Do you sell a service, whether local (ex., gardener or dentist) or global (ex., copywriting)? Do you have a profession (ex., doctor, dentist, engineer)? Agency/representation/distributorship business? Trade tips and ideas here.

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#1395154 by Madeleine from Greater New York City Area
Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:38 pm
I wanted to see if anyone knew of any SBIers who had set up a site to sell services and keep a fee. So like an upwork or Fiverr but obviously not on that scale but something that people can purchase directly from you and you keep a fee (% of the total sale). I hope the examples I gave don't scare people into thinking large like that, I am just trying to think how to implement some type of "gatekeeper" that would link me between the customer and the provider, without have the customer go directly to the provider (and me not getting paid). I am not interested in any type of affiliate relationship either as this would literally be a service (individual) like you would find on upwork or fiverr, etc. I believe it is called micro-job/freelance site? Something like that?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions - I literally feel at a loss, even though I feel like it has to exist.

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#1395190 by Mary from Mico
Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:07 pm
Hi Madeleine,

Could you give us more of an idea of the flow from customer to purchase to fee retention?

I use E-Junkie and have affiliates selling my downloads and CDs and I pay them in the middle of the next month.

I also am an affiliate with several other E-Junkie and PayLoadz users. I sell grammar books for an EJ user, history books from an EJ user, and Bible downloads from a PL user. Automatically, I am marked for the commission and they pay me at the end of the month.

In a way, this second situation seems similar to what you describe, but I'm not familiar with what you're asking. Vocabulary was a huge confusion to me: Am I an affiliate? Is the other guy the affiliate? - So I might not be the best to ask, yet I think you could arrange something with E-Junkie (I'd never use PayLoadz again - search these forums for that story) with your clients. You'd have evidence of the sales made and the commission due you from the one giving the service.

Interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.


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