Best strategies, general discussions, to drive traffic to your pre-existing, primary "e-commerce" site. Expand your Net Auction business instead of depending on/working for eBay, Etsy, etc. Got a low-traffic store? Build traffic to it. Have a zero traffic brochure site for your offline biz? Discuss how you're using your SBI! site to inject life into "off-site monetizers" and get significantly more business out of them.
#1364549 by Michael from Hamburg
Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:57 pm
Hey guys, how are you all? This post is part service suggestion and part question. My mind is all jumbled up so please bear with me. So, I want to add an ecommerce store to my SBI site and sell to my American readers, since 80% of traffic comes from the states. Now, I am located in the United Kingdom and assuming I would have to apply to payment gateway providers using my UK address and possibly be forced to transact in my local currency GBP.

To complicate matters further I plan to drop ship via Worldwidebrands, whose majority of members serve the American market. So even though customers in America will get their goods shipped from within America, a UK based website contact address could confuse them into thinking goods will be shipped from say London and therefore cost more or take longer.

Now my question is, how can I maintain a local presence in America to serve my clients and get over currency/locale complexities with Payment gateway providers? Does Sitesell provide US business mail forwarding service for non North American SBIers or is there a similar service anyone reading this could recommend? Are you sharp enough to see this as a good business idea and want to take immediate action? Please provide me with your contact details if allowed. Finally, am I overthinking this? And there is an easy way round all this? Please help as I have decided my website core visitors are in the US.

#1364846 by Bernie from RV'ing in Western USA
Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:45 pm
Hi Mike,
There are plenty of Mail Forwarding Service companies in the US. We are full time RV'ers - sold house, etc so we needed new ID's - so we had to select one so we could have a driver's license, etc. We use a company in Sioux Falls, SD - [url]Dakota Post[/url]. SD is excellent because their taxes and insurance rates etc. are awesome.
We are provided a street address on all our ID so banks, government, etc "accept" our address. I know lots of diplomats, service people, etc use these types of services as well.
Hope this helps

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