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#1395356 by James from Hodgen
Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:48 pm
I have been on here for a long time. I have never change anything on my site in ten years. I need help making a page on my site to sell a book I have coming out. Can some one help me make a page and help make it easy for me.? Do site build it have people that I can pay to help me even ? Please help. I’m so lost
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#1395372 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:17 am
Hi James,

You're not lost, because you're here on the forums so you have lots of help all around!

I second Jacki's advice. Pros are excellent - I use them myself to help me with stuff that they are more expert in than I.

In terms of writing a page to sell your book, there is a series of articles about exactly that in our MHQ. They're very precise in giving you all the information you need to write a good article to review and sell any product, step by step.

You'll find the first one, here.

We're also planning to start a Challenge on the forums for people who want to revive their site in exactly your position (ie not touched it for a long time). So keep an eye out in SBIX, because that's where it will be announced as well as here on the forums.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards

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