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#1386673 by Martin from Eindhoven
Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:01 pm
..and even earn a little in the process?

Sounds rather spammy eh? :D it's not.

A few weeks ago a rep. from one of the big world wide shipping companies walked into my store.
She explained that they were looking to shorten the time online shoppers had to travel to a pick up/drop off point from 10 to 5 minutes from their homes to improve their service.

Long story short, I joined; They then sent me a smartphone to use with their pick up/drop off app. installed, brochures, shipping labels, a big window sticker, a poster and a starter pack of different shipping boxes to sell.
All for free.
I also earn aproxx. € 0,30 cents ex. VAT for each transaction.

My location is now of course also listed on their website which is spidered by the search engines.
Between 5 to 10 NEW faces A DAY that never visited my store before walked in the first week to pick up or drop off a return package.

Did they also purchase anything from my store?
But next time when they run out, they now know that I exist and am close by

Lets see what the Christmas rush will bring :):)

I also created a new page on my website using their logos, links and videos they provide, so customers can prepare and pay for their package at home as much as possible creating shipping labels etc.

Since more and more is done online through smartphones and tablets and there's not always a printer attached to them to print shipping labels, I set up a service on that page whereby THEY send ME their shipping/return label to print it out for them.

If this could be interesting for you, reach out to one of the big shipping companies and see if your location qualifies to become a pick up/drop off point.

#1387063 by Martin from Eindhoven
Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:14 am
Debs and Mary,

Thanks for the heads up,

I put the page online and waddayouknow...The phone rang and a customer asking if she could bring a USB stick with her shipping label.
Told her she would be my guinea pig (she happily agreed :-) ) and referred her to the page where she could put in her E-mail address and...voila, just as planned: shipping label printed, barcode scanned fine.

Let's see what happens once the page is spidered.?

#1387741 by Martin from Eindhoven
Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:39 am
and to top it off..

Proof in the pudding...

According to the credit note I received, in the past 3 weeks since I started 69 people came in for pick up and 31 came in for a return.
That's 100 fresh faces.
Imagine what I would have had to spend on advertising to achieve this.
Instead, I even earned a little without to much effort.


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