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#1375314 by Rhona from Beaumont
Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:20 am

I posted the question below a while back, and now things have progressed a little with my husband keen to start up a website with Training Tilt (, to allow him to do a lot of the things mentioned in my post below.

The Training Tilt site will have minimal content and will be the platform for the athletes he coaches to access information specific to them and for him to communicate with them. This site will also be used to take bookings and payments for courses and training camps. My question is, what do we go with for a domain name - (we are thinking, intellitri is the hashtag people use for us), and any advice on how to link the two websites effectively?

Many thanks,

Our website ([Domain Private]) started out as a content/info site but since my husband went free-lance in his career as a triathlon coach, it is now the platform for his coaching business.

As such we are looking at how we can now use the website (or something else) to improve communication with athletes.

We are thinking of setting up some password-protected pages for each of his athletes, but would like some advice as to whether this is the best way to go about things.

Here is what he wants to be able to do:
He uses a website called Training Peaks for planning, tracking and analysing each athletes' program. However this doesn't fully provide what he needs in terms of communicating with his athletes.

He wants to be able to be able to present and store information for each of his athletes which they can individually access easily online. For example, videos of sessions they have done, notes from meetings, links to useful resources. Our current thinking is to put up a T2 page for each athlete with their general goals for the year, key races etc, and then have T2s for meeting notes, videos, resources.

He also runs a series of 10 week 'swim schools' which any local people can sign up to. He wants to be able to post the course outline, post videos each week, commentary on the week's session and allow people to post comments. Currently he uses a closed facebook group page but the people attending aren't always facebook users.

Any advice as to how to best do these things?

We are aware there are various platforms 'designed' for this sort of thing, however most require expensive subscriptions for services we don't need, or for numbers of users we are never going to have. The coaching side is limited to 20 athletes at any time, and the swim schools will total no more than 100 users in a 12 month period, but then most of those will only be active for 10-weeks.
#1375386 by Jim from Helm
Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:57 pm
Hi Rhona,

I have done something like that on a smaller scale for my high-school classmates for our class reunion.

On one of my sites, I created a no-follow page which did not link from any other page on the site or from the site navigation or site-map. Only my classmates knew about the page (there weren't many of us left after 50 years) because the link and password were sent to them in an email.

There was nothing fancy like videos, just info about the reunion.

Your choice of domain name seems to make sense since it is already in play as a hashtag.
#1375760 by Rhona from Beaumont
Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:43 pm
Thanks Jim, good to hear someone else is doing something similar.

I'm worried we'll end up with 2 websites almost competing with each other....
#1375783 by Jacki from Macleod
Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:52 pm
If one website is pretty much strictly for members, then it doesn't matter much about SEO and pleasing the search engines. Will most of its traffic be invitation only? Then don't worry about it. If it's meant to be stand alone, with search engine traffic being essential, then maybe it wouldn't work the way you want. :D
#1375826 by Sharon from Maple Springs
Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:29 pm
I wonder if something like would be a better way to go. You could set up a "course" for each athlete or event. Then sign them up for that course. You can post video, they have a discussion feature as well. And the plus side is it can be set up as a subdomain to your SBI site.

They do have a free version to test it out and see if it would work.

And there are other course platforms as well. I'm just familiar with Thinkific. A friend uses and likes Teachable but if I remember right they don't work as a subdomain that is why I went with Thinkific. Moderators, I'm not sure I'm eligible to be posting links. Delete if needed! (and thank you for what you do!)

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