Best strategies, general discussions, to drive traffic to your pre-existing, primary "e-commerce" site. Expand your Net Auction business instead of depending on/working for eBay, Etsy, etc. Got a low-traffic store? Build traffic to it. Have a zero traffic brochure site for your offline biz? Discuss how you're using your SBI! site to inject life into "off-site monetizers" and get significantly more business out of them.
#1388317 by Mike from Rattan
Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:41 pm
I have 3 sites that separate my types of work (construction) which brings in sufficient traffic and leads to generate my income, plus referrals from happy clients, recommends etc.
My dilemma is, do I combine all 3 into 1 site, under my own name? Some customers search for me by my own name, in my town which is good, however, this might appear in 'the other' site!

Starting to get confusing!

As I now want to increase workload and take on others, do I continue under 3 hats or do I combine to have one head and one domain? I hold [Domain Private] that is redirected to one site, but should I just use that as my one website with the theme of 'building'?

I understand enough about SBI to know that individual pages under one theme can generate good traffic, so where do I go?

All sites ARE under one theme, which is building, in one form or another.

Also I think that the connection to other media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook could be simplified if I combined all 3!

Other sites are
[Domain Private]
[Domain Private]
[Domain Private]


Mike Lyons
#1388332 by Mary from Mico
Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:13 pm

Hello Mike,

You do beautiful work!

That before and after at the bottom of you home page is beautiful! It could use larger images, too. Do you have your originals? You can put large images into BB2 that you can resize down to the content column, yet can gallery (a click on the BB2 image tool) to a much larger image. Also Pinterest images will be as large as the original.

Since Facebook likes a horizontal image and only takes the first one available, it's nice to have that first and a long vertical image for Pinterest.

From one of Cath's and Erin's challenges:

Pin size: 735 px x 1104 px, mobile limit 2061 px height
FB size: 476px x 249px (NEW: 1200 wide x 628 20171205)

The Pinterest Challenge is here:

Yet I'd wait for the updated Pinterest Action Guide when Cath and Erin condense all the good ideas there into many fewer pages and instructions. It's due any time now.

The simple answer is that you can combine the three sites into one, especially now that SBI offers us a 301 redirect (I think it will work between sites, especially SBI sites). You'd want to redirect each page you take down to the exact or best page on the site that you will keep, making sure that that final page has all the info necessary for the different towns.

You can continue to redirect the mikelyonsnewport site to the site you end up keeping. I would think you want to keep your own name's domain for sure. It could redirect to a page on your LyonsFlooring site: mike-lyons-newport.html.

Some considerations: Which one already ranks best? Which one has the most pages to move or redirect? This one looks like the site I'd keep for all the redirects as it has the most pages:

[Domain Private]

I am seeing that Cardiff and Newport are different towns. Do you have shops there? If you have individuating info for the different locations (like places where you've worked, photos of jobs there) that info could be T3s from these T2s:

[Domain Private]

[Domain Private]

These pages

[Domain Private]

could be moved to T3s under the above Cardiff T2.

Same with the Newport site:

[Domain Private]

Your contact info at the bottom of each page can simply go in a site wide dot in the footer.

Social Media? I cannot take the time to look to see if you have the several social media for each site. Oh! What a time sucker that can be! Me? I would surely combine all to one for each SM.

Your personal note at the top can go in a site wide dot, too. Having so much info the same with only the keyword changed is probably not good SEO.

You can expand the LyonsFlooring-UK in your header and H1 on the home page by writing: Lyons Flooring, Tile, and Stone (or whatever keywords work best - Lyons Flooring, Stone and Tile). As you said, the best page for the info will get the traffic.

KEEP these many domain names. Park them in Name Park It. Support can help you with this.

A suggestion: Add a large unique picture to each page as you review it. Also, add captions so visitors and the search engines know what's being shown. Beautiful pictures will sell your beautiful work!

Oh, how I wish good men in our area would do this for themselves!

I hope this helps. I must quit. No time to review well.

PS: May I beg you to add more photos like the Flash players here:

[Domain Private]
#1388359 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:47 pm
now that SBI offers us a 301 redirect (I think it will work between sites, especially SBI sites).

Yes you can do internal same site, to outside sites as well as other SBI! sites. You still have to manually recreate the new page however.

#1388363 by Mike from Rattan
Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:59 pm
Fantastic help, thank you. I just have to kick off my working boots each night and open the computer.

It's all very constructive and I'll be spending any spare hours over Christmas working on SBI.

Happy Holidays :-)

#1388390 by Mary from Mico
Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:16 am
Thank you for your note Debs.

Mike. I love to see constructive ideas work for a construction guy!

Great enthusiasm. BAM!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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