Cultivating warm, open leads who call YOU. An exciting area, ripe for SBIers to explore and push.
#645922 by Alex from Stanton
Fri May 22, 2009 7:16 pm
Hey guys, just thought I would throw the plan I have come up with for my site and see what you think...

I'm making a website to help me to generate some leads for my MLM business. However, I plan on listening to other SBIers that have gone before me and not promoting my opportunity, products, etc.

My plan is basically to educate people about how to do attraction marketing. Tier two pages on some major points such as: what AM really means, showing a new form of "consumer based" sales (not pitching your opportunity like a used car salesman,) traffic generation techniques, etc.

I think that taking a direction that is completely based on teaching people how to go about MLM in a way that does not involve going to every tuesday, thursday, and sunday night meeting will appeal. And helping others to understand that if they manage this they will get more leads, more often, and make more money (as they are also able to monetize their efforts.)

This way I can educate, offer a promo of a free ebook or newsletter, and maybe even throw in an incentive for referalls, and build a list of prospects. Thanks for taking the time to read :)
#682256 by Balagopalan from Dhaka
Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:59 am

I am into a few weeks setting up my network marketing website. I am trying to take my business on line although I have active down lines who do the business the traditional off line route, cold calling, list-building, one-to-ones, home meetings, hotel meetings and so on.

Having found value in building a web site to generate and qualify leads and convert them into customer orders / recruitment (of business builders) I find the SBI suggestions valuable. Generate traffic by focused content on the subject and the industry in general.

I have now reached a stage where I plan to monetize by directing the qualified 'open to buy/join' visitor to my NM company's website's Sign Up page.

The sign up page would recognize me by my company given ID.

But their IT guys suggested I resolve a compatibility issue between our HTML pages and their ASP pages.

At the same, I invite you to review my website on value based network marketing, pointing out improvements!

Thank you!


#682576 by TJ from South Canaan
Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:34 pm
For a review of your site, you should start a new thread asking people to take a look at your site.
#686161 by Nathaniel from Easthampton
Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:05 pm
Hello all;

I decided to read this forum through while struggling to figure out how to solve the "don't mention the product" dilemma. We keep reading "don't say the name!" and are trying to follow. We are with an MLM and wrote a website about the health benefits of "substance X" that our "product y" raises in your body. The first two months we managed not to mention the company or product name , but wrote all about substance x and why it is so good for you.

With all of the health products out there, what sets us apart is our research. More and more, people want to know - is this product credible, efficacious, scientifically studied and published? Or is this just another product to waste my money on? This is what sets this product apart to me, and those I know.

So I put up links to pubmed, which is an online resource for medical studies, and I linked to the Physician's Desk Reference listing for it, and quoted doctors who mentioned it by name. So product Y is mentioned, but only when medical professionals speak of it. So publishing the research builds credibility, and adds unique value to my pre-selling proposition.

Then I did a page just on product Y with a FAQ Q&A since these are the questions I get a lot of the time. Any thoughts on this? I know Ken says don't mention the product by name, but once I started writing this page, I could see how a lot of people were searching for this information and I should give it to them. Product Y is a highly profitable keyword and I have been avoiding it.

I could do the Q&A with a generic name, but this would sound funny, wouldn't it?

Is there a way to do this, and what would I call it? In many spots I call it an undenatured whey protein, which is what it is, but what should I do when referring to studies and such? If I call it a generic name, I think it sounds like I am being tricky with words and trying to deceive or mislead somehow which is exactly what I don't want to do. Any thoughts on this?

I really appreciate all of your posts so far and want to know how best to go about this. I know the final decision rests with me , but would like to know if there are MLMers out there who refer to published medical studies, or a PDR listing, or doctor's quotes. Do you use the product name, and if so, how has this worked for you? If you have used a strictly generic name, keeping the product name out of your website, how has that worked for you?

Thank you all for your help.
"Solve your own health care crisis"
[Domain Private]
#1272935 by Martin from Beltrami Isl State For
Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:56 am
Hi SBIers,
I'm having a problem choosing my site concepts for my network marketing business, as the product are fairly mundane every day services in use by everyone. The services are broadband, home phone, mobile, gas and electricity, we supply these services to residential households and small businesses in the UK only. Now I have consider network marketing as this would fairly easy monetize, debt help because their are loads of people needing this help, save make money for the simply reason most people are looking for ways save money. If anyone could give me their thoughts on this I would appreciate it.

Martyn Garside Burgess Hill, UK.
#1278713 by Ed from Blakely
Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:33 pm
Hello Martyn,

In sales people are often asked, are you a tangible or intangible seller?
It's critical to know the difference before you get started.

When choosing a site concept you need to consider first what type of selling you are most comfortable and passionate about and market accordingly.

People who like to sell things are tangible sellers, and intangible sellers are people who most like to sell ideas, such as investments, insurance, or distributorships. Tangibles are cosmetics, diet products, jewelry, or any other material goods.

Intangible sellers usually prefer to promote the business side of a network marketing business.
Tangible sellers most often prefer to sell the material goods of the business.

