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#1367354 by Stephen from Monroeville
Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:49 am
Interesting in experience of anyone sucessfully integrated SBI with shopify ...

i have a new project i'm doing's just one product ...

my plan is to make an SBI site, with all the information of this one product ... and THEN integrate with shopify ...

i want to integrate with shopify to have proper shopping cart and also shipwire integration (which is a worldwide fulfillement and warehouse)

So interested in others advice and any pointers in the right direction
#1367390 by Forum Admin
Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:07 pm
Hi Stephen, sounds like a promising monetization initiative! While you wait for someone with Shopify store experience to reply, just wanted to make sure you knew there is an excellent article in the MHQ about adding a Shopify store to your SBI! site...

Also, if you do a search for "shopify" here in the forums quite a few interesting threads come up.

Hope this helps!

Forum Admin
#1367420 by Bernie from RV'ing in Western USA
Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:28 pm
Hi Stephen,
I've done quite a few integrations with SBI websites and Shopify - excellent platform in just about every way possible - support, ease of adding content, pictures, navigation, SEO, etc.
Disclosure - I am an SBI Pros, specializing in eCommerce.
I would suggest you build your SBI site as planned with great SEO and then use the InfinIt option to add a sub-domain name for your Shopify store - great SEO tool to feed off your website domain name exposure.
Since you will be building your site first, that will get the search engines knowing your site and exposing it to the world. When you're ready to do Shopify with your site, it will be a better return on your investment with traffic already finding your site. As you know, or will learn, the search engines take their time before they really start exposing you in search results, so the sooner your get your SBI site and domain going the better .
The Shopify platform has great Apps and ability to add multiple currencies, shipping fulfillment, postage, languages, etc.
Good luck on your quest and let us know if you have any questions.
#1367426 by Lesley from
Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:09 pm
Hi Stephen

I'm also a Sitesell Pro and have done several Shopify Carts. I looked at several different shopping cart companies before settling with Shopify. I chose it because of it's ease of use primarily. It is very straightforward to set up your own design to match your site, and connect with Infin It. I have found it so easy to hand over to clients as they find it simple to get started using it, uploading products and fulfilling orders.

Their customer support is excellent as Bernie says. They have a 24/7 chat line so you can get answers instantly and the support articles and blog are very good too.

Let us know how you get on.

Good luck

#1367435 by Stephen from Monroeville
Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:54 am
thanks leslie and bernie ..
5if i was to set up the shopify on a subdomain ....

Can i have the ability for them to press the add to cart button on my actual SBI site (, and it be added to their shopify cart ?

I'm selling just one product (maybe a total of just 5 to 10 max in the future on this project)

the subdomain shopify store i think is best to just list all the products in a kind of index... when just one product for it to be a landing page ... although i want the visitor to be able to buy directly from my sbi domain .. is that possible ?
#1367526 by Bernie from RV'ing in Western USA
Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:41 pm
Hi Stephen,
Since you only want to have minimal products with the ability to buy directly from your SBI site, perhaps the PayPal "Buy Now" or the Shopify Buy Now buttons would suite you better? The PayPal buttons are free - Shopify are $9/month?
If you went the conventional "Shopify" way ($29/mo), the purchaser would be direct from your website to the cart to actually have the "Add to Cart" button and purchase. You could have an "Add to Cart" icon on your website, but it would still then take them to Shopify to actually add it to cart and complete checkout....
You could use your website to build up the product and have a great landing page that would then have them click to purchase on the Shopify Cart - or - place the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons on your website itself.
The downside to the "Buy Now" buttons are they aren't as credible to a consumer/purchaser?
I have a client that had those and convinced her to go to the eCommerce cart way. When we switched from the Buy Now to the cart, that was the only thing that changed - traffic didn't leap overnight!!! She went from 1 or 2 orders a week to 1-2 a day.... No guarantees yours would do the same, but it was quite an eye opener for us!
Hope this helps
#1367566 by Stephen from Monroeville
Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:54 am
Wow thank you Bernie

So even though there are more steps to the shopping cart way ... the orders Increased?

Are both the paypal and Shopify buy now buttons less credible ? (Or just PayPal)

(It reminds me about getting newsletter sign ups .. I remember having a huge increase when I had a two step process to sign up rather than directly inputting their email address into a form on website )
#1367567 by Bernie from RV'ing in Western USA
Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:09 am
Hi Stephen,

The PayPal "Buy Now" button is certainly credible - it works very well for many people.

We just had a tremendous increase in orders when we went live with the cart style. I think the "Buy Now" buttons are more of a "Mom and Pop" style store. The modern eCommerce cart of today inspires confidence with the entire process and people are more willing to provide their credit card info - just my opinion? Plus, people are getting very used to going from a website to a cart and purchasing - as long as you make it simple and easy for them.

In your case with only a single or limited products to sell, perhaps it is harder to justify the full $29 a month minimum for a cart system?

As in all situations, testing is always a great decision helper. I would build out your SBI website and get the traffic coming to your site, since it takes time before Google will display your various pages.

Start with the "Buy Now" buttons and see how the public reacts. Since you only have only a few products, building out a Shopify cart will be minimal time for you. If after 60 days there is no increase in sales, cancel the cart and revert back to the "Buy Now" buttons of PayPal or Shopify.
#1367710 by Debs from
Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:35 pm

All we can hope is to have some of them step forward themselves.
We (Pros) have to maintain confidentiality to our clients so cannot post
any client sites. Bernie is a Pro.

However, you still manage/admin the site at Shopify; but the subdomain (using
Infin It!) to your SBI! Site will appear as a link in your SBI! navbar and
shows the visitor view of your store. You can change the first word(s) before
the . like so:


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