Facebook post I used a link shortener so that the url won't be too long within the post. Payment was arranged before I posted. However, it's also possible to choose to be paid per click. It depends on what you arrange with the brand.

You'll need to make sure you specify that the post is an ad ... hashtagging it with #sponsored or #ad or #affiliate ...

You'll also need to check with whomever you are affiliated with if they have restrictions on social posting, if you're doing this on your own. However, if you're working personally with a brand, you can arrange how the money flows and what they want.

Just recently, Facebook starting providing an icon at the bottom of the post where one needs to tag the brand ... I haven't had the opportunity to use that yet. Check here: for more info. At present, it only works with verified pages ...

Is this what you are referring to?


PS: BTW, there are no daft questions :wink:
#1371514 by Dee from Cape Cod
Fri May 19, 2017 6:03 am
Hi Katia -

Although you would think that most affiliate companies would welcome as much promotion as we can give them, in as many places as possible, that's not the case. Because spamming is such a serious problem, companies are strictly regulating (and apparently, monitoring), how and where their affiliate links are used.

So we have to be very careful about where we place affiliate links!

David from Inside Peru posted about this, specifically relating to Amazon affiliate links, the other day:

In his post, David provided a link to an article that's well worth reading: ... in-emails/

Although this article and David's post relate to Amazon affiliate links, and the article doesn't specifically address FB postings, the same principle applies to all affiliate programs. That is: we must read, understand and follow - to the letter - all the terms and conditions of any affiliate agreement we enter into. Otherwise, we risk being banned from the affiliate program and perhaps could put ourselves in legal jeopardy. :(:shock:

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


Edited to add:

P.S. Here's an article from the same author about sharing affiliate links on FB: ... -facebook/
#1371526 by Jill from Westbury
Fri May 19, 2017 3:06 pm
Hi Katia,

Some of my affiliate partners allow it, some do not. You will need to read the terms of each one in order to see if they allow it. Some will not allow it unless you have special permission.

When you post, you also need to follow FTC regulations and state that it's an affiliate link. You can add (AD) or (Sponsored) at the beginning of the post and that will cover you.

Hope that helps and good luck!
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