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#1364213 by Jude from Thoona
Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:46 pm
HI everyone. My site has been around for a few years but has never earned me a penny. I want to change all that over the next few months. It does have a regular stream of visitors who get free information .. which was the main original idea ( uploading a few jewels from my career experience so that people can find their own way if they dont have access to a professional practitioner or cannot afford one.) But I did try asking people to pay me for advice and no 0ne ever did. Perhaps I didnt have the right payment system set up.

Anyway, I am now working on the site big-time to make it more financially productive and I have a course I wrote ten years ago. It wouldn't offer a qualification but it's very comprehensive. The guy who is going to 'update' it for e-learning has mentionned SCORM and LMS .. learning management system?

Does anyone on the forum have a course on their site and how have you put it up there? I would appreciate any info and advice on this topic. Thanks. Jude [Domain Private]
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#1364311 by Sharon from Maple Springs
Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:07 am
I use and have been pleased with It can be added to your site as a subdomain, or you can keep it separate with its own domain name.

Here is a link to my class website.

Thinkific has a free version so you could get that and play around with it. They also have several paid versions that go up in price and functionality.

I found it easy to use and I'm not very techie. I did hire site sell pros to connect it with my site mostly because I didn't want to do it. I know others have done it themselves.
#1365036 by Catherine from
Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:50 pm
Here's more on Thinkific and other course hosting:

I'm in a similar situation to yours, Jude: lots of information I hope is helpful, good traffic and appreciative comments, but very little earned (nowhere near covering my SBI payments yet, after over 5 years.) I have two courses with Thinkific (one that's currently free, both in the last 6-8 months), and am about to launch another I hope will make a real difference. I'm quite pleased with Thinkific, as are the other SBI'ers whose comments I've read.

One possible suggestion: you mentioned having lots of information to teach. You might consider offering a short course on some key part of it as well as a comprehensive course. 2 reasons: the biggest is that some people will be overwhelmed by too much at once and will give up way before finishing, even if they buy your course and you provide all the help you can. (This is experience speaking-- even after I greatly reduced the amount I originally planned to include in my first course, and broke it into several shorter courses.)

The other reason is to get started teaching (and earning) faster, especially as you will learn so much-- things that might make it much easier to do a better comprehensive course after you are familiar with the process and have some feedback from students.

I have a brother who teaches high school and he did his best to help me keep cutting down my plans and making the individual lessons as short as humanly possible. He says you can hardly overestimate the shortness of most people's attention spans now. (I'm from a much older generation that grew up reading longer texts and can concentrate for a while-- a skill that's apparently being lost.) :roll:

Best wishes on your course and your future success!
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