So for example, there many SiteSellers who market the concept of owning your own website business and using sitesell to do so. This is marketing an intangible concept.

So it's quite possible to find a person who can market the business side of the business and is not involved as much in product sales. There are intangible sellers who market McDonald Franchises and do not own a McDonalds or market McDonald's food.

I went to a SiteSeller affiliate site recently and the person described and promoted sitesell extremely well. Another person asked me why that SiteSeller didn't have a website marketing products. I said, it's because marketing the SiteSell business side of the business was their magnificent obsession. It's what they liked to do and felt most comfortable selling.

I noticed you said:

"I'm having a problem choosing my site concepts for my network marketing business, as the product are fairly mundane every day services in use by everyone."

I also observed that you said this:

"Now I have consider network marketing as this would fairly easy monetize, debt help because their are loads of people needing this help, save make money for the simply reason most people are looking for ways save money. If anyone could give me their thoughts on this I would appreciate it."

It appears to me, you see the greatest benefit is that people will get mundane services they already use, but it will help them with debt problems because of the tremendous savings. Am I correct?

Once upon a time everyone used the same mundane long distance services at thirty two cents a minute from AT&T. I used to pay $10,000 a month on long distance calls in my business.

Network marketers in MCI began selling the same service, using the same trunk lines. Network marketers shared this concept with family and friends. They clobbered and broke up the AT&T monopoly until we now only pay pennies for a long distance call.

Network marketers like you are wiping out the home electric and energy monopolies. I don't really care if you market the business side of your business or the mundane services. Find your passion and market accordingly.

In their daily method of operation, should network marketers invest more time selling products or recruiting?

You'll usually hear two very distinct and conflicting views on this, depending on a person's left or right brain outlook for what works best for them.

The Tangible Seller:

The tangible seller loves to work with the concrete, tangible facts to cement their ideas together. The tangible seller knows or feels long term growth in network marketing is driven by product demand.

To get immediate customer results from product sales first, the tangible seller in network marketing can't understand why the intangible seller doesn't prefer to sell the tangible goodies—most of the time.

...After all, don't satisfied users of the product—who later join up themselves, become the best distributors in network marketing?

The Intangible Seller:

The intangible seller who loves the product too, can't see why anybody would shy away from sharing ideas and recruiting—most of the time.

The intangible seller in network marketing believes in the unbeatable idea that products get sold and the business grows faster, when you find the best ideas and sign up enough people.

....After all, aren't the top team players hunted down and recruited into Fortune 500 companies, professional sports, and Ivy League schools—so those teams will grow more effective faster?

Are you more skilled at sharing irresistible products or unbeatable concepts ?

You need to respect your intuition and do what you're most comfortable and constructed to do.
Build your business with the inborn ability that helps YOU most.

The more value a customer perceives from talking to a seller,
the chances are better that customer will buy.

Always consider what might make the customer more happy in the long run.

Many people who go online are looking to get in a business and many are looking to buy services. Which do you feel most comfortable marketing to people?
Narrow your concept to what you are most passionate about doing and quite possibly you will recruit somebody that feels the same way.

What does all this have to do with choosing your site concept?

If you feel more comfortable selling the products or services, your site concept should be closely related to those ideas.

If you feel more comfortable marketing the savings and business side of the business, then you should create a blueprint to market that value.

Because we always sell consistent with our basic values, neither the tangible, nor the intangible seller is better than the other, just different.

Kind regards,
Ed Brophy
#1293863 by Jonathan from Isle Au Haut
Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:04 am
Do MLM's Work on SBI

Although this is an old thread, Laura of Immune Solutions for You gets a few new sales or distributors a week from her site. The interesting thing about it, she does not have to speak to the people. It is on autopilot. If she did talk more, she would probably have more sales. But, as it is, she is happy with the results.
#1372652 by Olabode from
Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:42 am
My SBI site started without really sure of the specific way to earn from it. My site concept focuses on sharing success information targeting Nigeria audience. I started monetizing my site by partnering with some real estate companies to sell lands in Nigeria and earn commissions in the process.

I also partner with some software developers to promote their hotel software and laundry software, the compensation is not financially motivating. The income also from Google Adsense is poor.

I then joined a herbal network marketing in Nigeria with varieties of products with several testimonies of its effectiveness.

About 3 years ago I analyzed my site money making using the Pareto principle. I observed that 80% of my income is generated from the herbal network marketing business. That encouraged me to delete the other monetization but I left Google Adsense until I have something else to replace the space. Now my primary income is the network marketing business and I use my site to invite prospects for offline seminars, which I partner with some other distributors that are doing well in the business.

Today, I earn six figures Nigeria currency (Naira) income every month and I have more free time and Love what I am doing. More of my income now come from selling the products. I also have some downlines that are active which helped me to also earn residual and leverage income. My top distributors' friends (who are like my mentors) have pointed it to me my weakness, which is that I lacked team building skill. I have created a Whatsapp group to teach and mentor my downlines. The more knowledge I acquired in the team building skill is boosting my leverage income.

One thing for sure my SBI site gives me an edge over others and they know it.
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