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#1364703 by Elizabeth from Connecticut
Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:00 pm
Hi all,

Bear with me.... I've had a somewhat local service-based business for 10+ years. I rarely got Clients outside of my State. Over that time, the focus changed. I went from being a website developer to a virtual marketing assistant where I was essentially "all over the place" in terms of what I offered. I'm noticing now that my Clients always ask for 2 main services, both Constant Contact email marketing assistance and Wordpress management. Most of my work is just in those 2 areas and they are what I know best.

My issue is my current www name. It is broad and it has "Virtual Support" in it from when I used to do a slew of different virtual assistant marketing work. (Facebook ads, blog SEO, social media scheduling, etc.) I am at a crossroads of changing the www name to something else, especially since I now specialize in 2 main areas and only want to do that sort of work.

I want to focus on email marketing. I want it to be my main service. I've already specified this on my current local service site. (Virtual Support)

Would it be 100% necessary to change my www name to something in that area? Or can I keep my Virtual Support domain and business name?

I worry as I do have current clients who have me doing Wordpress management & maintenance, so I feel like narrowing my www name down to email marketing only would deter both them and others from knowing what else I offer.

My reviews online also focus on when I was doing Wordpress consulting & website maintenance, which makes this an even bigger decision.

Is it OK to keep the www name and focus my entire content & marketing message on something email marketing related? (I'd still put Wordpress services under my services section.) Or do I need to change my entire www name to something email marketing related and then add that I also do Wordpress services?

Not sure if this should go in domain name forum section or here, so I apologize if I posted this in wrong area.

Thanks everyone!

Sorry to ramble - not sure which direction to take here.
#1364705 by Jacki from Macleod
Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:30 pm
Whichever way you do it, you're still going really broad. Is there not something that comprises all of the things you do now, as well as leaving room for expansion later? The domain name does not necessarily have to reflect the actual scope of work that you do. With a broader domain name, you can focus on one corner of it, or expand a bit as time goes on. The business name can be something other than the domain, if you get my drift.
#1364711 by Elizabeth from Connecticut
Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:02 pm
Thanks Jacki. I've spent months attempting to come up with a name for everything I do and it's just not there. Or if it is, it's simply too broad and covers too many services. I think you're on the right track with keeping the www name broad and focusing on a specific niche market while leaving room for expansion in the future. I like that thought. I also find it very hard to niche down with a service-based business. I definitely don't want to be another digital marketing agency in my area that offers every service under the sun to everyone. I'm trying to focus on one expert service. I'm assuming I should probably niche down email marketing to something a lot less competitive. The numbers agree.
#1364716 by Jacki from Macleod
Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:21 pm
Elizabeth from Connecticut wrote:I'm trying to focus on one expert service. I'm assuming I should probably niche down email marketing to something a lot less competitive. The numbers agree.
That's the advice nowadays - a tightly focused niche. :D
#1364722 by Mary from Mico
Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:42 pm
Hi Liz,

You have my vote against changing your www.

Somewhere here Dee posted a really good explanation about having short www that linked to her long time .com. I have searched for over 20 minutes and cannot find her notes. She's using [Domain Private] to link to her [Domain Private]/


She can use the shorter domain name for many purposes and she retains the age and links to her original (wonderful) site.

'Just an idea.

#1364730 by Dee from Cape Cod
Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:41 pm
Mary from Mico wrote:I have searched for over 20 minutes and cannot find her notes.

Mary: I've just searched for 15 minutes, and I can't find my notes either. :roll::lol: Something in the back of my mind is telling me that it might have been in the PAW challenge thread, but it's eluding me at the moment.

Liz: I have to run out now and shovel more snow while we still have some daylight left. I'll pop back in later this evening with an explanation of why I think there's no need for you to change your URL ...

#1364749 by Elizabeth from Connecticut
Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:48 am
This is all super helpful information!!! Thank you all so much! Jacki, you helped me as well. I was not paying attention to the fact that I'm going too broad in general. It really got me thinking.

Dee & Mary thank you so much for the links. It's a rough decision to make about the www name. I have to sleep on this and see how I feel in the morning. There is some great info in the thread you sent along. Attaching a shorter, more niche-based www name could work but I think I'd have to be 100% ready to commit to email marketing and email marketing only. (No more advertising Wordpress maintenance!) Ahhh, the decisions! :|
#1364818 by Mary from Mico
Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:27 am
Oh, Elizabeth. In one way it was easy to "move" my sites in 2014, but in many ways it's been hard ever since.

Dee! Thank you so much for finding that article! I need to bookmark it as it answers exactly what I would recommend to people wanting to change their domain name for any but the worst scenarios.

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